A Walk on the Beach

In which there is small talk

Beach North of Sted Cair
You stand on the beach at Narnia’s seashore. East of you the blue waters
Great Eastern Ocean dance under the sunlight as they stretch toward the
horizon. The waters are surprisingly calm, but this is probably because the
Cair Paravel Peninsula, which juts out into the ocean just south of here,
makes this stretch of beach something like a harbor.

To the west, you can see the thatched roofs of Sted Cair just beyond the
beach. The sand here is warm, and the beach is quiet save for the rhythmic
lapping of the waves. You can follow the beach northward.
You can go: Follow the Beach <NE>, Cair Paravel <S>
Contents: Firewhirl; A daughter of eve with honey-colored
ringlets (Avery); and Crenna.

Crenna dips her head as well, “Nice to meet you, Firewhirl. The guard, did Haft says? I have many friends in the guard.”

Firewhirl chuckles. “Not the Northern Guard, I’m afraid. I am just a simple guard here at Cair Paravel.”

Crenna flattens her ears, looking highly embarrassed, “Oh forgive me.”

Firewhirl reaches a hand, palm up towards the Wolf. “No apologies are necessary, it is an easy assumption.”

Crenna says, “It is nice to meet another Centaur. We get so few here.”

Firewhirl nods. “I only know of a few myself. Most of us reside in the Lowlands now.”

Avery walks toward the beach, taking a deep breath of the sea air. “It’s a perfect beach day. Don’t you think, Haft?”

Crenna nods, “I only know of Elder Zephyrbrook-” She cuts off as she hears a familiar voice. She begins to lick down her fur, trying to look presentable.

Haft sniffs the air. “Very nice, yes.”

Firewhirl looks momentarily confused at the Wolf’s actions. Her head turns and she notes the Son of Adam and Daughter of Eve approaching them.

Avery smiles at the Guard. “Will you walk down to the water’s edge or do you prefer to stay here?”

Crenna looks like she is about to call out but stops. She mumbles to herself.

Crenna mumbles “… Crenna, you don’t bark … … …”, to Crenna.

Firewhirl asks the Wolf, “Do you know them, Crenna of Winterden?”

Crenna nods, looking up at Firewhirl, “That is Lady Avery of Archenland.” She scents the air, “I’m afraid I don’t know who the man is with her.”

Haft shrugs. “Whatever you please. As a boy I rather liked wetting my feet in the surf, but it doesn’t do much for the state of one’s boots.

Avery laughs, looking out at the water. “Nor for my slippers, but–Oh! Crenna!” She smiles at the Wolf and walks toward her. “What a pleasant surprise!”

Firewhirl takes a step back to allow them to proceed with conversing.OOC> Avery says, “Firewhirl, would you be wearing any sort of guard’s uniform?”

Crenna smiles, “Hello there Lady Avery.” She meets her half way, “It is nice to see you again.” She sniffs at the man before dipping her head, “Hello there, sir.”

Haft eyes Crenna, evaluating.Firewhirl’s gaze flicks over to the unfamiliar man, evaluating him as he does the Wolf.

Avery motions toward Haft. “This is Haft. He has come from Anvard to accompany me. He is on the Guard there, as you can see.”

Crenna smiles at the man, disregarding his evaluation, “Hello there. I’m Crenna, Healer of Winterden.” She tips her head towards the Centaur. “My lady, this is Firewhirl, of the guard here at the castle.”

Firewhirl inclines her head, bowing from the waist in greeting. “Greetings to you both.”

Haft says, “Well met, Firewhirl, Crenna.”

Avery looks up at the Centaur, bowing her head slightly. “Firewhirl, Haft says? I’m just trying to recall if it was your name Lord Peridan mentioned. We were talking about stars and both of us realized we could stand to learn a little more.” She shrugs a bit. “Perhaps I am mistaken, but would you be able to tell me more? Another time, of course.”

Firewhirl once more bows slightly from her waist. “It would be my honor, Lady Avery. I am not a devoted student of the stars, but I can share what I know.”

Haft glances at Avery and opens his mouth, then reconsiders and closes it again.Crenna perks up, looking quite happy at the mention of the stars.

You are stuffed!Avery smiles and nods. “Any knowledge you have, I would be excited to hear.” She sees Haft and arches a questioning brow but says nothing.

Haft smiles wanly and shakes his head.

Avery crosses her arms. “What is it, Haft?” She chuckles. “What are you smiling about?”

Firewhirl’s head turns slightly as she looks first at the Daughter of Eve, then the Son of Adam. She says nothing about their silent exchange.

Crenna sits down in the sand, remaining quiet.

