News From Anvard

In which Haft relays the contents of Megren’s letter to Tyre and Avery

In the Center of the Courtyard
You can easily discern this as the center of the royal gardens – a great
fountain decorates the courtyard’s center point. It is a scuplture of a grand
lion, standing over the water’s edge. This lion is not insignifigant though –
it is an artist’s tribute to the ruler of all Narnia, and a portrait of a
noble character.

At all four points of the compass a paved path leads to the corners of the
courtyard, North, East, South and West. To the east lies the entrance to the
grand hall of Cair Paravel, and to the west, the gates of the castle. North
and South lead to flower gardens, where one might sit for a spell.

The sides of the paths here are lines with decorative posts and ribbons,
leading from east to west to form an aisle (going delicately around the
fountain). It appears that the garden to the east has been set up for some
kind of ceremony.
You can go: North End of the Courtyard <N>, South End of the Courtyard <S>,
Royal Gardens <E>, To the west courtyard <W>
Contents: A daughter of eve with honey-colored ringlets (Avery) and Fountain.

Tyre strides through the garden at Avery’s side, his hands behind his back. He wears a cap that shades his neck and long sleeves against the sun.

Chlamash walks into the courtyard a book of mostly blank paper in one hands and a pouch of ink and quill in the other.

Avery is walking beside Tyre, twirling a plucked flower in her hands. She is quiet, simply enjoying the walk.

Haft strides toward Tyre and Avery, face set and holding an open piece of parchment in one hand. He executes a very proper bow. “Excuse me, my lord, my lady. Might I interrupt?”

Tyre glances at Avery. “Ah– yes, please speak, guardsman.”

Avery looks up as Haft approaches. Her eyes drop to the parchment before focusing on his face again. She nods in agreement with her brother. “What is it, Haft?”

You say, “My lord, I’ve just received word on the matter of Lanisen.” He waves the paper. “The good news is that he’s been recovered.”

Tyre adjusts his glasses a little jerkily. “Ah– ah, yes, please… please go on, guardsman.”

Avery lays a hand against her collarbone, letting out a relieved sigh, but then she frowns slightly. “Oh, thank the Lion, but is he alright?”

Haft’s face is grim. “He’s alive and expected to live, but Meg–Guardswoman, no, Squire…my apologies–Megren says that he’s in poor shape.”

Chlamash spies Lord Tyre and Lady Avery, but upon seeing them already in conversation, he seats himself on a bench.

Avery’s frown deepens and she tosses the flower aside. “How bad? Is he receiving the best care?”

You say, “The letter doesn’t say, my lady. It’s not an official dispatch. I wrote to Squire Megren earlier asking her to write me about the situation. I think we can assume he’s being well-cared for. He has influential friends.”

Avery nods, glancing at Tyre. She clears her throat. “And what of the man who took him?”

Haft’s voice reveals barely-contained anger. “Aaron.”

Tyre frowns. “He has been apprehended?”

Avery’s breath quickens. She shakes her head, anger flashing through her own eyes, but stays quiet.

Haft shakes his head. “No. He’s changed his appearance and has dark hair now, according to this, and possibly dark skin and a beard.” His mouth presses into a thin line. “Squire Megren believes he may be in Narnia.”

Tyre asks, “Is Lord Peridan aware of this?”

You say, “I’m not sure. Squire Megren believes Sir Colin is sending further instructions to Lord Peridan, but I don’t know whether they have outpaced this.”

Avery says, “Every knight and guard should be made aware of the change in his appearance.”

Tyre sighs, removing and replacing his glasses. “Very well, I shall confer with him. Thank you for relaying the correspondence, Haft.”

Tyre nods approval of his sister’s assessment.

You say, “Of course, my lord.”

Avery bites at her fingernail. “Perhaps news should be sent to the other regions of Narnia? To the Alpha Wolf in the Great Woods, for example, or to anyone else who holds a position of authority, but can also be trusted?”

Tyre says, “Ah, if word has gone to Lord Peridan, it will have gone to the Great Woods in the same stroke. He will know how best to handle other correspondences. This is not the first outlaw Narnia has faced, sister.”

Haft mutters, “That’s true enough.”

Avery nods and shrugs. “Of course. I am only worried…”

Tyre pushes his glasses upward. “Yes… yes. I– apologize. It reflects well on you, sister.”

You say, “If they knew his path and had something of his, the Wolves or Talking Dogs might make short work of a hunt. But the Knights will have considered that.”

Avery tries to look hopeful. “Lanisen is safe and will recover with time.” She sighs. “Aaron will be found soon. The Knights will make sure of that.”

Haft’s jaw tightens, but he doesn’t rebut the assertion.

Tyre looks between them and sort of jerkily nods, lowering his head to look at the ground. “Ah. Well. Ah… in the meantime…”

You ask, “In the meantime?”

Avery turns her face toward Tyre. “Yes, brother?”

Chlamash seems intent on his writing though, if perhaps one were watching closely he might also be listening as well.

Tyre says, “Ah… well, Lord Peridan may be… rather busy.”

Avery nods slowly, waiting for him to continue.

Tyre frowns at her, then removes his glasses to clean them. “You will have to… confer with him, ah…” he frowns at his glasses, apparently not satisfied with his own work. “–ah, regarding your excursion to Bergdale.”

