In which we discover one of the strange ways Megren tries to make watch duty more interesting.  And we observe a scene in the ward below, though we can’t actually hear most of it.

Haft walks to the Outer Ward, looking for Megren, with whom he has duty.

Outer Ward



You stand in the busy outer ward of Castle Anvard, full of people seeing to the needs of king and kingdom. There are market stalls along the outer wall, bustling with merchants and shoppers. Grooms work in the stables, tending to the horses there, and you hear the occasional bark of a dog from the kennels. The sounds of hammer hitting iron rings out from the blacksmith shop. There are stairs leading to the gate towers on the northern and southern corners of the outer curtain. To the east is the outer gatehouse, and the road leading into the realm of Archenland, and to the west another gate, leading to the inner gatehouse, the inner ward, and the main keep of Anvard.



You can go: Kennels <N>, Northern Market <NE>, Outer Gatehouse <E>, Southern Market <SE>, Stables <S>, Blacksmith <SW>, Inner Gatehouse <W>, South Stair <US>, North Stair <UN>

Contents: A daughter of eve with mid-back length hair (Dalia); A daughter of

eve with short, copper hair (Megren); and A son of adam who walks with a limp


Megren frowns a little. “Well, he’s been coming around, so either he’ll break Captain Garian’s commands or he’ll fall in line.”

Lanisen, talking with Megren near the kennels, seems mildly agitated. “Well,” he says, picking his words carefully, “With–with respect, I… don’t think I’ll be stayin’ away, ma’am. I don’t much fancy the idea of bein’ stuck inside a smaller set of walls.”

Haft walks out of the North Gate Tower and glances around the ward.  He hangs back when he sees Megren in conversation with Lanisen.

Megren nods, accepting this. “Captain just said I was to suggest it, so that’s as I’m doing.”

Dalia bids farewell to her brother at the gate and makes her way into the ward, raising her hand to wave, but dropping it when she sees Megren in conversation with Lanisen

Lanisen lets out a breath, relieved. “Obliged,” he murmurs.

Megren, seeing Dalia, gives a big friendly wave back.

Haft steps back, trying to keep under the shadow of the tower entrance.

Megren asks, “Nothing to be obliged about, I’m sure. How’re the pups coming along?”

Dalia, seeing Megren wave, makes her way over.

Lanisen says, “Um, good, thanks. They’re toddlin’ around, givin’ Vira fits.” He nods politely to Dalia as she approaches and goes quiet.

Haft listens in silence.

Dalia says, “Hello Megren. Hello Lanisen, right?””

Megren exclaims, “My pa found a litter of kittens, when I was little. Fond of running into walls and crawling up your leg, to my memory.” She grins at Dalia as she arrives. “Hello! Suppose you’re in from visiting the family?”

Lanisen nods confirmation, giving Dalia a quick smile. “‘S right. Hello, Dalia.”

Dalia nods and smiles, “Yes. Yes, I am.” to Megren’s question. She looks to Lanisen. “Are – Your wound… is it doing better?”

Lanisen says, “Ahhh, yes, miss. Look!” He raises his hands, grinning crookedly. “No stick.”

Haft cocks his head.

Dalia grins, “Well that’s good to hear. Thank Aslan. I’m glad to hear it.”

Megren says, “Going to ask you to race me next.”

Haft lets out a light snort at this.

Lanisen, hearing the snort, turns slightly to glance toward the source. His face goes expressionless and he turns his back to Haft. “Ahh. Heh.”

Megren sucks her teeth, but carries right on forth, “See you’ve still got this hair situation going on, even now you’re able to walk about.”

Haft calls out, “Megren, I’m to join you.  I’ll just be a moment upstairs all right?”

Lanisen says, “I dunno what you keep sayin’ about my hair.”

Dalia chuckles softly at Megren’s comment, but catches Lanisen’s loss of smile as he turns and then ignores haft behind him. She says nothing.

Garian comes walking into the outer ward past the iron gates.

Megren is about to respond, but Haft calls to her. She pauses, and then says, “I’ll make more argument later.”

Haft waits for Megren’s response.

Lanisen snorts under his breath.

Garian enters the ward at a leisurely pace.

Megren gives Lanisen a pat on the shoulder goodbye and says, “See you later, too, Dalia?” as she starts walking backward toward Haft.

Haft glances at the captain and shifts awkwardly.

Dalia nods and smiles, waving to Megren as she leaves. “Aslan between you and evil.”

Lanisen starts slightly, glancing at Megren.

Megren gives another friendly wave and hustles off toward Haft.

Garian catches site of the inhabitants and decides to join them.

Haft stays just inside the tower, glancing between the Captain and Megren.

