Escaped Hounds

In which there is a kerfuffle

Inner Ward of Anvard



You stand in the Inner Ward of Anvard. The ground is hard-packed earth, and it is open to the sky above. Wonderful aromas come wafting out from the Kitchen to the south, near the well. Huge, impressive, intricately carved doors lead to the Great Hall. Staff hurry about, in and out of their quarters, serving the Great Hall and the Council Chamber. A quieter corridor to the northeast leads to the library and schoolroom. Noble lords and ladies also pass through, walking towards their quarters seeing to other business. A guarded gatehouse to the east stands between the inner and outer wards. Two stairways line the curtain wall, climbing to the upper reaches of the castle.



You can go: Council Chamber <N>, Northeast Hallway <NE>, Inner Gatehouse <E>, Kitchen <S>, Great Hall <SW>, Staff Quarters <W>, Infirmary <NW>, Southern Stairwell <US>, Northern Stairwell <UN>

Contents: A daughter of eve with honey-colored ringlets (Avery); A son of adam

with blue eyes (Peridan); and Well.

Peridan leans back and looks at his hands, “Hmm, I unfortunately do not have a fan to help aid me in my inconspicuousness.” He looks at the Lady, “I guess we shall converse and you look over my shoulder periodically and I’ll look over yours.”

Soon a scowling guard comes storming through the ward, his hands clasped firmly behind his back. There is a yell and then a bunch of dogs comes bursting through the Ward from the direction of the gatehouse, barking and yipping happily. The man obviously in charge of said dogs comes running after the pesky creatures. The guard yells a bit as he is suddenly attacked by many fluffy creatures.

Haft enters from the stairwell, and glancing about sees the Lord Peridan conversing with Lady Avery.  He is startled by the commotion with the dogs.

Avery considers this. “I think that is an acceptable plan.” She flutters her fan, but snaps it shut when she hears the guard yelling. Instinctively, she scoots closer to Peridan, for protection. When she sees the dogs, she instantly relaxes. “Oh. Just the dogs.”

Likewise, Peridan whirls around, reaching for his sword which is not by his side at the moment. He leaps up   from the bench, not helping but to laugh a bit. “Milady, that did not take any time at all it seems.” The soldier begins to start yelling that dogs are not allowed in here and the man shakes his head, trying to grab at collars. Peridan looks down at Lady Avery, grinning, “I guess I should go help them, huh?”

Haft gapes.  “What in the…?”

Avery stands up, allowing her fan to hang by its ribbon. “I suppose so.” She makes a clicking noise with her tongue. One of the dogs looks up, ears perked. He bounds over, tail wagging, sniffing around Avery’s feet. She crouches down and smooths her hands along his back. “This is even better than the bread and wine…”

The men look over, both of them shocked that two Nobles are witnesses to the fiasco. The man in charge of the dogs, runs over, “I’m sorry, milady and milord.” Peridan waves a hand, “It is quite alright, my good man.” He brings his hand to his mouth, whistling. All the dogs look at the Lord as he says in his most commanding voice, “Come.” The remaining dogs rush over to Peridan who then says, “Sit.”

Haft watches, bemused.

Avery sits back down once the dog runs to Peridan’s side. She smiles as she watches, clearly amused.

The man still looks horrified as he watches Peridan deal with the dogs. Once all the dogs are sitting, Peridan turns to the man, “You see, it is all about the tone, my good man.” Unfortunately for Peridan, as his back is turned, one of the dogs decides that he wants to prove the man wrong. The big dog jumps on Peridan, knocking him off balance.

Haft steps forward, but hesitates, not wanting to unduly interfere.

Avery gasps as Peridan is knocked off balance.

Peridan falls to the ground with an oof. The perpetrator begins to lick his face which causes all of his friends to join in. The man in charge of said dogs gasps in horror, trying to get the creatures off the fallen Lord.

Tyre walks toward you from the Staff Quarters.

Haft takes one step forward, then thinks better of it, and leans against the wall.

Avery watches with a horrified look, but then she starts to laugh with hilarity. She covers her mouth with her hand.

Peridan is still on the ground, batting at the dogs who are on top of him. The man in charge of the dogs continues to yell and grab collars, looking utterly horrified. Peridan successfully is able to knock the creatures off of him, scrambling to his feet. He looks an utter mess.

Tyre emerges from the northeast hallway and stops just outside the entry there, taking in the scene with some amount of consternation.

Avery composes herself for the most part to ask, “Are you alr–” She cannot even finish her sentence before another round of giggles escapes.

Haft appears to be struggling to keep a straight face.

Another man enters from the the direction of the guardhouse, running over to help corral the dogs and the Solider who had previously been jumped on, stops laughing enough to come over to help. Between the three, they are able to get the leashes and begin to drag the dogs away. The man in charge turns to Lord Peridan, still looking horrifed, “Forgive me sir, they got away from me.” Peridan stands there for a moment, looking down at his clothes before letting out the heartiest laugh you can imagine. He is only able to get the words, “It is alright” out before laughing again.

Tyre gives the man lurking against the wall a look of approval before approaching his sister.

Tyre mumbles “… is, … … …”, to Avery.

Avery looks up at her brother, trying desperately to stop the laughter. Finally, she takes a deep breath. “Oh, Tyre…The dogs got loose. Lord Peridan managed to calm them, but they got excited again, knocked him over…and, well.” She looks at Peridan, chuckling a little bit still.

Peridan also stops laughing enough to wave the man with the dogs away who happily obliges. Peridan turns to Tyre, clearing his throat and trying to regain his composure. “Ah, Greetings Lord Tyre.”

Haft watches from the wall, taking note of the man’s name but remaining silent.

Tyre says, “Yes. Hello.”

Avery grins, remaining silent for the moment.

Peridan finally regains all of his composure, “How do you fare, sir?” He glances around, noting Haft by the wall. He gives him a brief nod before returning his attention to Tyre.

Tyre says, “Making progress. Are you unhurt.”

Avery nods, “Yes…That dog knocked you down rather hard…”

Peridan brushes some dirt off of his clothes, chuckling “I am quite all right, I have had nastier falls when horse training. I am just a bit…sticky.” He tips his head at Tyre, “Making progress, Lord Tyre?”

Tyre says, “Yes.”

Avery looks to her brother. “Well, that is good.”

Haft stands there, taking in the ward.

Peridan nods, “Indeed, I hope the task you are making progress in will not take too long in completing?”

Tyre’s lids flicker behind his glasses. “Very long, as will the duties of all we lords over the coming months, I imagine.”

Avery stands up, giving her brother a light pat on the shoulder. “Well, I will leave you men to talk business.” She curtsies to them. “I bid you good eve.”

Peridan nods to Tyre, “Indeed, I believe that these last few months have had to make us reevaluate some things. He then turns to Avery, bowing to her, “Good eve, Milady.”

Haft does not respond, not having been addressed.

Tyre says, “Good night, Avery.”

Avery nods once more and leaves the Ward.

Avery walks west toward the staff quarters.

Peridan watches Lady Avery leave before turning to Tyre. “I’m am glad to run into you, Lord Tyre. There is a few things I would like to discuss with you when you are available.”

Haft notes the direction of Peridan’s glance.

Tyre adjusts his glasses. “Ah. Mm. Yes. Well. Perhaps somewhere more private.”

Peridan nods, “Yes, that would do.” He takes a step away from the Lord, “After you, Friend.” He gives Haft a nod.

Haft nods back.

Tyre asks, “Ahh– oh. Yes. Uhh… perhaps your apartments, then?”

Peridan nods, “Of course.” He falls in step with Tyre, walking beside him.


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