I Don’t Dance (A Very Old Log)

In which Haft attends a birthday party

The Dancing Lawn

You find yourself in a surprisingly large and open clearing, given how closely the woods press in all around you. The glen is grassy and tinged with the vibrant hues of wildflowers that give off a rather intoxicating scent. Above you, the sky is clear and cloudless, and there is a quietness here, as if the whole clearing is waiting for something. Upon closer investigation, you find that all around the perimeter, the grasses and plants have been rather soundly trampled. Peculiar…

There is a worn path leading south through the trees, and another, less trampled path to the northeast.


You can go: Northeast <NE>, South <S>


Peach Pie,Sugar Cookies, Anastasia, Lola, Honey Cakes, Blackberry Pie, Fish Stew, Roasted Rabbit, Roast Venison


Haft looks around.

Haft asks, “This is yer party, then?”

Lola nods.

Lola exclaims, “Have some food!”

Haft says, “Got my own, don’t need yours.”

Haft holds up the rabbit.

Haft says, “So…happy birthday then.”

Haft settles himself against a tree.

Lola blushes. “Thanks for remembering. You may have whatever food you like here.”

A faun dressed in pale yellow looks at Lola. “Oh, happy birthday, Lola!”

Haft says, “Like I said…well, maybe I’ll contribute to the feast, then.”

Haft drops the rabbit.

Haft drops the Golden Carp

Haft picks up the plate of Honey Cakes.

Haft says, “Haven’t had one of these since…well, fer a long time.”

Lola smiles.

Anastasia eat some of the fish stew. It looks GREAT!

Lola exclaims, “Oh, thank you Anastasia!”

Haft eats a honey cake.

You put down the plate of Honey Cakes

Haft asks, “How old are you then?”

Haft says, “I can never tell with your sort.”

Lola says, “Twenty two.”

Haft nods.

Haft eats a honey cake.

Haft asks, “Is this it then?  You don’t dance or nothing?”

Lola nods. “We were just getting to that. If you would play this tambourine if as you like..” she pulls out two tambourines and hands one to Haft. The other she hands to Anastasia. “You can dance with me if you’d like Anastasia.”

Anastasia sets down a pot of fish stew.

Haft stares at the thing.

Anastasia nods. “Alright.”

Haft sets down the tambourine and stands up.

Spear swoops down from above, landing beside you.

Haft says, “Think I’d better be going now.  Was just on my way back to town and happened to walk this way, is all.”

Spear looks around, “What’s all this?”

Lola frowns. “A shame, I was hoping you would stay and dance with me.”

Lola smiles at the eagle. “It’s my birthday!”

Haft folds his arms across his chest.  “I don’t dance.”

Anastasia looks at the eagle. “Just in time, Spear. We were about to dance!”

Haft asks, “How’s an eagle supposed to dance with you two anyway?”

Spear lifts an eyebrow, “Is it then? Well happy birthday.”

Spear looks aggravated, “I have legs, what I lack is arms.”

Haft mumbles “Back where I come from, we used to call those drumsticks.”, to Haft.

Haft mumbles “… … I come … we used … … those …”, to Haft.

Lola smiles. “He can do what he wishes. Even if it just is eating.”

Haft shrugs.  “Well, like I said, I hafta go.”

Lola frowns and waves to the son of adam. “Goodbye!”

An eagle with golden-brown feathers and a cape wing-waves, “Goodbye”

Haft says, “Yeah, yeah.  Have fun with your music and your bird.”

Haft heads through the trees to the northeast, and climbs a small hill.


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