Lanisen glances toward the kennels as Megren walks away.

Megren comes up to join Haft. “Walls, then?” she asks.

Haft nods.  “Right.”

Haft asks to follow Megren.

Garian joins the fellow guards, nodding to them by the stairs. “Guardsman, Guardswoman.”

Haft straightens.  “Captain.”

Megren says, “Evening, Captain.”

Dalia speaks quietly to Lanisen, as Megren walks away. “I may be leaving soon. I do not know if Milord and Milady may be leaving soon… that is” She seems to be having trouble geting out what she wants to say and how she wants to say it. “I had hoped to speak with you before we left. That is… wellI hoped you were healing well.” She sees Lanisen glance towards the Kennels and breaks off…”Well anyway…”

Garian asks, “How has the eve fared?”

Lanisen says, “Oh! Er, thank you, miss. That’s, that’s very kind of you.”

Haft looks to Megren to answer.

Megren says, “Quiet.”

Garian gives an approving nod, “Excellent. Headed up?”

Haft says, “Yes, sir.”

Megren nods agreement.

Dalia says, “I-I don’t want to keep you… um… that is if you need to return to the kennels. Just wish you uh quick healing and Aslan’s Blessings.”

Lanisen says, “Oh, no, that’s–that’s fine. Thank you.” He dips his head to her politely.

Garian asks, “Might I join you?”

Haft says, “Of course, sir.”

Megren nods again, offering him a grin.

Vinri comes walking toward you from the Outer Gatehouse.

Garian nods, and smiles, “Then please lead on.”

They walk up to the Northern Wall Walk.

Northern Wall Walk



You stand on Anvard’s Northern Wall Walk. From here you have a view of travellers approaching from the north and northeast. A cool wind ruffles your clothes. A glance down into the Outer Ward reveals the bustle of people going to and from the market stalls, or off to various duties throughout the castle.



You can go: Gate Tower <E>, Outer Wall Walk <S>, Watchtower <W>

Contents: A daughter of eve with short, copper hair (Megren).


Haft gazes out toward the road.

Megren trudges up the steps after him and leans against a wall.

Outer Ward> Vinri walks through the ward, talking to a few other young women. Her hands seem to be sculpting something in the air before her as they walk, but without context, it’s difficult to tell what.

Garian leans against the stonework, folding his arms over his chest. He keeps an eye on the Outer Ward.

Haft scans the north and northeast.

Megren already looks bored.

Garian glances at Megren and smirks a bit, “Not the exciting life you were promised, Meg?”

Megren straightens her stance a little. “Sorry, captain.”

Haft glances toward the exchange, but says nothing.

Garian chuckles and gives a dismissive gesture. “At ease. I understand. I was so excited for my first watch when they let me join… and then… it was so long.” He chuckles again. “It almost made me rethink my career choice.”

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “So… uh..have things been going well…? That is, I mean besides besides..um recovering, I mean?”

Megren concludes, “And now where would you be without it.”

Outer Ward> Vinri apparently finishes her conversation. As she turns to leave, she says with a wave and a smile, “I’ll show you the sample tomorrow. Good eve!” The group departs and the woman turns to look across the ward, smiling.

Garian hehs softly, shaking his head. “I wonder sometimes…”

Outer Ward> Lanisen says, “Yeah, um. Pretty much…” He rubs the back of his neck and trails off, glancing around the ward with a slightly worried look. “Yeah, things’ve mostly been pretty good, thanks. How about for you?”

Haft asks, “Wonder, sir?”

Megren raises her brows, glancing over her shoulder at Haft, and then returning her attention to the ward.

Garian chuckles and teases playfully, “Not quite the answer you were expecting? I’m old but I hope I never get that old.” He grins at them.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius comes walking out of the trees down the road to the east.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius walks up the road toward the Gatehouse of Anvard.

Outer Ward> Darius comes walking toward you from the Outer Gatehouse.

Megren blinks. “How old?

Haft looks puzzled.  “Sir?”

Outer Ward> Dalia nods. “Yes. Things have been fairly well…” She catches Lanisen’s worried glance around the ward, frowning and looking perplexed. But saying nothing.

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “So…uh. things been well at the kennels? Any new puppies to look after?””

Outer Ward> Lanisen says, “Yeah, there’s a batch… ahh, almost a month old now. Courser-harrier cross, we’re thinkin’, funniest-lookin’ things. Cute, though.”

Garian says, “That old guard who’s always making anecdotes and how you should always never question sticking it out because of how things are and such. The kind who talk about being little and walking uphill both ways.” He grins a bit broader. “You know… an old man like you.” He teases Haft.

Outer Ward> Darius slowly makes his way through the Outer Gatehouse, stopping just before entering the ward. Staying within the shadows of the gate, he carefully scans the ward.

