A Letter From Megren: Details

In which Megren goes into detail about the events at Anvard

In contrast to the last, this is even neater than Megren’s usual hand.

Hello Haft,

Thank you for your letter. I think ours crossed paths, but I wanted to say more to you anyway when I had the time wich I do now.

First, about Lanisen, we found him in the forest North of Lansilen Green, in an old house that looked as if it had not been lived in in a long time. Before that, he was held in the Sepullker (I do not know how to spell it) of King Frank. [There is a splotch of ink here, as if the writer hesitated without putting her quill away.] I cannot describe how I found it to you. It was very horrible. Aeron had poysoned him very much, and beat him. I wonder what we might have found if we had been a day later. If I am honest, I do not really wonder, I think I know. [The handwriting changes enough here to indicate a new writing instrument, as if perhaps the writer stepped away from the page for a while.] He is mostly recovered now, I think. At least, he says he will begin to train again toomorow.
We found him because Aeron was not very smart. He moved Lanisen in a cart after it had rained. I wonder what happened. I can tell that Lanisen put up a very good fight.May be he held Aeron back, and Aeron just left as soon as he was able, wich was when it rained. It seems hard to believe when he was gone so long. But Sir Darrin says it is because we did not look as hard. I do not know. Aeron likes very much to make a seen, and I do not think he is very clever, but sometimes he seems to know just the right thing to get a person. I have other thoughts, including “what he wanted” but Sir Colin says I should not write them. I am sure Sir Colin will say, but I think it would be good for Lord Peridan to ask about an Aeron or Darryus in Narnia again. I guess he also uses that name. If he had friends there who sheltered him, perhaps that is how he hid so long. If it is still useful, I will tell you what I think when you return. Do you know when that will be?
How we cought Aeron is another Mistery. He had disguysed himself oddly, but it was effective enough. I think he might have hidden long enough for us to lose him fully, if he liked. Sir Darrin and I were already starting to lose hope, and I think Sir Colin, too. But then he pretended to be ill. I think he wanted us to think he had been poysoned by Aeron. Lanisen thinks may be he wanted into the castle. Sir Colin and Sir Tyren had not reckognized him, I think, but were taking him for help from the infermery when they happened across Sir Darrin and I on the road. He acted very strange and scared, and I did think he looked like Aeron, though I thought Sir Colin would surely know if he was, and so I stepped to him to stop him from bolting, wich he seemed like he might do Aeron or no.

This was too much for him. He struck me, and ran. We folloed after him. He had pepper, and managed to get Sir Colin to the ground by throwing it into his eyes, and he held his blade to Sir Colin so that I was afraid he might kill or badly woond him and run while we tried to fix the damage, but we got him away in the end. Sir Colin I think will have a small scar from it, but it is only a nick really. He is in the Dungen now. Lanisen wonders if he will not be like Merd and find a way out. I think he wonders if he wanted to be caught. But I do not think he did. I do not think he is the same kind of planner. Eyther way, we will know to be careful.

Thank you for worrying for me. I am fine, and so are we all, though Sir Colin’s eyes are smarting a little, and Sir Tyren’s dog’s, too. By the time you have received this, we will all probably have recovered fully. It is good to have us all safe and in the same place. I hope you will return soon, though I do not mean I wish to pull Lady Avery away. Please do not do anything so exciting in the mean time. Perth gives his greetings, and Gearn, and I’m sure the Captain would and all the others if they knew I was writing.

Stay well, and give Lady Avery my best, andtell her what from this letter you think she should know. I am sure she worries for her brother and cousins. We are all well, and thinking of her. Rayna is also an artist, and I think she and Lady Avery would get on well. For my part, there are not neerly enough chess partners in the mess just now, and even fewer who are dower enough for my liking. Still, I am sure we will all have to muddle through until you find your way home.


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