A Second Letter to Megren

In which Haft responds to Megren’s letter

Firedance 11

Dear Megren,

There are other lookouts besides Birds. Higher blocks are positioned periodically along the battlements for shorter creatures to stand upon as needed, and some stairways are broader and shallower to allow for centaurs and other hooved Beings and Beasts to ascend.

Lady Avery seems to be enjoying herself. She wants to start a painting of the sea from the castle, but is having trouble putting paint to canvas rather than gazing out at the real thing.

I’ve made a discovery in the castle library. A copy of a book on swordplay that must have been originally composed more than one hundred years ago. Any copy that may have existed in Anvard has long since disintegrated. I am making notes on as much of the book as time allows, and I have suggested to Lady Avery that a scholar be commissioned to research the contents of the library here as compared to home. We may have lost many things during the long separation. So, for that matter, may Narnia.

It’s good to hear that Lanisen is learning with his left hand. I assume it’s the left. I take that to mean that his right is still not mended fully? I hadn’t realized.

You know, I was teaching Cantil to fight left-handed. That’s his best hand. It might benefit them to work together while Lanisen’s learning the basic forms. Sparring against an opponent who uses the opposite hand introduces a whole other set of problems, though obviously anyone who fights left-handed will ultimately need to know how to fight against right-handed swordsmen. And Cantil’s not so advanced that they couldn’t train together.

How is Anvard? How are you? Anything interesting going on?



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