You Need to Rest, Sir

In which Haft oversteps

After some interactions in the Inner Ward, most of which Haft has been watching from a distance, Peridan rises as Lady Avery departs.

After Lady Avery leaves, Peridan stays standing for about two more seconds before he sits down hard, grimacing. He rubs his hand over his eyes, clearly exhausted.

Seeing Avery depart, Haft rises from his place against the wall and strides over. “Lord Peridan, there is a matter I must address with you.”

Lanisen watches Peridan with real worry. He takes an instinctive step forward when the man plops down, but stops uncertainly there.

Peridan looks up at the man, “Of course, Haft.” He glances at Lanisen before looking back at Haft, “Is this a private matter?”

Haft nods. “It is. If you will pardon us Lanisen.”

Lanisen says, “Oh, er–sorry.” He ducks his head toward them again and backs away.

Haft notes Lanisen’s unease and sighs.

Peridan pushes himself to his feet, “Pardon us Lanisen.” He starts to walk towards his quarters.

Lanisen makes his way out the gates, heading for the outer ward.

Peridan leads Haft to his quarters.

Peridan’s Suite [Nobles Quarters]


Peridan opens the door of his room, “Come in, Haft.”

Haft steps through the door, glancing at the room only briefly.

Peridan closes the door. He eyes the bed but elects to remain standing. “What is on your mind?”

Haft turns and eyes his commander frankly. “At the risk of sounding insubordinate, Sir, you need rest.”

Peridan raises his eyebrow yet again, “I am aware that I am a bit tired, Haft.” His tone is still light but there may be a warning edge to it.

Haft says, “You’re more than tired. You’ve got a wound that’s not yet healed, and you went riding, not on official business, I’d guess by your apparel. You’ve also got the demands of the army and political relations to deal with, and you are running yourself ragged. Get some rest man.”

Peridan pulls himself to his full height, immediately snapping into his commander mood, “I am aware of all of those matters, Soldier. As you have pointed out, I do have many situations to deal with, in fact, I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment. Although it is /none/ of your business, my riding helps alleviate that stress. Your concern is recognized but I do not appreciate the tone of voice you have taken with your commanding officer.”

Haft straightens to attention. “Noted, Commander.” He frowns. “By your leave?” He indicates the door.

Peridan nods, “Dismissed.”

Haft heads out to the corridor.


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