Haft’s Guide to Etiquette: Forms and Addresses

In which Haft explains the finer points of referring to people of rank and title

iH4MYjMjIJjoSo you’ve decided to stick it out and become a guardsman.  You’re probably wondering about a few basic forms of address.  Wouldn’t want one of them nobles to get their knickers in a twist.  So here’s a nice, general guide:

Addressing the King: Your Majesty, Majesty, Lord King, my lord, lord, Sire, my liege

Referring to the King:  His Majesty, the king, King Lune

Addressing the Prince: Your Highness, Your Royal Highness, Prince Cor, Prince Corin

Referring to a prince:  His Highness, Prince Cor, His Royal Highness

Addressing a Lord or Lady:  my lord, my lady, milord, milady, m’lord, m’lady (not capitalized).  Your Lordship, or Your Ladyship might be used if one is being extra formal.

Referring to a lord or lady:  Lord Cole, Lady Avery, His Lordship, Her Ladyship

Addressing a Knight: Sir, Sir Colin

Referring to a knight: Sir Colin

Addressing the Steward:  my lord, my lord steward

Referring to the Steward: Lord Dar, the lord steward

Addresing the Chancellor: my lord, My Lord Chancellor

Referring to the Chancellor: Lord Cole, the lord chancellor

A guard, when addressed formally, may be referred to as “Guardsman, Guardswoman, or as one of these titles followed by their name as in “Guardsman Haft” or “Guardswoman Megren”.

The term Master or Mistress may be used to refer to the children of the nobility, such as “Mistress Lana”.  It may also be used as a sign of respect before a commoner’s name, particularly those in more respected economic or social positions, but this is not required.

Commonborn women may be addressed as “Miss” if unmarried, or “Madam” if married or older, if the speaker is being extra polite.

A brief explanation on the younger brothers of the noble houses:

As a guard, you are most likely to refer to the lords Colin, Tyren, and Darrin as “Sir”, rather than “Lord”, as you will most likely encounter them in their roles as knights.  Other players may refer to them more often as “Lord” depending on the office they are functioning in at the time.*

*It has been confirmed in multiple RPs that “You big baby” is also an acceptable form of address where Darrin is concerned.


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