A Horse of a Different Color

In which there is a discussion of fancy horses

Off-duty Mess
This is the place where off duty soldiers and sailors can relax and eat. There is a small cookfire and hearth and a few tables set up nearby.  On one
wall is a dart board, and on a small table in the corner there is a chess
set.  Someone has left a pile of parchment with sketches of his fellow
knights on another table.  This is a comfortable, casual room.
You can go: Out to the Northern Stairwell <S>
Contents: A daughter of eve with short, copper hair (Megren) and Hearth <LIT>.

Megren sits at the end of a long table, nearish the fireplace. A book is open before her and a cup of tea beside it.

Haft walks into the mess, glancing quickly about before he decides to approach Megren. “Mind if I join you?”

Megren looks up, then, seeing who it is, nods. “Sure.”

Haft takes a seat and looks her over. “Gonna take me a while to get used to you in blue.”Megren wrinkles her nose at him.

Haft shrugs. “What?”Megren asks, “Nothing. What have you been up to?”

You ask, “Nothing in particular. Been a quiet week on most of my shifts. You?”

A log on the fire shifts, sending a column of sparks flying upwards.

Megren closes her book. “Sir Darrin’s got me working Phantom every day in place of Amon until I get better in the stables.”

Haft frowns. “Phantom? Which one was that?”

Megren says, “Big docile fellow, almost a sort of blue in color.”

Haft tilts his head. “Gotta match, I guess.”

Megren says, “He’s just the easiest in the stable, I think– more like a lady’s horse.”

Haft asks, “Don’t most of the ladies rides mares or palfreys?”

Megren says, “Or jennets, mhm.”

Haft leans forward on his arms. “So what do you do to work him?”

Megren says, “Daily is just lunging him and making sure his stall and coat are clean, but he needs to be taken out on the trail a couple of times a week. He’s old enough he’s mostly done with jumping, which is good because I haven’t learned it yet.”

Haft nods. “What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far? About horses?”

Megren tilts her head. “I guess probably that I can see between a palfrey and a charger now, and which ones are better for what.”

Haft says, “That would help. Be mighty embarrassing if Sir Darrin asked you to mount up his warhorse and you gave him a dainty little critter to ride.”

Megren scrunches up an eye at him. “I know what /Gambol/ looks like.”

“Yes, but what if Gambol were stolen and he needed another mount to race after the thief?” Haft points out.  “You’re not going to shame the guard and give him one of those pretty ones that kicks up her hooves when she walks?”

Megren rolls her eyes good-humoredly.

Haft asks, “I have to check these things.  Same book?”

Megren says, “It’s a children’s botany, from Lady Avery. Sir Darrin’s hoping to get some books from Coghill that are better suited.”

Haft asks, “Ah.  And…uh…Sir Darrin thought this was a wise choice?”Megren shakes her head. “I started in on this one a while ago.”

A log on the fire shifts, sending a column of sparks flying upwards.

Haft asks, “So you could find additional items that were appropriate to put in his salad?”

Megren says, “Ha. No, Lady Avery was very sure I’d find it enthralling. Something about nobles and flowers, I guess.”

Haft says, “Must be.” He glances over his shoulder. “Well, I’d better head out. Need to see the blacksmith before my shift.”

Megren nods, opening her book again. “See you later.”

Haft stands up, pushes in his chair, and heads from the room.


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