In which Haft suggests outing venues for Avery and Peridan

In the Center of the Courtyard
You can easily discern this as the center of the royal gardens – a great
fountain decorates the courtyard’s center point. It is a scuplture of a grand
lion, standing over the water’s edge. This lion is not insignifigant though –
it is an artist’s tribute to the ruler of all Narnia, and a portrait of a
noble character.

At all four points of the compass a paved path leads to the corners of the
courtyard, North, East, South and West. To the east lies the entrance to the
grand hall of Cair Paravel, and to the west, the gates of the castle. North
and South lead to flower gardens, where one might sit for a spell.

The sides of the paths here are lines with decorative posts and ribbons,
leading from east to west to form an aisle (going delicately around the
fountain). It appears that the garden to the east has been set up for some
kind of ceremony.
You can go: North End of the Courtyard <N>, South End of the Courtyard <S>,
Royal Gardens <E>, To the west courtyard <W>
Contents: Fountain.

Peridan walks through the courtyard, scanning a report. He seems skilled at reading and walking because he is able to avoid the gardeners and occasional pages moving about the courtyard with ease…ooOO Silver Apples Time! OOoo….ooOO Oh no! You’re not RPing right now! Awww… Maybe next time. OOoo..OOC> Peridan says, “Woot!”

Haft strides northward through the court. He sees Peridan, but says nothing, not wanting to distract.

Peridan just happens to glance up as he sidesteps a gardener working. He rolls up the report, shaking his head, and then proceeds to find a bench and sit down.

Haft hesitates, then greets the commander. “Long day, sir?”

Peridan looks up at the voice, grinning faintly, “Every day is a long day. Sometimes, I think I should just retire.”

Haft crosses his arms, looking down in amusement. “You think you’re a mite bit young for that?”

Peridan rubs the back of his neck, grinning “I am not as young as I use to be.”

Haft returns the grin. “You’re about as old as I was when I left the service. Now you’re wanting to retire and I’m a year past being a fresh recruit–again.

Peridan asks, “Ah, yes. How is being a guard again?”

Haft hesitates. “Good,” he says. “Very good.”Peridan lifts an eyebrow, “Glad to hear it.”

Haft nods, then looks about him. “It’s strange, being back in Narnia.”

Peridan nods, “I can imagine. It would be strange to go from living here to living a year in Archenland and then coming back here.”

Haft says, “Yeah. It’s different though. Now that I know I’ll be going home again. Easier to see what you like about the country.”

Peridan asks, “And what have you discovered?”

Haft says, “Well, the cider’s better than I remembered, for one.” He smirks. “Proof positive you imported it from us.”

Peridan chuckles, “I can agree on that one. You haven’t lived until you have a drink in Bergdale. Their festivals are famous.”

Haft says, “I…actually attended at least one party there, as I recall. A birthday celebration for a faun. Didn’t stay long though.”

Peridan says, “Ah, that is too bad.”

Haft coughs. “I…wasn’t a very…gregarious person.”

Peridan begins to cough a lot, “You, ahem, don’t say?”

Haft narrows his eyes. “Funny.”

Peridan raises a hand. “It is okay to laugh, Haft.”

Haft tilts his head to one side. “Yes, I know that, sir, or I wouldn’t have made the crack about the cider.”

Peridan clears this throat, “So, anything else that you have rediscovered?”

Haft says, “Well, it’s nice seeing it through fresh eyes–Lady Avery’s, I mean. Recommended a bunch of things for her to see and do.” He pauses. “Don’t suppose you know of any local festivals. A dryad dance maybe…”

Peridan frowns, “Unfortunately I do not. I would very much like to have a festival so Lady Avery could get the Narnian experience.”

Haft asks, “Arrange something yourself, you mean?”

Peridan shakes his head, “I’m afraid that is a little outside of my expertise.”

Haft says, “What about a jaunt to Bergdale? It’s not so very far. Fauns are willing to be festive at the drop of a hat–and she really shouldn’t miss the fire-music.”

Peridan looks interested, “I had toyed with that idea…”

Haft says, “The only other way she’s likely to see it is if a faun plays at the tavern here, but I’ve kept an ear out and ain’t heard of any doin’ that.”

Peridan stands to his feet, “I shall think about it. It might be fun.” He sighs, “But for now, I must get back to work.”

Haft says, “Of course. I was just heading for the practice yard. Have a good afternoon, Sir.”

Peridan nods, “Good luck practicing.” He heads off towards his office.


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