In which stew is offered

Inner Ward of Anvard



You stand in the Inner Ward of Anvard. The ground is hard-packed earth, and it is open to the sky above. Wonderful aromas come wafting out from the Kitchen to the south, near the well. Huge, impressive, intricately carved doors lead to the Great Hall. Staff hurry about, in and out of their quarters, serving the Great Hall and the Council Chamber. A quieter corridor to the northeast leads to the library and schoolroom. Noble lords and ladies also pass through, walking towards their quarters seeing to other business. A guarded gatehouse to the east stands between the inner and outer wards. Two stairways line the curtain wall, climbing to the upper reaches of the castle. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


You can go: Council Chamber <N>, Northeast Hallway <NE>, Inner Gatehouse <E>, Kitchen <S>, Great Hall <SW>, Staff Quarters <W>, Infirmary <NW>, Southern Stairwell <US>, Northern Stairwell <UN>

Contents: Well.

Haft stands on duty with Gearn by the inner gatehouse.

Dalia exits the inner ward, heading towards the market.

Haft presses a kerchief to his nose, sneezing into it

Dalia turns, hearing the sneeze and noting Haft.

Haft dabs at his eyes and turns to scan the ward.

Dalia glances towards the market again, as if considering, she glances Haft’s way before, timidly, finally heading towards him.

Haft notes Dalia’s approach with disinterest.

Dalia pauses, nibbling her lip and glancing at the other guard before seemingly making up her mind.

Dalia says, “Master Haft?””

Haft glances at her.  “Yes, Dalia?”

Dalia asks, “Are you ill, Master Haft? You look…under the weather?”

Haft waves the hand holding the kerchief.  “Bit of a cold.  Nothing serious.”

Dalia ahs.

Haft asks, “Did you need something?”

Dalia stutters “A…um…ah… Maybe…um… would you like…maybe could.. Um some stew later… when you’re off duty.. I mean mean if one of the kitchen help didn’t mind… I mean that is… as a friend…”  She looks rather red and embarrassed after stumbling over her words

Haft raises a brow.  “Yeah, I’ve been having soup.  They got some in the mess most nights.”

Dalia nods, “Well… I must pick up some things for Milady, and I do hope you feel better.”

Dalia says this last bit earnestly

Haft nods.  “Thanks.  I appreciate it.”  He presses his kerchief back to his nose.

Dalia nods, “Aslan bless you” she says before heading to the market.

Dalia walks west toward the staff quarters.


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