Haft’s eyes shift to Avery.

Avery ohs, nodding. “He is needed here, sir, I would not wish to take him from his duties.” She bites the inside of her cheek, giving a helpless shrug. “But to push it back might be overstaying our welcome here…”

Tyre sighs, replacing his glasses. “Ah…no. He… may be needed elsewhere in Narnia. It may not be safe for you to travel, however.”

Haft lowers his chin, considering, but not commenting.

Avery nods again. “I know that. I was not suggesting to go to Bergdale despite all this, or to travel with him…”

Haft looks back to Tyre.

Tyre glances at Haft uncomfortably. “Ah… well. Very well. I will speak with him and ask his advice. I expect I may return with the first knight to go back to Anvard. They will need me in Chesterton. You may remain, of course.”

Avery asks, “Oh…but if I am with you, and Haft as well, would it not be safe for me to travel?”

Tyre’s brows draw together. “Do you wish to return?”

Avery looks down. “I am torn. I would like to stay here, but perhaps I should return to Anvard.”

Haft turns his attention to the letter in his hand, reading the contents once more before refolding it and stowing it in the pouch at his side.

Tyre nods. “Well. It is likely you have some time to consider. The choice is quite your own. I will make excuses for you to Mother if you choose to remain. It should not be difficult. I, ah, I imagine she would prefer you to stay until she is assured of your safety.”

Avery asks, “When do you plan to depart?”

Tyre says, “That will depends on the knights.”

Haft clasps his hands behind his back.

Avery asks, “I will consider it tonight and give you an answer in the morning. Will that be alright?”

Tyre says, “That will be fine. Discuss it with Lord Peridan yourself, if you like. I– ah, I imagine he will appreciate, ahh, being asked.”

Avery blushes lightly, glancing at Haft. She nods. “Of course. I will do so.”

Haft studiously ignores Avery’s look.

Tyre nods, “Very well.” He glances at Haft as well. “I will seek out Lord Peridan now.”

Haft bows. “My lord.”

Avery curtsies to Tyre. “Good day, brother.”

Tyre bows to Avery. “Do not worry yourself too greatly, sister. As you say, the militia in both these countries are very competent.”

Avery clasps her hands together. “I will try not to.”

You say, “That’s true.”

Tyre rests his hand on her shoulder, and then moves off toward the castle interior.

Chlamash stands to bow as Lord Tyre passes by.

Haft frowns. “I had well and truly hoped we’d seen the back of Aaron.”

Tyre bows to the Tarkaan in return as he passes.

Avery watches her brother go. She nods to Haft. “May he be found and caught swiftly.”

Haft crosses his arms and nods.

Avery sighs. “Poor Lanisen…”

Haft grimaces. “It must have been a horror.”

Avery asks, “Where was he recovered?”

You say, “Megren didn’t say. I imagine she’s still caught up in the aftermath.”

Avery nods. “No doubt.” She sighs. “I should return to my quarters. I have a few things to tend to.”

Chlamash makes his way towards Haft and Lady Avery, he bows to both.

Haft bows to Avery, then Chlamash, though his look to the latter is not welcoming. “Of course, my lady.”

Chlamash says, “Was that Lord Tyre, your brother, Milady? I had hoped I might speak with him.”

Avery bows her head to Chlamash. “Excuse me, Tarkaan, I was just on my way out.” She nods. “Indeed, it was. Perhaps you will see him again today. He will be out of the study for some time.”

Haft narrows his eyes slightly.

Chlamash bows to Avery, “Of course, Milady. I should not wish to keep you.”

Avery nods and steps away, walking towards the Great Hall.

Haft watches Avery leave, then turns to glare at Chlamash. “Some would consider it rude to seek a lady out only to ask after her brother.”

Chlamash says, “You misinterpret my actions then, Guardsman.” ”

You say, “And yet this is one you keep repeating.”

Chlamash says, “Should I not be curious after one’s former enemies? I have heard many things of the north, yet I am a scholar and wished to discover for myself if such things be true.”

Chlamash take his pipe from a pouch at his side and begins to stuff it.

“If what is true?” Haft asks impatiently.

Chlamash says, “Has not one of the poets said, “Far more pleasant is truth sought for, than truth discovered?”

Chlamash says, “So I have been discovering by all here whether there be truth in tales told.”

In which Haft shares the contents of Megren’s letter with Tyre and Avery

Haft looks like his patience is nearly exhausted. “What truth?” he grits out.

Chlamash looks like he is about to speak, before taking a breath, “The character of her people.”

Chlamash continues stuffing his pipe.

Haft lets out an exasperated breath, running a hand through his hair. “And talking to Lord Tyre will teach you that somehow, will it?”

Chlamash says, “I believe it will increase the knowlage I have acquired.”

You say, “Or maybe you think to plead your case to an influential lord.”

Chlamash sticks the pipe into his mouth and seems to be searching in his pouch for to see if he has anything to light it with. He looks at haft raising an eyebrow, as if he wishes the guardsman to divulge more of his motives.

Haft shakes his head at the man in disgust, then starts to turn, hesitates, offers the barest bow that protocol requires, and stalks away.

Chlamash mutters something under his breath after Haft has stalked away.


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