Haft inclines his head.  “Ah, I see.  Well, I don’t know if it was uphill both ways back then…I can tell you the trapdoors are a great deal more trouble now than they were in my twenties, sir.”

Megren says, “Oh. That’s not the same as loving your job, though, if I may say, Captain.”

Outer Ward> Dalia grins. “They sound adorable.” Musing almost to herself she says I should love to see them sometime…if- ifen it were alright.”

Garian gives a nod to Megren and looks to Haft, “There I would agree with you. At least the stairs aren’t so bad–yet.”

Outer Ward> Lanisen says, “Sure, yeah, that’s fine. If you come in the afternoon after they’ve had their dinner they’ll be all sleepy.”

Megren looks a little confused, so she leaves the men to talk.

Outer Ward> Darius’s eyes fall on Lanisen and the daughter of eve with him. Stealing one last glance of the ward, he ducks into the crowd, using the hustle and bustle around him to cover his entrance.

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “”Thanks. I’d love that.” She spies Vinri and waves to her.”

Outer Ward> Vinri gives her head a little shake as if to clear it before she begins to walk along the stalls, making cursory examination of the wares and heading in the general direction of the kennels. Catching the wave in the corner of her eye, she looks over and smiles, pace quickening towards them.

Haft says, “No.  I could desperately use some more sword practice though.  I tried to keep fit in Narnia, but too many of the men were injured in the battle for me to have had the practice I’d like since I got back.”  He turns his attention toward the Outer Ward, scanning the crowd.

Outer Ward> Lanisen takes a little step back as the woman approaches, dipping his head respectfully.

Garian grins, “Aye, keeping fit is important. I’ll oblige a bit later.” He looks to Megren to explain, “Getting old’s no fun, Meg.”

Garian says, “Enjoy youth while you can.” He looks out over the Ward, gaze drifting to Lanisen.

Outer Ward> Darius continues using the crowd to his advantage, briefly feigning interest in a stall as he passes, growing ever closer to the trio. Without getting too close, he dips out of the crowd, moving towards the northern wall. Still -some- distance away from the three and the Kennels, he crosses his arms and leans a shoulder against the wall, content to observe for now.

Megren moves to watch the road approaching the castle so that they can talk more comfortably. She quips with a grin, “I dunno, at least then your hair isn’t red. Also, if you walk about in a blanket, no one minds.”

Haft says, “I’d enjoy that, sir.”  His eyes roam over the crowd and notes the telltale red as Darius breaks away.  He stiffens.  “Captain.  There, by the wall.””

Outer Ward> Vinri comes to a halt just a couple of steps away, flashing a smile at them both. “Good evening to the both of you,” she greets.

Garian glances at Megren and smiles, “What’s wrong with red hair?” At Haft’s tone he looks near the wall. He frowns.

Outer Ward> Lanisen’s attention is on the friendly stranger and he doesn’t notice Aaron. “Evening,” he answers quietly, and glances at Dalia.

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “”Good Evening. I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Dalia””

Outer Ward> Darius remains a stones throw away, unmoved as he listens quietly, a grin beginning to grow.

Outer Ward> Vinri shakes her head. “I believe you’re correct. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Dalia, I’m Vinri.” She looks towards the son of Adam. “And you, sir?”

Outer Ward> Lanisen says, “Um, Lanisen, miss.”

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.””

Megren says, “That’s what people without red hair say.”

Outer Ward> Vinri smiles easily. “Nice to meet you, Lanisen. How are you both tonight?”

Haft comments without averting his gaze from the man below.  “Remind me never to scout ahead of a party with you.  You’ll show up for miles.”

Garian mms softly and says, “False alarm. The man looks something like Aaron but has a five o’clock shadow and is slightly heavier.” He hehs, “He isn’t the only man in Andale with a red tunic… unfortunately.”

Haft nods, relaxing slightly.

Garian muses, “Perhaps we should put a bell on him?”

Haft says, “Get Megren to do it.”

Outer Ward> Darius takes a few steps forward, the shadows and his now black tunic keeping him fairly concealed. Content with the distance he has closed, he resumes his position against the wall in silence.

Outer Ward> Dalia says, “I’m well.” nervously she plays with embroidered ribbon on her dress, glancing around the ward.”

Outer Ward> Darius takes off his satchel.

Outer Ward> Lanisen murmurs that he’s well too, thanks, and glances uncertainly at Dalia.

Outer Ward> Darius puts Dagger in A Leather Satchel.

Megren says, “Necklace of bells.”

Megren says, “Little bell belt.”

