Suite #2-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-
You stand in a roomy, luxuriously-decorated suite on the lower level of Cair
Paravel. Opposite the door leading out, you see a large, comfortable-looking
four-poster bed hung with curtains, a wardrobe of some rich-looking wood, and a
long window looking out over the bay that divides Cair Paravel from the
mainland of Narnia. The floor laid with thick carpets, and there is even a
little writing-desk for the suite’s occupant to use. Impressive accommodations!
Youcan go: Out

Colin gives Haft a grateful look when they arrive at their destination. “Thanks for your help.”

Haft nods. “You’re welcome, Sir.” He looked concerned but refrains from making inquiry. “Is there anything else I can do for you? I can have some refreshment sent.”

Colin glances at the bed. “Thank you, Haft. It’s all right….I think once I sit down I’m not going to get up again…”

You say, “Of course. There are always servants within call if you need anything. Rest well.”

Colin dips his head again. “Thank you, guardsman. And…Haft?” He asks quietly.

Haft bows and turns to leave. “Sir?”

Colin says, “For what it’s worth… I’m sorry for how I acted towards you in the past.”

Haft frowns. “Toward me, Sir?”

Colin says, “Yes, I believe I was quite rude on occasion.”

Haft looks uncomfortable. “If you were…if it was about Lanisen, I deserved it, Sir.”

Colin reaches for the guard’s shoulder. “Shall we move forward, now?” He asks, trying to maintain his composure when Lanisen is mentioned.

Haft looks nonplussed, but replies, “Yes, thank you. And, if any forgiveness is needed, I grant it.” He looks up. “I wonder, Sir, if you no longer object to my approaching Lanisen? You ordered me to stay away from the kennels, but I would like the chance to mend things with him, if I may.”

Colin hesitates, but gives a nod. “Just…please read the signs he gives. I–honestly don’t know if he’ll ever talk to anyone else again. Please, do try but if he’ll have none of it there’s nothing to be there.” His gaze drops to the floor, shoulders slumping a little.

Haft looks pained. “He’s had a hard time of it. Meg–Squire Megren wrote. He deserves an apology from me, but I’ll try to be sensitive to my timing. And then he may do with it as he will. Lady Avery means to remain in Narnia for some weeks yet, so it will not be overly soon.”

Colin pinches the bridge of his nose and he nods slowly. “Time will tell, I suppose.” He says, rather miserably.

You say, “Yes. Now, Sir, as the only Archish guard in residence, I must insist you rest, or your uncle will have my head.”

Colin nods a little. “All right. Thank you. Oh…can you…do you mind holding offwriting anyone at home about my presence here?”

Haft looks inquisitive, but nods. “I can do that.”

Colin says, “Thank you.”

You say, “Of course.” He bows. “Good night, Sir.””

Colin says, “Good night, Haft.”

Haft turns and leaves the room.


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