Sizing Up

In which positions are clarified

The Royal Gardens
The gardens in this section are most splendid, decorated with rose bushes
growing along a wide, tiled path that leads east through the gardens and ends
at a wide, arched doorway. The doors are wooden, fine-crafted and hung on
brass hinges that sparkle in the sunlight. Judging from the width of the path
(which could really serve as a road should the need arise) this passage is

The rest of the gardens are fragrant with the scents of fruit trees and
flowers in full bloom. Several smaller paths lead north and south through
them ending at benches and other quiet places. This appears to be a nice
place to spend time.
You can go: Doors into the Great Hall <E>, Stroll along the path <S>, Stroll
along the path <N>, To the center of the courtyard <W>

Haft walks through the courtyard, heading northward.

Chlamash looks up from his reading, “Guardsman Haft.” He calls, acknowlaging the other’s presence.

Haft turns sharply, frowning to see who it is that’s addressed him. He approaches the Tarkaan without formality. “Yes?”

Chlamash says, “I would have a word with you, /if/ you would speak with me, guardsman.”

Haft nods. “All right.”

Chlamash says, “I am aware that you may have been warned of my presence, and though I have little expectation of your belief, I wished to make it known, enemy and foe I may have been to your fair land…I now hold no animosity toward Narnia, nor her allies. I have seen Lord Peridan’s fondness towards the Lady and I say to you, though you may doubt my word, you need not fear for the Lady on my account.” He rests his hand upon the other, one hand displaying a golden band. “I too desire safety for my own.”

Haft frowns. He narrows his eyes at the Tarkaan. “Your reassurances are…admirable,” he says, not sounding as though he means it. “You must understand that Lady Avery’s well-being is my sole interest and responsibility at present…Maybe you’d like to explain just how your position here stands.”

Chlamash nods, “Of course.” he replies, reflecting nothing in his face, and little in his manner except perhaps for a man who has known influence and has confidence in himself. “I owe a life debt to His Majesty, King Edmund and to the Four and to that I hold. Lord Peridan commands me, and he has decreed I may walk freely about the castle. And to the town with a guard.”

Haft strokes his beard. “I see. And how do your guards address you?”

Chlamash says, “After the manner of my title, guardsman. And I them.”

Haft asks, “‘Tarkaan’, then?”

Chlamash says, “Tarkaan Chlamash.”

Haft asks, “Fine. Then I shall do as they do, Tarkaan Chlamash. Is there anything else?”

Chlamash says, “Lord Peridan speaks well of you, and the Lady Avery as well. I admire Lord Peridan greatly. I have great respect for those that he deems worthy.”

Haft frowns again, evidently unmoved. “If I am worthy of any regard it is because I’m diligent in my duties to protect those I serve. if you will excuse me, Tarkaan Chlamash.

Chlamash nods, “Oh course. I must not delay you from such worthy pursuits.” He gives little half bow, turning away to stuff his pipe. There may however be something in his manner which suggests that any unfriendlyness may be met with the same amount of respect.

Haft eyes the other man, then turns and continues on his way.


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