Haft cocks his head.  “Speaking of which, Megren, good work getting the dagger from him yestereve.  But you still haven’t found out his occupation.  Do that and I’ll owe you a cider at the inn.”

Garian chuckles softly and grins, “Aye. And I do think Meg here would be the perfect one to present it, seeing as he’s so fond of her.”

Megren says, “Pretty sure his occupation is ruffling feathers.”

Outer Ward> Vinri slips a small bag into her satchel as she observes Dalia. “Is everything alright? I am sorry if I’m intruding…”

Outer Ward> Vinri puts A small, velvet bag in A Leather Satchel <WORN>.

Outer Ward> Darius puts on his satchel.

Outer Ward> Dalia turns her attention back to Vinri, “Oh..” She shyly. “No…uh no not at all. I…am not good at greeting new people. Something my mother has always exhorted me about.

Haft says, “Pity he can’t turn his attention to something more useful–like plucking chickens.”

Garian snorts.

Megren leans against the parapet and pours a drop from her waterbag, watching where it lands.

Outer Ward> Darius continues his slow trek forward, walking in such a way that doesn’t make him look entirely suspicious, but certainly not making his presence known. At this point, he is within feet of the Kennel door. Once again, he stops, resuming his watch of the three.

Garian catches Megren’s action and gives a light ‘tsk’ noise, although his eyes are merry.

Haft cracks his neck.

Outer Ward> Vinri takes a slight step back, as if to provide just a bit of space for Dalia. “You seem quite good at it to me,” she offers, “whatever your mother says.”

Outer Ward> Lanisen grins faintly at this. “I don’t think I’ve seen you around before,” he ventures after a brief pause.

Outer Ward> Lanisen’s back is to the kennel door.

Megren, having tested once, tries aiming.

Garian chuckles softly, shaking his head. “Just wait till you hit a noble and I have to scold you.” He teases.

Megren exclaims, “I’m aiming! Anyway, there’s no nobles down there.”

Haft glances behind him, wondering what Megren is doing.  He snorts and turns back.

Outer Ward> Dalia smiles at Vinri, glancing back around the ward. She spies the man in the red tunic from the other day and frowns, squinting against the evening light. She turns back to the conversation as Lanisen asks a question.

Outer Ward> Darius takes two final steps to the side, still leaning against the wall as his right hand reaches back and gingerly clasps the door handle of the Kennels. His grin turning impish and quiet as he can, he turns the handle and slowly pushes the door inward. Mere seconds later, his arm flexes and he yanks the door shut with a -loud- SLAM.

Outer Ward> Vinri says, “I’d have been surprised if you had, seeing as I haven’t been here before.” With a smile, she gestures vaguely southwest. “I’ve just come from Chesterton.” She glances towards Dalia at the expression, then glances over her shoulder a bit awkwardly, trying to see what- she jumps at the noise.”

Garian grins, “Well then, go on. I know better than to challenge your aim.”

Garian starts at the noise below and turns to look into the Ward. “What was that from?”

Haft frowns, looking directly below.

Outer Ward> Lanisen starts and whirls, wobbling a bit on his bad leg. “What even–” Seeing Aaron, he breaks off and goes still.

Megren puts her skin away so that she can better come at attention.

Garian’s eyes focus on Lanisen and then travel to what is spooking the boy. His expression immediately darkens.

Outer Ward> Dalia also turns, jarred from listening to Vinri’s reply. She frowns, suddenly remembering seeing the man from the other day,

Haft’s eyes reach the kennel door a moment later.  He frowns and purses his lips.

Megren comes up beside them. “What is it?”

Outer Ward> Darius places both hands on his stomach as he falls prey to a bout of hearty laughter. After nearly doubling over, he wipes a tear from his eye and begins walking towards Lanisen. “Oh, friend… You SHOULD have seen your face!”

Garian says with great displeasure, “Our friend from last night.” He frowns, taking a moment to compose himself. “Excuse me.”

Haft’s fists clench at his sides.

Megren sighs. “Really? He’s at the kennels?”

Garian nods.

Garian walks into the North Gate Tower.

Haft says, “Just slammed the door.  For malice, I guess.”

Outer Ward> Garian comes walking down the stairs to the Outer Ward.

Outer Ward> Lanisen stares at him, expressionless.

Outer Ward> Vinri examines this man, a brow quirking up. She glances to double check who he’s talking to.

Outer Ward> Garian quietly emerges from the stairs, keeping to the wall. He moves discreetly, fairly unnoticeable in the fuss that was caused by the commotion.

Megren rubs her hairline. “Well. That’s that, then.”

Outer Ward> Dalia mumbles “saw him … with … … seemed … skittish like … … … … … or …”, to Lanisen and Vinri.

Haft says, “We’ll see.”

