A Note for Lord Peridan

In which Haft, knowing it would damage his case if Aaron repeated some of the things Haft said to him about King Lune, decides to cover his back, and leaves a message for his commanding officer

Peridan finds a letter slid underneath his door.  “Commander, I wish to apprise you of a situation arising with the man called Aaron.  I spoke to him today–with all courtesy, as you requested–and I believe his designs are malicious.  He was very interested in the entry to the inner ward from what I could see, and when I let slip that I had been a royal guard his interest became positively avid.  Some of the things I said to draw him out might do me harm before the king if repeated to others, so I wished to inform you before he could do a mischief.  I will speak to you tomorrow at your convenience, as I did not wish to disturb your rest.”


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