Scaring Off the Fish

In which Haft indulges in his first fishing trip in some time

At the Mouth of the Great River
You stand at on the northern shore of the mouth of the Great River.  Below the
bank, it spills over a slight incline into the Great Eastern Ocean, which
stretches out to the eastern horizon beyond the beach.  A well-worn
path begins here, heading upstream along the riverbank, and disappearing into
the trees that dot the shore to the west.

In the center of the river, you can see a large, upright  post with an eagle
sitting atop it.  He is Wavesighter, and he generally spends his days watching
the surface for signs of fish to eat.  Occasionally, he’ll pick up a river-
rider too, if he thinks they’re about to be swept out to sea.

From here you have a clear view of Cair Paravel, its magnificent spires rising
strikingly against the sunlit sky to the north of you.  At its base, Sted Cair
sits nestled in the grassy, rolling hills.  There is a winding yellow road
leading into it.
You can go: Enter the River <S>, Road to Sted Cair <N>, Path to the Beach
<NE>, Upstream <W>
Contents: A wolf with piercing eyes and a scar along her shoulder (Aliyah) and
A deer.

Haft sits near the river’s edge holding a fishing pole. He appears fairly relaxed.

OOC> Haft says, “ah”

Aliyah runs downstream, panting. “Where did it…?” She stops talking to herself midsentence when she spots the Archenlander and splashes into the river to clean herself off a bit. Once she’s clean enough, she clamors onto the bank and moves closer, careful not to shake droplets on him. “Haft, is it?” she asks, a bit unsure if she’s remembering the right name.

Haft looks up, startled as his fishing spot is disturbed by the bounding of a Wolf in the water. “That’s all the fish gone,” he mutters. Then, “Sorry, have we met?”

Aliyah frowns, spotting his pole. “Sorry about that. Yes, we did back after the battle in Archenland. I am Aliyah of Winterden, though at the time, I belonged to no pack.”

Haft’s brow furrows. “You were in the barracks. Sorry. Pleased to see you again.”

Aliyah nods. “There were so many there that it was quite difficult to keep track of who was who.” She tilts her head, glancing around. “What has brought you to Narnia? Nothing bad, I hope?”

Haft’s eyes narrow slightly. “No. I am attached as a guard to a lady visiting your court.”

Aliyah relaxes, but her ears perk slightly at the mention of guarding a lady. “Not Astera, by chance? She and I spoke of her time here when we met.” She smiles. “Lovely lady, and what a cute daughter she has.”

Haft says, “No, I’m afraid not. Lady Avery, her sister-in-law.”

Aliyah’s tail wags. “How nice! I would love to see her… If she has time of course. You must be rather busy.” She shakes her head. “I am not at all familiar with life of royals. Packs are rather different.”

Haft says, “You might request an audience with her. She’s generally pleased to meet new people. I’m sure she’d be glad to meet someone who came to Anvard’s defense.”

Aliyah smiles. Oh no. “I would not be new to her. She and I spent quite a bit of time together when I was there. She took me to the healer… I waited a bit too long and should have seen him much, much sooner. Might have avoided this scar.” She gestures to her side.

Haft says, “Ah. Yes, it’s too easy to ignore injuries and have them end up worse. My father drilled that into me when I was a young boy ”

Aliyah says, “Indeed. Much different when they are from swords than deer too.”

You ask, “Which do you find worse?”

Aliyah laughs. “Most definitely a sword. Nothing comes close to that sort of pain.”

Haft says, “I would think the wound would tend to be cleaner than a goring, but then the edge is designed to cut deeper.”

Aliyah nods. “It can be cleaner, but the deeper it goes, the more painful it tends to get.”

Haft says, “And the more chance of striking something vital.”

Aliyah nods. “Exactly. Being alive and without that sort of injury is preferable.”

Haft says, “Without any sort of injury is best, if one can manage it.”

Aliyah chuckles. “So true. A Leopard saved me from ending up in a much worse state. I owe her much gratitude… Anyway, enough about that. How has your stay been so far?”

A shadow passes over you as a Swallow flies overhead.

Haft sticks out his lip, considering. “Nothing much to report. Was a spot of nastiness back home, but the lady is safe enough and seems to be enjoying her time.

Aliyah tilts her head, frowning. She doesn’t inquire further though. “Very good about Lady Avery, at least…”

Haft answers simply. “Yes.”

Aliyah glances towards the sky, noting the sun’s placement. “I should probably head back to the pack with food… Would you mind giving a message to avery? Most of the time, I am in the woods, so undoutedly, a messenger will have to be sent. I would love to see her before you have to head back to Archenland if possible.”

Haft nods. “I should return as well. The fish ain’t biting.” He rises. “I’ll give her your message.”

Aliyah grins sheepishly. “Sorry about that. My fault.”

Aliyah says, “Thanks, and it was good seeing you again.”

Haft says, “S’all right. Good day.” So saying, he turns and heads back toward the castle.


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