Outer Ward> Colin comes walking into the outer ward past the iron gates.

Megren sighs.

Outer Ward> Lanisen walks west toward the inner gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Lanisen comes walking into the outer ward past the iron gates.

Outer Ward> Garian makes his way to Lanisen and the others, gives a hard gaze at the man in the black tunic. He forces a smile, “So… is this what the commotion’s about?” His tone is even but not as friendly as it could be.

Outer Ward> Darius halts within a few feet of Lanisen, looking as if he were going to say something when Garian interjects. His mouth twitching a frown, he shoots the Captain a sideways glance. “What commotion, if I may be so bold?”

Outer Ward> Lanisen is standing near the kennels with Dalia and another woman, facing Aaron. He bows his head and looks down at the ground as Garian joins them, posture communicating that he wants nothing to do with this situation, thanks.

Outer Ward> Colin emerges from the gatehouse, his hand on the hilt of his sword. He looks around and immediately goes towards Garian and Lanisen.

Outer Ward> Garian smiles tightly, “Why don’t you tell me Aaron?” He keeps a polite tone. He looks to Lanisen and says, “Lanisen… I believe there was… something in the kitchens for the dogs. Want to go check?”

Megren rolls her eyes and leans her back against the wall, sinking down to sit.

Haft murmurs.  “Sir Colin…this should be interesting.”

Outer Ward> Garian looks back to Aaron and chuckles, “I would say boy, you’ve already been a bit bold already, haven’t you?”

Outer Ward> Vinri eyes both of the men just arrived, taking a couple steps towards Dalia and murmuring something.

Outer Ward> Vinri mumbles “… you … what … … …”, to Dalia.

Megren sighs.

Outer Ward> Dalia shakes her head, though still frowning thoughtfully

Outer Ward> Dalia mumbles “… … … like though it … … going … … … …”, to Vinri.

Outer Ward> Darius’ frown deepens at the Captain’s suggestion to Lanisen. “Ah, Captain, you are no fun at all. ” He rolls his eyes, turning to face Garian fully. “If you must know, I was in the process of visiting the Kennels once more when I remembered myself and the order to stay away. ” He releases a heavy sigh, brow furrowing in pain. “Suffice it to say, a streak of terror overtook me and I couldn’t help but slam the door shut once more. ” he gives the man the biggest puppy-dog eyes, clasping his hands together in front of him. “You’ll have to forgive me, my memory isn’t too good to begin with… but even worse since being knocked into the wall by Sir Colin though other night. ”

Outer Ward> Lanisen nods crisply once to Garian’s suggestion and turns away, heading for the inner gatehouse without another word.

Outer Ward> Lanisen walks west toward the inner gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Dalia raises an eyebrow and snorts quietly, before covering her mouth.

Outer Ward> Colin watches Lanisen get inside and he glances at Garian at Aaron’s words. “Terribly sorry about that. I must not have thrown you hard enough to knock sense back into your skull.” he comments, his tone mild.

Outer Ward> Vinri nods slowly at Dalia’s words before just listening.

Outer Ward> Garian maintains a tight smile, “I am terribly sorry Aaron but part of my job is preventing fun. And perhaps I’d forgive you–but we really are going to have to do something about that memory now, aren’t we?” His tone is still polite.

Outer Ward> Garian eyes Aaron and adds, “At least you remembered not to bring your dagger this time.”

Outer Ward> Tyren comes walking into the outer ward past the iron gates.

Outer Ward> Darius blinks at new voice, his eyes looking brighter as he realizes who has joined the crowd. “Ah! Colin! ” he chuckles, nodding to him. “Apology accepted. ” he smirks, looking back to the Captain and shooting him the most confused of looks, head tilting. “Take care of my memory? And how do you propose to do that? ” his eyes widen in mock fear. “I certainly hope we deal with it better than the healer did with that scar of yours! Goodness, I may never remember a thing if we deal with my memory in the same manner. ” At this last, his eyes glint and he takes a couple steps back, putting both Garian and Colin in front of him.

Outer Ward> Garian becomes more serious. “But really Aaron. You do realize the position you are putting us in. You may drop the act now.”

Megren cleans her nails.

Outer Ward> Garian says, “I tire of your little games.”

Outer Ward> Colin looks at Garian and asks him a quiet question.

Outer Ward> Colin mumbles “… we … … an arrest?”, to Garian.

Outer Ward> Garian replies in an equally low manner.

Outer Ward> Dalia whispers something quietly to Vinri

Outer Ward> Garian mumbles “… … lord–you … me.”, to Colin.

Outer Ward> Darius chuckles, placing a hand over his heart. “Act? Games? Whatever do you mean Captain?! ” Hearing bits and peices of Colin’s mutterings, he frowns and decides it wise to circle around and put his back to the front gate.

