Last Day at Cair Paravel

In which Peridan and Bracken return from their pursuit of Sir Colin and make plans to depart

South Wing Corridor — Ground Level
The corridor in which you stand runs the length of the south wing, ending in a
big stained-glass window at the distant south end.  The window sends patches
of sunlit colors all along the hallway, and its light combined with that
brought in by a series of tall, narrow windows in the east wall makes the
corridor bright and airy — almost like an enclosed portico.  The sounds of
seabirds crying and waves crashing on the shore below float in on the ocean

The west wall is lined with doors, none of which are distinguished by any
particular marking. These chambers are reserved for visiting diplomats, nobles
and other guests of Cair Paravel.  At the far north end of the hallway, an
archway leads into the Southeast Tower.
You can go: Southeast Tower <N>, Suite 1 <1>, Suite 2 <2>, Suite 3 <3>, Suite
4 <4>, Suite 5 <5>, Suite 6 <6>, Suite 7 <7>

Haft walks through the hallway.

Avery stands in front of one of the windows, arms crossed as she watches the waves outside.

Seeing her, Haft approaches. “A good view?”

Avery glances at him and nods. “One of the best, I think.”

Haft says, “Having the castle right up on the sea is a rather different experience than Anvard, despite having the ocean so close.”

Avery faces the window once more. “I’ve only been to the Anvard beach a few times and that was more than a year ago. Perhaps it’s time for another visit.”

Haft says, “I do not advise swimming in the rain.”

A servant runs up to you and bows, “Milady, Lord Peridan and Lieutenant Bracken have arrived.”

Haft turns. “Only Lord Peridan and Bracken?”

The servant nods quickly, “Yes, yes, I don’t know more than that. I apologize milady.”

Haft looks to Avery.

Avery glances at Haft and frowns. She looks back at the servant. “Thank you…We will meet him in the Front Hall.”

Front Hall
The Front Hall of Cair Paravel is a long, open room that really serves as more
of an anteroom to the Courtyard than anything else.  Nonetheless, the room is
suitably impressive. The ceiling is high above you, a pitched roof with
brightly-colored banners hanging from every rafter.  The marble walls to the
north and south are hung with tapestries depicting previous Narnian rulers and
their more infamous exploits.

The northwest and southwest corners of the room are cut off by the rounded
bases of the two towers that flank the rooms.  Each tower has a broad door
leading inside.  The west wall is dominated by the huge iron gates that make
up the fortified inner barrier for Cair Paravel, and the east wall is mostly
open — a wide opening leading out into the gardenlike Courtyard.  Two
ornately-carved columns stand on either side support the arched doorway.
You can go: Courtyard <E>, Southwest Tower <SW>, Northwest Tower <NW>,
Gatehouse <W>

Peridan enters the gates and dismounts Adair. It looks like Peridan and Bracke did hard travel to get here.

Bracken steps down from Lichen.

Haft follows a step behind Avery as they enter the Front Hall. For his part, Haft looks concerned.

Peridan looks over at Haft and Lady Avery enter, “Ah, just the people I wish to speak with. How soon are you able to travel?”

Avery slows her pace, her brow creased with worry. She fiddles with some beading at the end of her sleeve. “Milord?” she asks quietly, ignoring his question for the moment. “Where is Sir Colin?”

Haft frowns slightly.

Peridan sighs, “He is on his way to Anvard. He would not accept a traveling companion.”

Bracken makes a dismissive noise.

Avery rubs her temple, frowning. “Well.”

Haft looks at Avery in concern.

Peridan moves forward and says gently, “Milady, it is up to the Lion to guide and protect him now. I have done all I can.”

Bracken says, “That’s true enough.”

Bracken reconsiders. “Well, you could have tied him over his horse.”

Haft scowls.

Avery looks up, taking a deep breath. “I know. I know you’ve done all you can.” She shrugs. “I just…worry.”

Peridan smiles gently at her, “I know. If it would put your mind at ease, we can leave for Anvard tomorrow at first light.”

Haft glances at Avery for her response.

Avery nods. “I think…yes, that would be best.” She turns to look at Haft. “Will that be alright?”

Haft nods. “Perfectly. I can be packed in an hour. I am sure one of the queens’ maids can assist you if you need help with your own things.

Peridan laughs a bit, “That is a bit unnecessary Haft.” He glances up at the sky, “It is perhaps too late to start tonight.”

Haft waves a hand dismissively. “Figure of speech.”

Bracken crosses his arms, still holding Lichen’s reins.

Avery says, “We can be ready to leave tomorrow.”

Peridan nods, “Good, We can leave at first light.” He rubs his temples a bit.

Bracken suggests, “Or maybe a couple of hours after.”

Avery nods at Bracken’s suggestion. “You both need rest.”

Peridan looks over at Bracken and hmms, “We shall see.” He smiles at Lady Avery, “Trust me, Milady, this is nothing compared to some trips I have had.”

Haft tilts his head. “Do enlighten us.”Avery looks at Haft and then back to Peridan. “Perhaps over some dinner?”

Peridan chuckles, “Quite. Right now, I should see to Adair.”

Lichen butts Bracken with his head, causing the Dwarf to stumble before righting himself.

Avery laughs at the pony. “Looks like someone else needs attention too.”

Bracken says, “Demanding beast. Now I know why the Commander foisted him off on me.”

Peridan clears his throat and eyes Bracken. “Please excuse me.”

Avery tsks, stepping towards the pony. She rubs his nose.

Peridan walks out to the Courtyard through the east doors.

Lichen seems to approve of Avery’s ministrations.

Avery watches Peridan go, her fingers combing through the pony’s mane. She sighs and says, “Perhaps I should see to some arrangements then…”

Haft asks, “Yes. Oh, Lady Avery, might I have a word in private?”

Bracken bows to Avery and nods to Haft, then gives Lichen a gentle tug, leading him toward the stables. “We’ll see you in the morning.”

Avery gives one final pat to the pony and says, “Certainly, Haft.” She nods to Bracken. “Goodnight, Lieutenant.”

Bracken walks out to the Courtyard through the east doors.

Haft ushers Avery to a quieter corner of the hall. “There were two things I wished to address, my lady.”

Avery gives him an encouraging nod. “Oh? Please speak your mind.”

Haft says, “I don’t know how much you overheard of my conversation with Sir Colin, but he made it very clear to me that the details of his investigation were to remain secret, on Sir Darrin’s orders. Whatever you heard, you mustn’t repeat without permission from Sir Darrin himself.”

Avery holds up her hand. “Anything I heard will not be repeated by me, Haft. I have no wish to speak of it, nor do I believe I have the right to.” She blushes. “I do apologize for eavesdropping, though…”

Haft says, “Ah…thank you.  The other thing, and I’m afraid I’m too late in remembering, is that a Wolf calling herself Aliyah told me she was hoping to visit you while you were in residence. We spoke yesterday, but then one thing drove out another and it’s only just come to me.”

Avery says, “Aliyah?” She sighs. “I have been wanting to send a messenger to her, but with everything that’s happened, I just…forgot. Thank you, Haft, for remembering. I will send her a message and maybe she can meet us in the Great Woods.”

Haft says, “That might work out. Well then, with your permission, I’ll leave you to prepare.”

Avery smiles lightly. “Rest well, Haft.”

Haft bows and departs.


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