A Letter to Megren

In which Haft reports on trivialities

Longsun 29,

Dear Megren,

I’d like to send you a letter filled with fantastical stories about the things we’ve seen in Narnia, but I’m afraid there’s not too much that’s happened for me to relate. I took Lady Avery to the fruit market and a Talking Cat ran in front of her, chasing a mouse. That’s about the extent of our adventures so far. I have not seen Lord Peridan as yet, though I am sure he is around.

There is a Tarkaan in residence here at the Cair. He evidently surrendered to King Edmund at the end of the battle and has some measure of freedom, the degree of which I am still determining. It seems so odd to have a man who drew blade against us walking about the place. Ah well.

The castle is a pretty place, right up against the ocean, so the smell of the sea pervades everything. The stone is lighter than the red granite of Anvard. And of course it’s full of Talking Beasts and Beings. The pages are a sight to behold, Birds mostly, but the occasional Dog or Fox, dashing from one place to another.

The gardens here are larger. They fill most of the courtyard, unlike the Anvard gardens which are mostly up above. It’s pretty, though I confess to a preference for ours.

I hope you are well.



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