Outer Ward> Garian mumbles “… orders … to stay … … … and … Kennels. … … violated that. I … … further … measure to be taken… … … leave his fate in … … … you outrank me.”, to Colin.

Haft frowns, glancing to the gatehouse.  “Eyes open, Perth.”

Outer Ward> Colin promptly turns to face Aaron, his face stony and unreadable. “As you are in violation of the orders given to you by the captain of the guard, you are under arrest. Captain? You may do the honors. Take him into custody.”

Outer Ward> Colin tightens his hand on the hilt of his sword.

Outer Ward> Tyren makes his way through the front gate, leading his horse, who he hands off to a passing stable hand.

Outer Ward> Garian nods and takes a step toward Aaron, “You heard the man. Now, do us a favor and come quietly?”

Outer Ward> Vinri’s eyes widen as the strange confrontation suddenly turns to an arrest. She backs up a bit, giving them space, and puts a hand on Dalia’s arm to gently draw her away as well.

Megren asks, “What?”

Haft says, “Not sure, but Aaron’s moved.  Think he might make for the gatehouse.”

Megren says, “Could pour water on his head.”

Haft says, “You might hit the Captain, but it’s your choice.”

Megren drips her waterskin onto the stone tiles instead.

Outer Ward> Darius holds up a finger, taking half a step back. “Hold up. ” he returns quickly, tone turning serious and gaze flickering dark. “Are you really going to arrest an innocent, if not foolish, man? ” he starts, keeping a steady eye on the Captain. “I admit to putting my hand on the door, but I did not enter and even so, I forgot of my orders for the briefest of seconds. Once remembering them, I indeed did shut the door and move away from it. ” He points a finger, looking quite cautious. “Now, correct me if I am wrong, but there were no orders against placing my hand on the Kennel’s entrance. ” He spews, voice hurried, though there is little worry in his tone. “Now, if you are in the business of arresting men whom haven’t threatened any and admitted to being forgetful… well. ” he extends both hands, palms up before him.

Outer Ward> Colin draws his sword. “Silence.” He orders Aaron. He nods to Garian, saying something.

Outer Ward> Colin mumbles “Hold him for … … … nights, … us …”, to Garian.

Outer Ward> Colin draws Sword from his Scabbard <WORN>.

Outer Ward> Tyren begins to make his way toward the inner gatehouse, though he pauses at the glint of steel. His hand drops to the hilt of his own blade, where it remains for the moment.

Haft says, “Might want to get up.  Sir Colin’s drawn his sword.”

Outer Ward> Colin takes out his sword, standing ready for combat.

Outer Ward> Garian sighs and shakes his head, “Aaron, I have been given an order. I’m afraid I will have to follow through. As much as I would like to quibble about words.” He takes a step forward. “Come now. I promise to help get this all straightened out.”

Megren gets up and looks down. “There’s three of them plus the guards. What do they need swords for?”

Haft shakes his head.

Outer Ward> Garian spies the swords and gives a discreet, dismissive gesture with the hand slightly behind him.

Outer Ward> Vinri quietly asks Dalia something as she watches the drama.

Outer Ward> Dalia feeling Vinri’s hand on her shoulder, she back up to give the lords and Aaron plenty of space.

Outer Ward> Vinri mumbles “Am … … assume it … like this daily … …”, to Dalia.

Outer Ward> Colin holds his sword loosely, more for principle than actual use as the silver tongued viper is not armed.

Outer Ward> Darius takes another step back, paying little attention to the captain, his focus locked on Colin. “Colin! ” he exclaims. “What is it I have done exactly? ” His stance is defensive.

Megren leans her chin in her hand.

Outer Ward> Tyren remarks casually, “Apart from disrespecting a knight by neglecting to use his proper title, you mean?”

Outer Ward> Garian holds his ground and allows his gaze to flick to Colin before returning to Aaron. He folds his arms across his chest and waits for the lords to speak.

Outer Ward> Colin doesn’t respond to Darius, his face remaining unchanged when the other knight speaks.

Haft asks, “You hungry, Megren?”

Haft rummages in his satchel for a moment.

Haft pulls A bundle of venison from A Leather Satchel.

You unwrap the parcel of venison and eat it.

Outer Ward> Darius’ head tilts a hair when the knight behind him speaks, but he holds his ground, eyes never leaving Colin. “Nothing then?! Or do you make a habit of arresting all the men you don’t see eye to eye with?”

Outer Ward> Colin says, “I told you why you are being arrested.”

Megren looks at him. “Huh? Oh. No thanks. What do you suppose they’ll do with him?”

