Letter From Megren to Haft

In which Haft and Colin are missed

Dear Haft,

Sorry to write you twice in a row, but our last letters were too much about work, and I would like to hear what you have been up to in Narnia.

I wish you were back, I know that is selfish of me. These days after Aeron has been cought, many of the things you have said to me in the past have come to my mind. I wish I could discuss things with you, and know I would have a chess partner in the mess when I looked for one. Sir Darrin is very sensable and good to speak to, and I am very grateful for him, but he is very busy, and sometimes, when it is only the two of us agreeing on a thing, I wonder if it does not become a little — I am not sure how to say it, except that it is good to have another person, sometimes. Lanisen is also very good to talk to, but he has been through a Great Deal. I don’t know. Sir Colin has left and we are all a bit aflutter about it. I am sure things will settle again in a few days. Perhaps he will even return by that time.

Anyway, I did not mean to say all that. How are you? I hope you are continue-ing to enjoy Narnia, even with the fuss about Aeron. I hope Lady Avery is also well, and Lord Peridan. I wrote her a little, but I am always unsure what is Proper to say to her when she is not there to see her face and hear her thoughts or questions. It is like that with letters to every one, but espesially to Ladies and Lords and Other Superiors. I know she has always wanted to see Narnia, and I hope it has met her expictations. Lord Tear passed through here, I think, but I did not even see him. He was very quick, I wonder if even Sir Tiren saw him. I guess that means you must be staying for some time yet? If you were leaving soon, I suppose he would have waited.

I am well, a quick recovery from what happened with Aeron, and Sir Darrin is well also. Perth sends his greetings. Lanisen is mostly recovered, but I think the last parts will take the longest. He has hurt his rib, and some other things. Everyone is very bothered about it, which it is good to see that he is well loved, but sometimes I feel as if the attention makes things harder. There is a new girl in the kitchen, she is called Myra. She is Keren’s cousin (from the infermary?). She asks a lot of questions, I think because she and Lanisen had a Falling Out when they first met and she is trying to make it up, but it seems to put people on edge, and I wish that it were all settled. Anyway, at least we have Aeron put away, and Lanisen is safe in the castle, and Sir Darrin and I are home and I think will be for some time yet, which I am glad for.

I look forward to hearing from you, though of course I know you must take your time between Lady Avery’s activities, and between some chances at relaxing yourself. May be you have found some more good training books, or a chess Partner who is a real magpie, and not only a Meg-pie. I hope so. Write soon.



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