A Letter to Lord Peridan

In which there is a thank you…and mild meddling

Commander Peridan,

I wished to extend my heartfelt thanks for your actions on my behalf during your time in Anvard.  You went above and beyond duty’s call in making yourself responsible for a troublesome volunteer, and one likely to win you no favors with your uncle.  You were the first person in years to treat me like a Man and a soldier, and it meant more to me than you know.  I am additionally grateful for your offer of employ and your recommendation before the king on my behalf.  I wanted to express this to you in writing, and the Lady Avery has been gracious enough to allow me to send it with the courier alongside her family’s own missives.  I chanced to meet her yesterday in the gatehouse and she seemed rather anxious from not having received a letter of her own from Cair Paravel, and we struck up a conversation.  Hopefully the expected letter will reach her soon.

Once again, my sincerest thanks.



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