Haft shrugs.  “Night in the dungeon, probably.  Unless they just want to question him some more.”

Outer Ward> Garian takes a faint step back so he is close to Colin. He looks at Tyren and gives a small nod, motioning to Aaron. “Perhaps Sir Tyren, you could… explain to Aaron here why his behavior has been improper?”

Outer Ward> Garian mumbles “… … … talk this one …”, to Colin.

Megren makes a face.

Outer Ward> Colin nods his response to Garian, then looks to him and nods once more.

Outer Ward> Tyren hms, saying, perhaps to himself, “Better arresting than making a habit of duels over slighted honor and disrespect, I think.” He nods once to Garian before addressing Aaron proper. “Gladly. Your behavior has unsettled a fair portion of the traffic here in the wards, and personally, I find it rather convenient that you claim forgetfulness in the moment yet also claim to remember the /wording/ of orders as clearly enough as to quibble over the specifics. All of which leads Sir Colin here to feel the need to take action in the interest of fulfilling his duty in keeping the peace and easing the state of mind of the populace.”

Outer Ward> Garian’s lips tug at the corners. He nods to Colin.

Outer Ward> Garian grins a little.

Outer Ward> Colin shoots a glance at Sir Tyren as he tilts his head toward Garian, speaking very lowly.

Outer Ward> Garian straightens, trying not to smile /too/ much.

Outer Ward> Dalia whispers something to Vinri.

Outer Ward> Darius doesn’t turns to the knight, asking Colin once again. “And what exactly were those orders? ” he returns. “I’d ask you remember that I still have made no threat against any’s life, nor have I drawn any sort of weapon against the crowds of the Ward. Instead, I have had a knife drawn on my back as it was turned and been treated like a scoundrel because of special favor held for a certain squire. ” He sneers. “I don’t imagine you will soon forget the disrespect shown to you, but I would expect few to respect those whom have accused an man of much more than he has actually done.”

Outer Ward> Garian clears his throat and becomes serious, speaking up. “My lords–may I speak freely?”

Outer Ward> Colin nods his permission to Garian, keeping his face blank.

Megren says, “They talk a lot.”

Outer Ward> Tyren observes, “Few respect a man who so evidently disrespects those sworn to keep the peace, either,” before he nods to Garian. “Of course.”

Haft grunts.  “Too much.  But that’s not our lookout.”

Megren offers him a little grin before nodding and returning her attention to the scene.

Outer Ward> Garian says, in all serious, “I believe the man is right–I think perhaps an arrest is a bit… harsh. He, after all, has done nothing to harm anyone–even if his presence causes displeasure. If we arrested all who were unpleasant, well–” He chuckles. “The cells would be overflowing, would they not?”

Outer Ward> Garian joins his hands behind his back in a thoughtful manner.

Outer Ward> Vinri, as Dalia whispers to her, glances towards the man in question before nodding slightly. She tips her head and whispers back.

Outer Ward> Colin amazingly says nothing, waiting to see where Garian takes this.

Outer Ward> Vinri mumbles “… thought I recognized him. Your lady? You work in … manor, …”, to Dalia.

Outer Ward> Darius stance remains defensive, expression supremely cautious as his gaze flickers between Colin and the Captain.

Outer Ward> Dalia nods proudly.

Outer Ward> Tyren says, “An interesting point not without merit, Captain.”

Outer Ward> Garian gestures with a hand, “Furthermore, I should like to think that we all admire and strive to emulate His Royal Majesty, King Lune–who has ever been known for his mercy.”

Megren pushes her mouth to the side impatiently.

Outer Ward> Tyren asks, “Your suggestion, then, Captain?”

Outer Ward> Colin doesn’t take his eyes off Aaron, blinking at him indifferently.

Outer Ward> Darius remains perfectly still as he waits for Garian to continue.

Outer Ward> Garian gives a genuine, almost friendly smile. “Well, given that Aaron’s memory isn’t so good. I propose gentlemen, that we give him another chance. After all, he may have been distressed by the events of the other night. I shall be happy to escort him to the Gatehouse and be much–clearer–in my orders. That way he shall remember them.–Would that be amenable?” He books between the nobles. He adds after a beat, “After all, mercy would be fitting for a celebratory time such as this.”

Outer Ward> Garian says, “I even recommend you join me, so are all clear on the orders.”

Outer Ward> Garian’s tone is very friendly.

Outer Ward> Vinri smiles briefly at Dalia before whispering something and slipping away.

Outer Ward> Colin’s eyes gleam. “How does that sound, Aaron?”

Outer Ward> Vinri mumbles “… … … … … … time … went back … … … … … … night, Dalia.”, to Dalia.

Outer Ward> Tyren says, “It does seem to me that if semantics are in question, proper clarification would certainly be in order.”

