A Third Letter to Megren

In which the correspondence continues

Dear Megren,

I don’t keep a journal myself. I spend time enough thinking on the walls and ordering my thoughts in that way for long stretches that I don’t feel the need to reflect on paper, but some people find it useful. I suppose you could write down recipes or snippets of song you hear on your travels, or the proper method of slaying a dragon versus a wyrm (or whatever it is that knights do).

Your spelling is improving, but I feel I should warn you of a curious thing in the spelling of a few words. On occasion, certain words begin with a silent letter H. A few of these are honest, hour (The time of day. Not “our” meaning something that belongs to us), heir (to the throne, not the heir we breathe) and honour (as in Lady Honour’s name.

How is the new trainee Rayna taking to her duties? It sounds as though she’s only learning to be a guard because of her family difficulties, and it can be hard for a youngster to focus at that age. (You’ll recall Ven’s restlessness.) Are the lads giving her a hard time? What do you mean by a “handful”?

I look forward to meeting your new mount when you return. You should bind it’s mane with ribbons in the Coghill colors and leave them long so they flutter in your face and catch in you mouth when you ride.

Lady Avery and Lord Tyre are well, as am I. It’s been a restful posting, all told, at least so far.
Have a safe trip.



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