Another Letter From Megren

In which Haft hears of the doings back home.

Hello, Haft.

I hope you can bring your copy of the book to Anvard. It sounds very exiting! May be I will be able to read it by then. I have not tried any swordplay books yet. I have started a jornal to [a word crossed out here] learn in, but so far I think I am not doing it [write is crossed out here] right. Sir Darrin says it is for thinking in, but people think if they do not have a jornal so I think I do not understand yet.

No, Lanisen’s hand is still very bad. It shakes and sometimes the arm pains him. His leg is better, but when it has been a long day he limps. I can not think what it is like. Kerin and [an attempt at spelling Adrian has been crossed out] the others have tried all sorts of things and I think he is very tired of how they do not work. I will tell him about Cantil. Sir Darrin is also left-handed, which has been good, and I have been learning my left with him some days. It is hard but a good chalange.

Anvard has been mostly [pieceful crossed out] peaceful. There is a new girl training with the guards sons who expect to be guards when they are grown. [ooc: I think they are calling these pages] She is may be 12. She is a Handful but I think it will end well. I think you will like her. She is called Rayna. I am not sure how to spell it or if there is a way since I do not think her family writes. They are in Hard Times so Sir Darrin and I are trying to help.

Lord Dar and Lady Onner had their babies. Two, a girl and a boy. They are called Enis and Elin. I do not know the spelling. I have not seen them yet. Lady Onner will stay here with Lord Dar for a while, so Sir Darrin and I are going to Cog-hill very soon so he can help there. We will also find him another horse, and one for me. I will miss Fantom, thogh, even though I know he is not good for squire’s duties because he is old.

It is good to hear about Lady Avery. I know she was very exited to see Narnia. I hope you are also having a nice time, and Lord Tyre.



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