A Flash of Hooves

Which is thrilling and kind of wet

Front Hall
The Front Hall of Cair Paravel is a long, open room that really serves as more
of an anteroom to the Courtyard than anything else.  Nonetheless, the room is
suitably impressive. The ceiling is high above you, a pitched roof with
brightly-colored banners hanging from every rafter.  The marble walls to the
north and south are hung with tapestries depicting previous Narnian rulers and
their more infamous exploits.

The northwest and southwest corners of the room are cut off by the rounded
bases of the two towers that flank the rooms.  Each tower has a broad door
leading inside.  The west wall is dominated by the huge iron gates that make
up the fortified inner barrier for Cair Paravel, and the east wall is mostly
open — a wide opening leading out into the gardenlike Courtyard.  Two
ornately-carved columns stand on either side support the arched doorway.
You can go: Courtyard <E>, Southwest Tower <SW>, Northwest Tower <NW>,
Gatehouse <W>

The morning is clear with a slight breeze that teases of Fall. The sun has just risen and is slowly making it’s way up in the sky. Peridan is dressed in simple travelling clothes, nothing to suggest his station. He tightens a strap on Adair.

Haft is dressed in full uniform with gambeson. It doesn’t look very comfortable for horseback, but that’s not its purpose.

Bracken trots up on Lichen, dressed in comfortable looking brown leather with a felt cap.

Avery walks briskly down the hall. She wears a simple riding outfit of dark blue with no ribbons or ornaments. Her hair is pinned up to keep it out of her face. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you all waiting. There was a bit of confusion with the maids, but all is well now.” She closes the distance between herself and Cyrian, giving the dappled gray an affectionate pat.

Peridan looks up and smiles, “Nonsense, Milady. You are right on time.” He moves over to her, “Do you need help mounting?”

Haft watches with no discernible expression.

Bracken pats his pony’s neck.

Avery smiles as she moves around to the side of the horse. “Just a small boost and I can manage the rest.”

Peridan smiles, “Of course.” He cups his hands and leans down a bit to provide an adequate boost.

Haft mounts his borrowed roan.

Avery grips the saddle as she steps onto his cupped hands, pulling herself up. She quickly twists as she positions herself in the saddle, the heavy material of her skirt swinging out and hitting Peridan’s cheek. “Oh!” She laughs in embarrassment. “Milord, I am sorry!”

Bracken ducks his head to cover a grin.

Peridan coughs and shakes his head a bit. “Milady, remind me to never argue with your dress.” He grins up at her.

Haft’s expression remains inscrutable.

Avery covers her face with one hand, blushing. She peeks through her fingers toward Haft and Bracken. Cyrian shifts under her, ready to go. “Shall we go? We’re off to such a wonderful start.”

Bracken takes up his reins. “Fine by me, milady.”

Peridan strides over to Adair and mounts. He takes one long look behind him at the imposing structure of Cair Paravel before turning towards the gates. He urges Adair to be stand beside Cyrian, “If that is the only thing that happens, milady, than yes, it is a wonderful start.”

Haft turns his mount toward the gate.

Avery clicks her tongue and Cyrian moves forward a bit eagerly.

Peridan sets Adair’s pace to that of Cyrian.


North Bank of the Great River
You stand on the eastern shore of the Great River of Narnia, in the heart of
the Eastern Wilds.  Below where you stand, the river flows lazily southward,
its surface barely rippling as it reflects dappled sunlight filtering down
through the crown of leaves far above.  The trees that surround you are tall
and stately, their trunks wide near the ground.  The undergrowth is sparse,
making the riverbank path an easy walk.

A medium-sized tree has fallen across the river here.  It seems a bit
unstable, but you could probably cross the river on it.

The riverbank path continues on downstream to the southeast, and upstream to
the north.
You can go: Step out on the Log <S>, Forest Warren <E>, Downstream <SE>,
Upstream <N>

Peridan trots along the river, making small talk. His eyes scan the area.

Avery leans forward and rubs her hand against Cyrian’s neck as she listens to Peridan. The gray nickers softly.A fox bounds upstream along the riverbank path
Haft rides back and forth along the group, eyes surveying the forest, though mostly he scouts ahead.

Bracken brings up the rear.

Peridan pulls up Adair at a suitable part of the Great River. “We can cross here.”

Haft looks across the river. “Commander?” He raises an arm to point at a pair of Wolves on the far side.

Any reaction Bracken has to the sight is not obvious.

Peridan places his hand to shield a bit of the sun, “Looks like we are going to be greeted by a Winterden Patrol.”

Avery looka across the river and grins. “That must be Aliyah…and Tempest?”

Bracken nods. “Aliyah, I think. I ain’t met Tempest.

Peridan nods, “It looks like it might be Alpha Tempest. We will know more once we cross.”

Haft directs his horse across the river first.

South Bank of the Great River
You stand on the southern shore of the Great River.  The path is dim due to
the crowded trees growing incredibly high. Sunlight streams in through tiny
holes in the treetop leaves.  The place feels serene and peaceful.

