OOC Humor: Colin the Despoiler

In which the Tarkaan Anradin is overcome…and robbed by a noble knight in the midst of battle

Anradin FAINTS!

Anradin takes off his helmet.

Anradin puts his Scimitar away.

Anradin takes off his quiver.

Colin takes some coins from his Anradin <FAINTED>.

OOC> Ilgamuth says, “COLIN”

Peridan turns as the Calormene is charging him. He leaps to the side, raising his sword to counter any overhead blow.

OOC> Corin says, “Wow.”

OOC> Corin says, “Colin, are we of the same blood?!”

OOC> Darrin dies

OOC> Colin says, “It won’t let me stab him…I thought doing that might help”

OOC> Ilgamuth says, “So much for barbarian honour >:D”

OOC> Johan says, “haha”

OOC> Colin stabs deathblows and beats him up and he’s still alive -_-

Drune is on his paws seconds later, letting out a growl of pain as the sword dug DEEP into his side, blood trailing from the wounds as he dives another sword and hobbles into the gates of the castle.

OOC> Colin has never done this before

OOC> Lune says, “Colin, for shame!”

Edmund orders some of the Narnians after a group of Calormenes, who flee toward the woods instead of facing the talking beasts. The Narnian king’s horse turns about, ready for another oncomer, and the sun glints off the Narnian king’s battle crown.

OOC> Lune says, “Fie for dishonour”

OOC> Dar says, “I can’t even look at you right now, Colin.”

Haft is startled by the appearance of the actual prince, but there’s no time to dwell on it.  Both boys seem to be safe, and he has other things to keep him occupied.

OOC> Colin throws his sword at Dar 😛

OOC> Dar says, “No, no. The sword gets directed at the ENEMY. See why you’re such a disgrace?”

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