Library Science

In which Haft makes a scholarly discovery

North Walltop
You stand on the curtain wall that divides the courtyard from the seashore
just outside the castle. The walkway here is wide, probably to accommodate
bulkier defense arms should the situation call for it. The north side is
additionally fortified by rising parapets that match those on the tower
battlements. To the south, you can see the gardenlike courtyard in all its
splendour. A stone staircase leads down into the north side of it.
You can go: Into the Main Tower <E>, Down the Stairs <D>, Into the West Wing
Contents: A daughter of eve with honey-colored ringlets (Avery) and A Castle Guard.

Avery stands beside the wall, an easel set up before her. The canvas is blank, her paint set aside. She holds her paintbrush, chewing thoughtfully on the wooden end.

Haft comes onto the wall from the west wing, a book in hand. He looks surprised to see Avery there, and bows. “My lady.”

Avery quickly removes the brush from between her teeth, turning to face him. “Oh. Haft, hello.” She tames a few stray curls caught in the wind. “Come to enjoy a bit of sunshine?”

Haft nods. “I was visiting the library, but it’s nice out here. Thought I’d take in the view for a moment.”

Avery glances toward the ocean. “Yes, it is. I came to paint, but the the real thing is so much more captivating than a painting would be.”

Haft looks out. “I suppose it is. Though you can’t hang it on your wall.”

OOC> Haft says, “except in Harold and Alberta’s house…”

Avery nods. “Very true. I’ll get to it eventually.” She takes a deep breath of sea air. “I know just the spot for it too.”Somewhere on the muck, Loc has connected.

Haft asks, “A better spot to paint, or to hang your painting?”

Avery chuckles. “To hang the painting.”

Haft asks, “Ah. Where’s that?”

Avery says, “Between the pond at Coghill Manor and the lake at Chesterton.”

Avery chuckles. “The paintings, of course.”

Haft gives a wry smiles. “That does make more sense than hanging it on a tree midway down the road.

Avery nods. “Yes…but it would give travelers something to look at. It’s an interesting idea.”

Haft says, “You could do a series. Hang them on different trees with pictures of the places people are approaching.”

Avery says, “Hmm. It would be an excuse to travel.”

Haft shrugs. “Might be a little hard to keep the rain off.

Avery nods. “Of course. It would be a shame if they were ruined…”

Haft says, “Have you been enjoying your time here so far, lady? It is a beautiful country.”

Avery smiles. “Very much. I miss home, but I am in no hurry to return.” She sets her brush down on the easel. “And you?”

Haft answers, “Well, I’ve had very little to do, but I did get permission from one of the librarians to borrow this in order to take some notes.” He indicates the book. “Should keep me out of trouble for a while. And it’s good to see Lord Peridan again.”

Avery smiles at this last bit. “You know, the only times I’ve been in the library is when I’ve been looking for Lord Tyre. I should spend some time looking around.”

Haft says, “Yes. It’s quite different from the one back home. This, for example–” his voice quickens with excitement “–is a transcription of a book on a Narnian sword fighting style that predates the long winter. There used to be a fragment of such a book in the Anvard library when I was young, but it’s not there anymore. The information has been lost to Archenland, at least in written form.”

Avery steps closer to look at the book. “Well, it is good that they still have this one, then.”

Haft offers it to her. “Yes, and it’s not the only one. I’m not as familiar with many of the topics as I am with swordsmanship, and of course much of it is Narnian history, but suppose there are other things we’ve lost over the years. Do you know if any scholar from home has thought to catalogue the contents of both libraries? There could be all kinds of things: herbal lore, mathematics, navigation…

Avery takes the book, flipping through the pages. “There must be /someone/.” She hands the book back. “I can ask about it.”

Haft nods. “Well, I should go on. I have my own transcriptions to make–of this volume–though it won’t be a proper scribe’s copy.” He bows.

Avery smiles. “Enjoy your book.”


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