Travel Plans

In which Peridan, Haft and Avery discuss the news of Lanisen’s recovery

Reception Hall
You find yourself standing in a roomy, luxuriously-decorated chamber. By far
the most dominating feature is a thick, heavy table that stretches nearly
from one side of the room to the other and is surrounded by a number of
chairs. The chairs have ornately-carved arms and legs, and each is
beautifully upholstered in rich velvet cloth. This assemblage sits atop a
similarly- colored, thickly-woven carpet. The walls all around are decorated
with paintings depicting enchanting Narnian landscapes and the creatures that
inhabit them. There is also a massive fireplace along the north wall that
supports a heavily carved mantle. Many curious trinkets and decorative
articles sit atop iton display. This room is obviously a place where the
Kings and Queens can gather and feast with their friends in small assemblies,
without the tremendous ceremony of the Great Hall.

There is an open archway leading eastward into the southeast tower. There is
also a less noticeable door in the west wall that apparently leads out onto
the south curtain wall of the Courtyard.
You can go: Out to the Southeast Tower <E>, Out onto the South Wall <W>
Contents: A son of adam with blue eyes (Peridan); A Castle Guard at the West
Door; Loaf of Saffron-Bread; Loaf of Saffron-Bread; and Wolves and Foxes Game

Peridan walks into the Hall, lost in thought. His hands are clasped behind his back.

Avery is sitting at the table, her hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea. There is a plate of food near her, but it looks mostly untouched.

Haft sits nearby, engrossed in reading.

Peridan smiles a bit sadly as he sees Lady Avery, “Good day, milady. Mind if I join you?”

Haft rises, executing a bow before retaking his seat and looking back to his book.

Avery brightens a bit when she hears Peridan. Sitting up straighter, she moves the plate away and motions to the seat beside her. “Hello, Lord Peridan. Please, come.”

Peridan nods to Haft, “Good day, Haft,” before taking a seat. He speaks loudly enough for everyone to hear, “I have some good news.”

Haft looks up, quirking a brow. “That’d be welcome.”

Avery picks up the teacup and settles back. She glances at Haft before saying, “What is it?”

Peridan says, “Lanisen has been found and is safe now.”

Haft nods slowly. “Yes, Sir. We’d heard as much.”

Avery smiles. “We have heard, but it is good enough to hear again.”

Peridan blinks before chuckling, “Oh, then I am late to the party then.”

Haft sets his book aside, marking his place. “I had a letter from Squire Megren this afternoon. I suppose word from Sir Colin came to you by the same post.”

Avery takes a sip of tea, content to listen for now.

Peridan shakes his head, “Actually, Lord Tyre informed me.” He turns to Lady Avery, “Has he spoken to you yet, milady?”

Avery lifts a brow. “About Lanisen?” She nods. “He and I were both present when Haft shared the news.”

Haft looks disappointed. “I’m afraid the news has come round fourth hand and back to the source, Sir. I was hoping you might know more than I did.”

Peridan looks at Haft sadly, “I am afraid not, Haft.” He glances at Lady Avery, “No, forgive me, I meant about he possibly going home.”

Avery nods over her teacup, looking down into the hot drink. “Oh. That. Yes, I know he will be returning home.”

Peridan’s face falls, “I do wish him safe travels.”

Haft listens to the exchange, offering no comment.

Avery sets her cup down. “You will also travel soon, will you not?”

Peridan tips his head, “Travel soon, milady?”

Avery blinks. “Lord Tyre mentioned that you might be needed elsewhere…with everything that is going on.”

Peridan shakes his head, “As much as I wish to aid in the capturing of this ‘Aaron,’ my duty still lays primarily here in Narnia. I may be traveling to the southern border to check with Winterden on the status of things but that is only a day trip.”

“It is Squire Megren’s belief that Aaron may have come here after this recent mischief,” says Haft.

Avery nods at Haft’s statement. “It could very well be possible.”

Peridan looks up at Haft, “All the more reason to stay. I have good faith in the Wolves of Winterden that they will know if and when someone has crossed into our land. And even if he did somehow manage to by pass them, dispatches have been sent to the Northern Guard.” His expression becomes determined, “If he crosses over into Narnia, we will find him and bring him to justice.”

Haft nods. “I wonder how he slipped the searchers. I wish Squire Megren had said more in the letter.”

Avery picks up her teacup again. “She may write again with more details. Perhaps she only wanted to ease your mind first. Put the worry to rest.”

Peridan nods, “And news does take a few days of travel from Anvard to here. Lion willing, he has been captured and the letter informing us in on its way.”

You say, “Yes. And she indicated that Sir Colin was sending information as well.”

Avery nods. “He will include more details, I’m sure.”

Peridan nods, “Yes.” He looks at Lady Avery, tapping his fingers, “So, no, I am not going anywhere for the time being.”

Avery hmms. “I see.”

Peridan tips his head, “And you, milady, are you traveling as well?”

Haft glances at Avery.

Avery swallows. “Well…I am sure my Mother would feel better if I was home, but to avoid travel until all this blows over might be smart as well…”

Peridan nods, “That is a understandable conclusion.” He glances at Haft, “I do apologize, Haft, but may Lady Avery and I have a moment of privacy?”

Haft nods, rising and offering a bow. “Of course. I think I might head down to the practice yard, or will you be needing me further?”

Avery turns in her chair to face Haft. “Thank you, Haft.” She smiles. “Enjoy your practicing.”

Peridan nods, “Thank you, Haft.”

Haft tucks his book under his arm and strolls from the room.


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