A Letter to Abrielle

In which Haft replies

Dear Abrielle,

That sounds like quite an adventure you are planning. Yes, I should say Narnia is quite as safe as Archenland in most areas. Possibly toward the northern borders it might be prudent not to travel alone, but otherwise I would not worry overmuch. Use your own common sense. Don’t take shears to a bush that talks and don’t join a Satyr revel unaccompanied. (And avoid showing sparkly items to a Magpie), and all should be well.

As for myself, I am still at Cair Paravel with Lord Tyre and Lady Avery, and it has been very pleasant thus far. If you come soon, perhaps I will see you before we return to Archenland. If not, I hope to see you when I return. In either case, I hope you will write to me from Narnia.



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