In which Haft gushes a bit

The Bird and Baby’s Tavern



This room echoes with a nearly constant din as voices rise and fall in conversation. An atmosphere of warmth and cheer predominates, and the walls have been painted a dark red. There are several tables for diners; many line the wall to provide for more private discussions. A board hangs in a highly visible location; it pays tribute to the history of the dining room and includes sketches of some of its more well known denizens. A menu, written out by hand, indicates what selections are being served. If the aromas emanating from the kitchen beyond are any evidence, the food is certain to please. In the back is a smaller room where isolated gatherings can be held.



You can go: Foyer <NE>, Kitchens <S>, Out to the Courtyard <SE>

Contents: A daughter of eve with mid-back length hair (Dalia); A daughter of

eve with a red streak in her brown hair (Abrielle); A son of adam with a

swarthy complexion (Sehsis); Clift, the Tavernkeeper’s Assistant; Pricelist;

and Wolves and Foxes Game Set.

Abrielle shrugs. “I didn’t think it would be so bad.”

Sehsis gives a frustrated sigh, “Right right” He shakes his head, “You clearly do not have full presence of mind”

Haft enters the tavern, heading for his customary corner table, but hesitates, spying Abrielle with Sehsis.

Abrielle glances up as Haft passes by but looks to Sehsis, clearly uncertain as to what to do.

Sehsis finishes his tea and sets the cup down, standing. “As much as I would like to stay and try and dissuade you from your obvious death wish, I have some matters I must attend to. I hope that you reconsider the way you think, or I would not be at all surprised if I return to hear that you have died. May the gods protect you.” He makes his way out of the tavern.

Abrielle shake her head at Sehsis as he leave as and mumbles something to herself before walking over to Haft.

Abrielle mumbles “… … hope … … … you from …”, to Abrielle.

Haft glances at the departing Calormene, but he turns to Abrielle with a nod.

Sehsis leaves the inn’s tavern for the inn itself, just beyond.

Abrielle sighs and looks upset for a moment before pulling on her usual smile. “Haft. How was it!?”

Haft says, “‘It’?  Chesterton? It was fine.” He frowns.  “Is something wrong?””

Abrielle nods. “Yes! Chesterton.” To the second question she waves a dismissive hand. “Sehsis just thinks I should be in the home cooking all the time.”

“Well, I wouldn’t expect much else from a Calormene,” Haft says dismissively.  “Pretty sure Prince Rabadash’s younger brother about went into fits on learning Megren was a guard.”

Abrielle shrugs. “It’s just one drawback.”

Haft asks, “Drawback?”

Abrielle sighs. “You know. His one vice. He is a bit closed minded.”

Abrielle shakes her head. “What about you! Tell me about Chesterton and your sister.”

Abrielle shakes her head. “What about you! Tell me about Chesterton.”

Haft looks happy to drop the subject of Sehsis.  “Join me for a bite?  I’ll tell you all about it.”. He gestures to a table.

Abrielle smiles and sits down with her mug of tea. “Thank you.”

Haft orders a cider and a pasty and pauses for a moment as if ordering his thoughts. “Well, I went to Chesterton to see if I could find my sister.  Don’t think I told you that.”

Abrielle eyes widen. “Really? Did you find her?”

Haft smiles.  “Yeah.  Yeah, I did.  See I sent a letter and it went astray…I hadn’t seen her in fifteen years and I thought…” He shakes his head, taking a drink.

Abrielle tilts her head sympathetically. “You thought the worst.” She nods slowly for a moment. “Well…how did it go?”

Haft says, “Went pretty good after Jorgen decided not to bash me over the head with his mallet.”

Abrielle raises and eyebrow. “Her husband?”

Haft says, “Yeah.  I think Megren was actually worried that he might try it.  He never would, even if I weren’t three stone bigger’n him.  Not his style.  He had a right ta be mad. anyway.”. He considers.  “I’d probably have let him.”

Abrielle frowns. “I am sure Megren would have had your back.”

Haft says, “Yeah she stepped up real protective-like. Good of her.  But Jorgen’s a good man.  He said his piece and heard my side and then Brigid came home.”

Abrielle smiles. “Sounds like a good man. What was your sister like?”

Haft says, “Glad ta see me.  Certainly gladder than I had any right to expect.”

Abrielle nods. “That is very good.” She listens closely.

Haft says, “She’s, uh, she’s got three little ones now.” He rubs the back of his neck.  “Well, not really little. Ven’s thirteen.”

Abrielle jaw drops. “That is amazing! What were they like? I am sure they loved you.”

Haft laughs. “And what would you base that assumption on?”

Abrielle shrugs. “Children love their family unless they are hurt by them. Plus, you aren’t too horrible.”

Haft snorts.  “I’ll add that to my list of commendations.  Yeah, they liked me.  Ven, the oldest, wanted to know all about the guard and the battle.  Honestly the lad’s a little too old to have such romanticized notions of how it is.  But he’ll steady, I guess.  And the youngest, Calla, she’s the sweetest wee thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.  Think she’s part dryad.”

Abrielle smiles at the image. “I am sure the boy, Ven, will mature in his ideas and Calla…what a pretty name. Like the Calla lily.”

Haft says, “Yeah.  Brigid always like flowers.  We brought her some bulbs, including lilies as it happened, from the area and the castle garden.  It’s a fine name.  And Ven’s named after our father Haven.”

Abrielle smiles and sits up a little taller. “That is a very nice gift to bring…this will be a good season for lilies.”

Abrielle asks, “What did you do with them while you were there?”

Haft grins.  “What do you think I did?  I treated Calla like a delicate blossom and taught the boys how to knock the stuffing out of each other.”

Abrielle laughs. “Of course! Which boy was most successful?”

Abrielle suddenly jumps up and grabs her mug. “Oh no! I am so sorry Haft but I need to go. I forgot that I told Lewis I would help him in the garden today. So so sorry.” She runs out the door, still holding the mug, only to return a second later to deposit the mug on the counter before running back out.

Haft nods. “Perhaps I’ll see you later.  Good day.”


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