A medium-sized tree has fallen across the steep bank.  It seems a bit
unstable, but you could probably cross the river on it.

The riverbank path continues on downstream to the southeast, and upstream to
the west.
You can go: Step Onto the Log <N>, Downstream <SE>, Upstream <W>

Tempest stands at the edge of the woods, near the river bank as she converses with her packmate.

Aliyah nods. “Good. Hopefully that means she will be here soon!” her tail wags enthusiastically.

Tempest muses, “I can’t remember if she’s one of the ones I met or not.”

Aliyah says, “There were so many of them. She would be hard to forget though.”

Tempest nods to Aliyah as she continues to pad along the riverbank. Her ears prick when she hears something coming from the crossing log.

Haft rides towards the Wolves on the far side of the river. “Hail, Winterden.”

Peridan is riding along side of Lady Avery as they are crossing the river.

Tempest stands alert, her ears pricked upwards as the man approaches on his horse. “Hail!” she tilts her head at him in recognition. “Haaft? Yes?”

Bracken follows after.

Haft frowns. “Yes. I’m sorry, have we met, Madam?”

Avery urges Cyrian forward, giving a little wave of greeting to the Wolves, smiling broadly.

Peridan calls out, “Greetings, Alpha Tempest, Aliyah.”Tempest sniffs at him. “Battle of Anvard I believe. I am T—” she chuckles, bowing deeply so Lord Peridan can see her. “Alpha Tempest of Winterden, at your service sir.”

Aliyah’s tail wags harder as the horses and riders cross the river. She finally spots Avery and just can’t contain herself. She lets out a few excited barks before containing herself and grins sheepishly. Or is that wolfishly?

Haft inclines his head. “It’s been a long time. But I am pleased to renew the introduction.”

Tempest’s face becomes a bit more deadpan and she shoots Aliyah a chastising look, then shakes her head with a slightly wolfish smile before she turns to answer the man. “Likewise.”

Bracken rides up onto the bank.

Cyrian flicks his ears at the sight and scent of the Wolves. At the sound of the barks, he whinnies in fear. “Cyrian,” Avery says in a calm voice. “Easy, boy.”

Haft attempts to turn his horse toward Avery.

Peridan goes to place a hand on Cyrian’s reins and says in a gentle voice, “Woah, easy.” Adair nickers at his companion’s fear, flicking his tail.

Haft relaxes at Peridan’s action.

Aliyah’s grin turns into a frown, and she tucks her tail and lowers her head apologetically. “Sorry…”

Unlike his southern cousin, Lichen bears the Wolves’ presence with equanimity.

Tempest bows to the dwarf when he rides up the bank, dropping her front paws down and touching her nose to the dirt. She then rights herself and waits for the others.

Tempest touches her nose to Aliyah’s shoulder and says something to her.

Tempest mumbles “Don’t … … Look, your … … … …”, to Aliyah.

Avery glances at Peridan before urging the horse forward. He snorts as he takes a few splashing steps forward, his ears flat. Avery sighs with relief. “Hello, Aliyah, Alpha–” Her words are cut off as Cyrian whinnies again and rears up, front hooves pawing the air. There’s a startled yelp from the Lady which ends in a splash.

Bracken returns the bow. “Alpha Tempest.”

Peridan’s eyes widen in alarm. “Lady Avery!” He vaults off his horse faster than you can say ‘leaping lord’ and hits the water with an equal splash. He begins to start swimming towards her.

Tempest’s head jerks up. “Lady Avery!” She says in alarm.

Aliyah is about to respond to Tempest when not one, but two splashes occur. She moves towards the river on impulse, eyes wide.

Haft dismounts and launches himself into the river steps behind Peridan.

Tempest goes belly deep into the river, staying out of the current while her sharp eyes survey the situation.

Aliyah dives in as well but stays as far away from the horses as possible to avoid a stampede.

Haft makes his way to the frightened horse, attempting to catch the reins and calm it.

Avery comes up, sputtering as her arms start to tread water.

Tempest calls a warning to the sons of adam and daughter of eve. “Careful of the current!”

Peridan reaches Avery within minutes. He reaches out to her and goes to scoop her up. The added weight of the dress causes him to wobble a bit but he has firm grip on her, “It is okay, Milady.”

Bracken watches worriedly, but seems to realize he’s only be in the way. He glances around as though wondering where the attendant naiad is.

Haft receives a hoof in the shoulder for his trouble and staggers back before managing to grasp the reins. He starts whispering idiotic calming things to the horse while searching frantically for Avery.

Avery wraps her arms tightly around Peridan’s neck as he lifts her.

Aliyah remains in the water, watching to make sure they make it out without harm. “Why did I have to bark?” she says more to herself.

Peridan begins to make his way to the bank, going as fast as he can to avoid any current. His grip is firm but not too tight on the Lady.

Haft relaxes slightly at the sight of Peridan and the lady.

Tempest takes Lady Avery’s laden skirt in her teeth when they reach her in a pathetic attempt to help Lord Peridan stay steady on his feet in the water.

Bracken pulls his cap off and runs a hand through his hair before replacing it.