Outer Ward> Vinri walks eastward toward the gatehouse.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Vinri comes walking down the road from the direction of the castle.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Vinri follows the cobbled castle road into the trees to the east.

Outer Ward> Darius finally shoots a glance back towards Tyren, eying him from head to toe before looking back to the other two and giving a hesitant nod. His eyes narrow and he takes a few more steps towards the Gatehouse, making sure to keep a good distance from Tyren as he does so.

Outer Ward> Garian strides forward boldly and claps an arm around Aaron’s shoulder in a friendly manner. “Come now Aaron, no need for such looks!” His voice is friendly and hearty. “We’ll clear this up and won’t ever have to worry about such misunderstandings again.” He begins toescort Aaron toward the gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Colin falls in step with Garian, moving to Aaron’s other side.

Outer Ward> Tyren remains fairly at ease as Aaron sizes him up, and brings up the rear.

Outer Ward> Darius flinches as he is clapped on the shoulder, quickly ducking away from the arm. “I’ll come along… ” he mutters, continuing alongside them.

Outer Ward> Garian gives a faint smile, “Excellent.”

Outer Ward> Garian walks eastward toward the gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Colin leaves, following Garian.

Outer Ward> Colin walks eastward toward the gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Darius leaves, following Garian.

Outer Ward> Darius walks eastward toward the gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Tyren leaves, following Garian.

Outer Ward> Tyren walks eastward toward the gatehouse.

Megren watches the squad finally troop out of her sight through the gatehouse beneath them. She moves back to the other side of the wall.

Outer Ward> Dalia follows Vinri’s example and slips off quietly into the inner ward.

Haft sighs.  “Doesn’t look like the dungeon then.  That’s a pity.” He stretches.

Megren’s brows draw together, though Haft probably can’t see, since they are no longer beside one another.

Outer Ward> Dalia walks west toward the inner gatehouse.

Sometime later…

Outer Ward> Colin comes walking toward you from the Outer Gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Colin walks west toward the inner gatehouse.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius comes walking down the road from the direction of the castle.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius follows the cobbled castle road into the trees to the east.

Outer Ward> Garian comes walking toward you from the Outer Gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Tyren comes walking toward you from the Outer Gatehouse.

Outer Ward> Tyren arrives, following Garian.

Outer Ward> Garian says, “Oration is a useful skill. Despite my birth, I learned much with my training and youth at the castle.”

Outer Ward> Tyren says, “It is not my weapon of choice, granted, but assisting Lord Tyre and Lord Dar has helped me keep it sharp.”

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius comes walking down the road from the direction of the castle.

Before the Gates of Anvard> Darius follows the cobbled castle road into the trees to the east.

Outer Ward> Garian gives a wry smile, “Oration has always been my preferred weapon. If it spares the sword, then it might led to a more peaceful world and faster resolution.”

Outer Ward> Tyren hehs, nodding. “Perhaps ‘weapon of choice’ was a poor phrasing on my part, then, for I do agree with you there. Much better to resolve a matter without a blade than with. There are, though, far too many ways words can be twisted to misrepresent… something I have little patience for.” He pats the hilt of his sword. “There is a certain… truth, to steel – it cleaves one way or the other, unequivocally.”

Outer Ward> Garian smiles and nods, “On that we agree.” He bows. “I should rejoin my guards and update them. Again, thank you for the help Sir.”

Outer Ward> Tyren nods. “‘Tis among my duties. I am simply glad I returned from my ride when I did. A good eve to you, Captain.”

Outer Ward> Garian nods, “Good eve.”

Outer Ward> Garian walks up the north stair.

Outer Ward> Tyren leaves, following Garian.

Outer Ward> Tyren walks up the north stair.

Outer Ward> Tyren comes walking down the stairs to the Outer Ward.

Outer Ward> Tyren walks west toward the inner gatehouse.

Garian comes walking out of the North Gate Tower.

Garian returns to the wall, looking tired but pleased.

Haft stands against the wall looking down the road.  He turns at Garian’s approach. “Captain.”

Garian says, “I do not think Aaron shall be a problem again.”

Haft asks, “Might I inquire…?”

Garian grunts, rubbing his eyes. “Yes, but not tonight. I have another lengthy report to draft his Majesty and this whole affair has left me tired.”

Haft nods. “Of course Captain.  Another time.”

Garian smiles, “I thought I’d let you know. Pass along the word to Meg when you see her.”

Haft says, “I shall.”

Garian says, “I think she’d be quite proud of how I held my temper.” He chuckles and nods, “Have a good evening Haft.”

Haft says, “You as well, Captain.”

Garian walks into the North Gate Tower.


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