Which is fretful

Inner Ward of Anvard



You stand in the Inner Ward of Anvard. The ground is hard-packed earth, and it is open to the sky above. Wonderful aromas come wafting out from the Kitchen to the south, near the well. Huge, impressive, intricately carved doors lead to the Great Hall. Staff hurry about, in and out of their quarters, serving the Great Hall and the Council Chamber. A quieter corridor to the northeast leads to the library and schoolroom. Noble lords and ladies also pass through, walking towards their quarters seeing to other business. A guarded gatehouse to the east stands between the inner and outer wards. Two stairways line the curtain wall, climbing to the upper reaches of the castle. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


You can go: Council Chamber <N>, Northeast Hallway <NE>, Inner Gatehouse <E>, Kitchen <S>, Great Hall <SW>, Staff Quarters <W>, Infirmary <NW>, Southern Stairwell <US>, Northern Stairwell <UN>

Contents: A daughter of eve with honey-colored ringlets (Avery) and Well.

Haft stands on duty near the Inner Gatehouse next to Gearn.  His eyes and nose are both on the red side, and Gearn is keeping his distance.

Avery makes her way toward the gatehouse, reading a note in her hands. As she nears the gate, she folds it up and looks up. “Haft?” She says after quietly clearing her throat.

Haft straightens and turns towards her, “Yes, Lady Avery?  May I help you?”

Avery glances toward the gate. “I was wondering…Have you by any chance seen Abrielle during your duties?”

Haft says, “During my duties?  No, not today, my lady.”

Avery frowns, but nods. “Oh. You’ve not seen her at all?”

“I’ve seen her in the past few days, yes,” Haft confirms before sneezing.

Avery blinks at Haft’s sneezing. She clasps her hands before her. “Though, I do not know all the details of her situation, I am aware that she is…troubled…I only ask her whereabouts as a friend, of course. Is she…” Avery shrugs. “Is everything alright?”

Haft frowns, then nods to Gearn and steps a few paces away to speak to Aveyr more privately.  “Forgive me Lady Avery, but if Abrielle has not shared with you, I don’t feel that I can.”

Avery quickly nods. “No, of course. I understand that. I haven’t seen her for a few days and I just want to make sure she’s alright.” She exhales, considering her words. “Please, I don’t mean to pry. I don’t want to know /what/ is happening. I just want to make sure my friend is safe.”

“I know,” Haft says quietly.  “And yes, I believe she is safe.  She’s staying in the inn in town.  I saw her two days ago.”

Avery nods, but she still looks a bit worried. “Thank you, Haft. I will have a note sent there.”

Haft hesitates, then adds, “What she chiefly needs is loyal friends.  I’m sure she’ll be grateful for your concern.” He holds a finger under his nose, turning his head away slightly.

Avery arches a brow, assessing Haft. “Are you feeling ill?”

Haft smiles ruefully.  “Bit of a cold,” he explains, searching in his pouch for a handkerchief.  He first pulls out one with a poorly-executed “H” embroidered on it, but returns this to the pouch after extracting a larger, plain one and holding it to his nose.

Avery nods, smiling slightly herself. “It would seem like it…”

Haft asks, “Was there anything else, my lady?”

Avery shakes her head. “No, you’ve been very helpful. I hope I have not kept you too long.” She bows her head slightly. “I should return to my own tasks. Drink some hot tea when you finish with your watch. Or maybe some soup.”

Haft says, “I’ll try that, thank you,” then turns and rejoins Gearn.


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