Explaining Matters to Peridan – First Conversation

In which Peridan asks after Haft, and Haft admits he has broken Lune’s decree not to return to Archenland


Peridan comes walking down the open stair on the west side of the inner ward.

Haft straightens and bows.

Peridan comes walking through the Ward. He pauses as the man bows to him. “Greetings, Haft. How fare you this eve?”

Haft says, “Lord Peridan.  I am well.  Was just letting off a bit off energy on one of the straw dummies with old Doel.”

Peridan chuckles, “Indeed? What is your choice of weapon?”

Haft says, “Well I prefer my sword, but was having a go with my fists.”

Peridan looks the man up and down, “Ah, yes, I believe that I saw you during the battle. You are a good swordsman.”

Haft says, “Thank you sir.”

Peridan asks, “Sir, are you a soldier of the Narnian Army or a volunteer?”

Haft says, “A volunteer, milord.”

Peridan dips his head, “Your service is appreciated. Tell me, what brought you to Narnia?”

Abrielle comes walking toward you from the inner gatehouse.

Haft frowns and hesitates a moment, then glances around the yard to make sure no one else is attending.  “Exile, milord,” he says with a grimace.

Peridan frowns ever so slightly, “Oh, I see. You need not tell me anymore if you do not wish it.”

Haft frowns, considering.

Abrielle walks into the inner ward, readjusting her knapsack, singing quietly to herself. After a moment of this she looks up and stops abruptly. “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to bother….”

Haft’s jaw twitches, seeing someone else.

Peridan watches the man in front of him, appraising him a bit. “I will ask this though-,” He cuts off as he hears singing, turning to the sound. “Ah, Good eve, Miss.”

Abrielle dips into a small curtsey to the well-dressed man. “Good eve.” She looks over to the other man hesitantly.

Haft sighs, looking resigned.  “It doesn’t matter.  What did you wish to know milord?”

OOC> Haft says, “I just realized that according to my pose, Haft’s JAW saw Abrielle. >.<”

Peridan looks back over at the man, watching him silently. After a moment, he speaks quietly to the man before turning to the woman, “I am Lord Peridan, and this is Haft. How are do you fare?”

OOC> Peridan says, “Might want to get that looked at”

Peridan mumbles “We can discuss it later.”, to Haft.

Peridan mumbles “We can … … later”, to Haft.

Haft nods.

You mumble “at your convenience, milord.”, to Peridan.

Haft mumbles “… … … …”, to Peridan.

Abrielle looks around uncomfortably, still holding the strap on her knapsack. “I am doing well. Thank you.” After short moment she adds. “I am Abrielle.”

Haft nods politely, trying to look composed.  “Miss.”

Peridan says, “Pleasure to meet you, Abrielle.” After a moment, he glances back at Haft, “Pardon me miss, but I need to discuss a few things with Haft right now.””

Abrielle nods. “Of course. I was just leaving.” She gives both of them a smile and a small curtsey before walking out of the ward.

As the woman leaves, Peridan turns to the man, “If you are not previously engaged, may we go talk somewhere?”

Haft says, “Of course.  I am entirely at your disposal.”

Peridan nods and begins to lead the way to a more quieter part of the castle.


Peridan walks along the wall, hands clasped behind his back. He seems lost in thought.

Haft turns toward the view, smiling faintly.

Haft says, “Seems like I’ve spent a lot of time up here lately.”

Peridan stops, looking at the man. “It is a nice view.” He turns to face the man in front of him, “As Commander of the Narnian Army, I have a duty to make sure all my soldiers are taken care of. Have you had any trouble since coming back?”

Haft considers.  “None sir. I have been treated with perfect courtesy, and well-provisioned.”

Peridan nods, “I am glad to hear it. My uncle is kind and treats everyone well.” He rubs the back of his neck, “In fact, I should take lessons from him.”

Haft says, “King Lune is a good man.  Although…and I do not mean this in any sense as a detraction, sir, I am not entirely sure he is yet aware that I am among his…guests.”

Peridan raises his eyebrow, “I see.” Peridan takes a breath, “Haft, I do not want this to be meant the wrong way, but as the Narnian Commander and the nephew to the Archenland King, I have to walk a fine line. Therefore, I will ask, what were you exiled for and should I be concerned that it might damage relationships between our two countries?”

Haft says, “To the latter: No, sir, I have no cause to think so.  My offense…was long ago when the rulers of Narnia were yet children.  And while I know it has not been forgiven, I have taken the appropriate steps to…”

Haft pauses, searching for the right word.

Peridan allows him to continue.

Haft says, “…to accept the consequences of defying Lune’s decree.  Breaking my exile in order to return and fight, I mean.  I remanded myself to the custody of the Steward shortly after the battle.”

Peridan nods, “And the Steward has treated you well?”

Haft says, “Yes, Sir.  Better than I had a right to expect.  He gave me a place in the barracks and asked me to remain within the castle.”

Haft smiles grimly.  “I surrendered my sword.  That’s why I wasn’t using it on the straw dummy.”

Haft says, “I await the king’s justice.  Given the return of his son, I am not sure when the Lord Dar will choose to bring the matter before him.”

Peridan ponders this for several moments, “I see. If Lord Dar has felt that the appropriate actions have been taken, then I will not pursue it. I shall like to be there for the judgement if King Lune agrees. You are a Narnian now and I am responsible for you as well. If anything happens, you are mistreated or in trouble, I want you to send for me.”

Peridan says, “I don’t believe in holding a man to the past if he knows what he did was wrong and has taken steps to correct it.”

Haft says, “I thank you.  But in truth sir, as the matter will soon be known before all and sundry, there is no reason you should not hear of it from me.”

Haft says, “If I have been reticent to speak of it before others, it is that I wished to enjoy my sojourn here in peace as long as possible.”

Peridan says, “I do not blame you for that. Haft, you have great courage to ride to the defense of your country even if you were previous exiled. Therefore, I will do all that I can to ensure that the justice decreed will have taken this into account.”

Haft says, “For, while I thank you for calling me a Narnian and accepting responsibility as a commanding officer, I will always feel that Archenland is my home.”

Peridan laughes, clasping him on his back, “Indeed, I do understand that.” He looks up, “Now, I must leave for now.” He begins to leave, “Take care, Haft.”

Haft says, “I would be very grateful, milord, but I should not hold you to that word unless you knew all…but…perhaps we may speak again sometime.”

Peridan says, “Indeed.”

Peridan walks west into the Northern Watchtower.


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