Dressing Down

In which Peridan makes some things quite clear, and Haft begins his report about his encounter with Aaron.

A guard comes up to you, “You, Haft?” (Once finding that you are Haft), “Lord Peridan wishes to speak with you regarding a matter. He is in his quarters.” A pause, “He doesn’t sound pleased, I would be careful. He ask me to take you to him.” With that, the guard turns on his heel and leads the way.” to you.

Haft walks to Peridan’s suite.

Peridan’s Suite [Nobles Quarters]


-This is a well-appointed suite on the second level of Anvard. A curtained, canopied bed sits opposite the door. An armoire of some dark wood is provided for clothing, and a small desk holds other personal items. Two windows allow sunlight to come streaming in, and also provide a breath-taking views of the countryside. It’s a nice place for Peridan to stay in during visits to Anvard.


You can go: Out <O>

Haft follows the guard into Peridan’s chamber.

Peridan is sitting at his desk, writing something. As the two men enter, he looks up, nodding to the both. His tone is very authoritative and formal. “Thank you, Bren, You are dismissed.” The Guard salutes and exits the room. Peridan gives Haft a once over, “At Attention, Soldier.”

Haft snaps to an appropriate stance, jaw set.

Peridan stands from his desk, looking very much as a military commander. “Haft, I feel that I have done you a disservice and I apologize for giving you the wrong impression. Although I do like that you feel comfortable enough with me to tell me things, I feel that you have started to cross lines that should not be crossed. For as long as you identify yourself as a Narnian Soldier, you are under my authority and command. Therefore, you are to treat me with the respect that comes from that. I have forgiven you for speaking to me in a way reserved for only close friends but I suggest that you do not make a habit out of it. Do I make myself clear?”

Haft’s brow furrows.  “It is understood Commander, but…I am not sure which instance you are referring to.  I had thought my misstep regarding the Lady Avery had been settled…or do you refer to the night before?”

Peridan says, “I am speaking of both times. They are settled and forgotten however, I simply wished to express to you that I will not be so lenient the next time if this continues to happen.”

Haft nods smartly.  “Yes sir.”

Peridan takes a breath, “Now that it is has been settled. You may be as you were, Haft.” Peridan sits back down on the chair, “Now, I received your letter. Please tell me what happened.”

Haft relaxes his pose marginally, letting out a breath.  “I was sitting in the outer ward, keeping an eye on comings and goings, as you requested, and saw a man fitting the decription of the man called Aaron.  He had brown hair, red tunic and trousers, and an ornate dagger at his side.”

Haft says, “He came in through the gate and then leaned against the wall, to my mind examining the gate to the inner ward, so I got up and addressed him in a friendly manner, asked him if it was his first time in Anvard.”

Peridan sits there quietly, listening until he finishes his story.

Haft says, “He said that it was not and that he was visting the town.  I admired his dagger and he–I don’t know how to explain it–I thought the way he answered me was curious.  He said that he would neither be able to part with his own scabbard or acquire me one, though I had not asked to buy.  I told him I could not have afforded it anyway.”

Peridan tips his head, “Interesting…Please continue.”

Haft says, “He said that he thought a soldier in the Narnian army would have some extra coin to spend.  When I confessed I had come as a volunteer, he acted as though I ought to have been rewarded for my service in the battle.  He said that after all a man needs to fee his family.  He was clearly…either sowing discord or fishing for malcontent, if I may offer an opinion, Sir.””

Peridan’s narrow, “I have never heard a complaint about the pay of our soldiers.” There is a knock on the door with a “Sir, you are needed immediately.” Peridan grimaces, “Haft, I need to attend to this thing, can you finish the rest of your report later?”

Haft says, “Of course Commander.”

Peridan stands, “My apologies.”

Peridan says, “Dismissed.”

Haft nods and leaves the room.


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