Haft coughs, looking slightly abashed. “I was going to say that you could have asked me about the stars. My father taught me to identify a fair few. But…then I remembered that even the least-studious centaur will know a great deal more on that subject than I. I’ve no wish to make of myself another Rabadash.

Avery ohs. “Well, this is interesting. Perhaps I should have asked.”

Crenna looks slightly confused at the name “Rabadash.”

Firewhirl regards the Archenland guard, but continues to remain silent.

Haft shuffles uncomfortably. “You’ll do better with the centaur, truly.Avery says, “And even better from both of you, I’m sure.”

Crenna speaks quietly, “In my experience, knowledge is gained from all different avenues.”

Firewhirl contributes, “The Wolf has wisdom.”

Haft shrugs.

Avery smiles and shakes her head. “I would like to hear from both of you, if you could spare a little time for a lesson of sorts.” She looks at the Wolf. “Anyway. Crenna, how do you fare? I trust your pack is well?”

Crenna nods, “They are well, my lady. Each of us are busy with their duties. How do you fare?”

Firewhirl’s right back hoof cocks, lifting slightly from the sand as her posture relaxes.

Avery glances at Haft and then back to the Wolf. “I am well. A bit homesick, but well, thank you.”

Haft clasps his hands behind his back.Crenna frowns, “I’m sorry to hear that, My lady. Do you have a big family?”

Avery shakes her head. “A Mother and two brothers only. But we are very close.”

Crenna smiles, “I’m glad you are close with them. I only have a cousin but the pack is also my family as well.”

Firewhirl asks the young Wolf, “How many are in the Winterden pack?”

Avery smiles and nods, looking curious at Firewhirl’s question.

Crenna wags her tail, “We are smaller than the Ulfden pack. There are only 13 of us though a few of us are up north, helping in the fight against the giants.” She seems proud of this fact though also a tad worried.

Firewhirl looks more keen. “Are they now? A noble task indeed.”

Haft says, “Yes.”Crenna nods, “Yes.” She chuckles, “I actually haven’t met them yet but I hope they return soon.”

Avery hmms. “I hope they return safely.”

Firewhirl’s tail flicks, making a swooshing noise in the air. “Yes, I hope they do as well. Is your Alpha with the troops for the Giants, or here?”

Haft turns to watch the ocean for a moment, crossing his arms with a small frown.Crenna says, “Both. The old Alpha travelled with a few of our Wolves. Alpha Tempest is now acting alpha until he returns.”

Firewhirl replies, “Ahh, I see.”

Crenna nods, “We are small as I said.”

Haft turns from the surf to scan the beach.

Avery shrugs a bit. “You all must be pretty close?”

Firewhirl tilts her head to look at the sun’s position in the sky.

Crenna nods, “Oh yes, we are very close. There is Alpha Tempest, Guardians Drune and Layavin. Me, Dreygan, Ayden, Dusk, Aliyah. All pretty close.”

Avery smiles. “Ah, I hope to see Aliyah again while I am here.”

Crenna smiles, “I will give her your message, My lady.”

Firewhirl waits for a lull in the conversation before bowing to those present once more. “If you will forgive, and excuse me. I must report for duty tonight.”

You page, “yeah, just distracted and forgot to answer I think” to Chlamash.
Haft says, “Of course.”

Avery says, “Thank you, Crenna.” She dips her head toward Firewhirl. “It was nice meeting you. I shall seek you out soon to hear about the stars.”

Crenna dips her head, “It was nice meet you, Firewhirl.”

Firewhirl smiles. “Likewise, well met. Good evening.” She picks up her hooves and trots away down the beach.

Chlamash makes his way down to the the beach a panther guard following. He nods to Firewhirl as she passes.

Haft catches sight of the approaching Tarkaan and he straightens, alert.

Crenna perks her ears as the Tarkaan approaches. She also dips her head to him.

Chlamash bows to those gathered as He draws near. “A pleasant day to all.”

Avery looks up when she sees Haft straighten. Her brown eyes find Chlamash and she curtsies slightly. “Tarkaan.”

Haft executes a perfunctory bow.

Crenna smiles, though she glances at her companions, “Hello again.”

Avery clears her throat. “How do you fare, Tarkaan?”

Chlamash pulls a candied fig from his pouch and eats it.

Chlamash asks, “I am well, Milady. And the present company?”

Crenna nods, “I’m well.”

Haft makes no reply, standing at Avery’s side.

Avery glances at Haft briefly before replying. “Well, thank you.” She clasps her hands together. “Did you ever speak to my brother before he departed?”

Crenna stands up, “Pardon me, I should return to my pack. It was nice see you, My lady, Tarkaan. And nice to meet you, Haft.”

Haft says, “Miss Crenna.”

Avery looks a bit disappointed, but she nods to Crenna. “It was nice to see you too. Be safe, Crenna.”

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