A Day at the Beach

In which Peridan is knocked over

Beach North of Sted Cair
You stand on the beach at Narnia’s seashore. East of you the blue waters
Great Eastern Ocean dance under the sunlight as they stretch toward the
horizon. The waters are surprisingly calm, but this is probably because the
Cair Paravel Peninsula, which juts out into the ocean just south of here,
makes this stretch of beach something like a harbor.

To the west, you can see the thatched roofs of Sted Cair just beyond thebeach. The sand here is warm, and the beach is quiet save for the rhythmic
lapping of the waves. You can follow the beach northward.
You can go: Follow the Beach <NE>, Cair Paravel <S>
Contents: A daughter of eve with honey-colored ringlets (Avery) and A son of
adam with blue eyes (Peridan).

Peridan guides the two along the beach.

Avery slows Cyrian down a bit, her eyes glancing between the ocean and Cair Paravel. “It’s almost too lovely for words, isn’t it?”

Haft is sitting on the steps where the castle meets the sand, gazing out to the ocean.

Peridan scans the beach, remarking, “This is one of my favorite spots.” Upon seeing the man sitting a ways from the riders, he calls out, “Morning, friend!”

Haft turns his head, then rises to offer a bow. “My lord. My lady. Taking the air?”

Avery looks up at Peridan’s greeting and grins. “Haft!” she waves as they come closer. “Of sea air, yes. I’ve had too much castle air recently.”

Peridan laughs as he approaches, “I see we are not the only ones to be taking the air.”

Haft smirks. “Admittedly, Cair Paravel has a different scent within than Anvard, though not an unpleasant one. And yes, I woke to see the sun rise from the walls and then found myself down here after breaking my fast.”

Avery laughs. “It /does/ smell different, you are right. But definitely not unpleasant.”

Peridan grins, “You get used to it.” He trots Adair into the shallow waves.

Haft says, “Yes, I know. Even Barfield had its own scent. I had to get used to living in Anvard again.”

Avery points her face toward the sun briefly, enjoying the warmth. “I suppose Chesterton does too. Only, I never really noticed or thought about it before…”Peridan looks up towards the sea, “Oh, look! A ship is coming.”

Haft lifts a hand to shield his eyes and peer beneath it. “Galman?”

Avery looks out at sea, holding her hat in place as a breeze blows. “Oh, yes, I see it.”

Peridan nods, “Looks like it, Haft.”

Haft says, “Wonder what their business is.”

Avery hmms, letting go of the reins. She starts to dismount, but just as her hands are busy, her hat flies off her head and towards the water. “Oh no!” She drops tp the ground and watches as her hat lands in the water, a few loose tendrils of hair flying in the wind.

Peridan slips off Adair quickly, dropping the reins. He rushes into the water, trying to grab the hat.

Haft begins to rise, but none too swiftly, allowing Peridan the chance to save the day–or get himself drenched. Haft leans against the balustrade.

Avery watches with an amused grin. She strides towards the water and says, “Oh, Lord Peridan, you’ll be drenched! Don’t go after it! It’ll come back to shore…”

You say, “Will it? I didn’t know you had it so well-trained, lady.”

Avery turns to look at Haft and rolls her eyes. “All smart ladies have their hats trained, of course. Didn’t you know that?”

Peridan turns to reply when a rogue wave wash up on shore, knocking him off balance. He totters back and forth for a moment before falling into the water. The hat floats gently onto his lap.

Avery spins around when she hears the wave and splash. She covers her mouth when she sees Peridan, but laughter still escapes her lips.

Haft’s face contorts, and he looks like he’s having a hard time not breaking out laughing.

Peridan grabs the hat. He stumbles out of the tide, completely drenched. He walks over to Avery, “It sounds like you need to have another obedience lesson with your hat, milady.”

Haft coughs.

Avery watches Peridan walk towards her. She is about to take the hat when another fit of giggles takes over.

Peridan pushes his sopping hair out of his face, grinning. He holds up the hat, “It is quite a lovely hat.”

Haft says, “Like a hound, it seems to have a mind of its own.”

Avery takes the hat, taking a deep breath, and tries not to laugh again. “Thank you. My hat also thanks you.”

Peridan shakes his finger at the hat, “Well, I hope it learned its lesson in not running into the water.”

Avery doesn’t even try to hide her laughing this time.

Haft allows a small smile.

Peridan continues to just grin, laughing a bit himself.

Avery shakes the hat off. “I should have thought about the wind and pinned it in place, but oh well. What’s done is done.” She looks up. “Perhaps we should go back so you can get dry…”

Peridan whistles causing Adair to trot to him. “I am much obligated, milady.”

Haft watches with amusement.

Avery walks toward Cyrian and, after a few tries, lifts herself into the saddle. With one hand firmly holding onto the hat, she picks up the reins with the other. “Good day, Haft.”

Haft bows. “Good day, Lady Avery. Lord Peridan.”

Peridan swings in his saddle, settling himself. He nods to the man, “Enjoy your ponderings.” He leads Adair forward.Avery nudges her horse to follow Peridan’s lead.

Haft snorts softly and turns away.


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