Avery clings to Peridan, coughing as she mumbles random apologies.Aliyah glances around for a large limb or stick that might be used to steady them furtherif needed.
Haft leads Cyrian up onto the bank, still muttering.

Peridan makes it to the shallow end of the river, out of the current’s way. He mutters something to Avery gently.

Peridan mumbles “It’s … … … going … … … I am here.”, to Avery.

Haft pulls Cyrian away from the Wolves, eyes still on Avery. Plainly, he’d prefer to be assisting her directly.

Avery takes a deep breath to steady her startled self. “I know,” she says quietly, her cheeks turning crimson.

Adair ambles along the bank, clearly not caring too much about the drama unfolding before him. He begins to munch on the grass.

Bracken dismounts, tugging a blanket from behind his saddle and heading to the water’s edge.

Aliyah exits the river, shaking herself.

Peridan makes it to the bank safely.

Tempest leaps up onto the bank, letting the skirts go. She pads around the Lord and Lady, concern on her face as she checks them over.

Avery looks around at the others, obviously embarrassed. “I’m alright. Please don’t worry so…”

Bracken brings the blanket to Avery, wrapping it around her shoulders.

Aliyah is too nervous to get that close now and merely takes a few glances as the dumb horses, frowning.

Haft has managed to tie Cyrian’s reins to a branch and swiftly returns to kneel by Avery’s side, stepping past Aliyah.

Peridan moves to set her down on the solid ground. However, he still keeps a grip on her to steady her.

Haft asks, “My lady?”

Avery pulls the blanket tighter around her shoulders. She smiles gratefully at Peridan. When Haft comes to her side, she says, “I’m alright, Haft. Just a little wet…” She turns to look at her horse. “Thank you for calming him down.”

Tempest looks the lady over. When observing that everyone’s focus is on her, she changes her own to the High Curiate. “Lord Peridan?” She asks, checking him for injuries.

Haft nods slowly, looking her over as though inspecting for bruises.

Peridan waves a hand, “Quite fine, Alpha Tempest.” He seems much more concerned over any injures that Lady Avery might have sustained than his own.

Tempest sniffs the air, still circling the lord. When she smells no blood or injury she looks somewhat satisfied.

Avery squeezes out some of the extra water from her skirt and goes to stand, taking Peridan’s hand for assistance.

Aliyah slowly approaches Avery, keeping one eye on the horse even though he is tied up. “I am so, so sorry,” she offers apologetically. “I may have been a bit too excited ever since I found out you were in Narnia and let that get the best of me.”

Peridan helps her up, letting out a sigh of relief.

Haft rises.

Tempest gives a slight nod of approval when Aliyah approaches to apologize and she steps over to Haft to inspect him next. “Are you well, sir?”

Haft says, “You’ll need to get into dry things, the both of you.” He turns to Tempest. “What? Yes, I think so.”

Avery smiles up at Peridan, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze before she lets go. She turns to Aliyah, her hands holding the blanket in place. “No, Aliyah, don’t blame yourself. Cyrian is…” She shakes her head.

Peridan smiles back at her before taking a half-step back. He glances at Tempest, “The inn is not too far from here, yes?”

Tempest gives one short nod and says, “Come, we can lead you to the inn. You can change and have a hot meal and warm beds.”

Aliyah shakes her head. “Even so… He is not a Narnian horse, and I should have considered that. I’m sure most are still quite thrown off by Narnians being around at times.”

Haft says, “Perhaps Lady Avery ought to take a different mount until we are out of Narnian territory.”

Avery turns toward Haft. “Oh. Would you like to ride the wild horse, Haft?” She asks playfully as she walks toward said horse. Speaking quietly, she rubs his nose. Cyrian nudges her hand, seeming mostly calm now.

Peridan turns and whistles for Adair. The stallion snorts before trotting up to his owner and bumping him.

Haft makes a small face. “I was actually thinking you and Lord Peridan might trade, since Adair is used to Narnian Beasts. Or is he too large for a lady?”

Peridan glances at Haft, “Er, well, if Milady does not mind sharing with me. I am afraid that Adair is a trained warhorse and does need a more firm hand to guide him.”

Bracken has a sudden, brief coughing fit.

Haft sticks out his lower lip, considering. He looks to Avery.

Tempest goes to sniff at the dwarf to find out what’s wrong with him. He might be the only one who can see she’s fighting to maintain a straight face, if he can read lupine expressions.

Aliyah looks quizzically towards the Dwarf but remains silent.

Bracken waves Tempest away.

Tempest hmphs at him.

Avery’s eyes widen slightly as she looks at Bracken. She turns back to her horse and bites her lip as she fights a grin. “I think–” She covers her mouth as she starts to laugh.

Peridan looks at all the coughing, laughing people around and just add a grin to the mix. He rubs his hair a bit, getting rid of the extra water droplets,  “As much as this is fun, I figure we should get some dry clothes, yes?”

Haft says, “Definitely.”

Tempest prepares to lead the way, waiting patiently on the humans.

Haft turns to mount his horse, but winces and doesn’t manage on the first attempt.

Aliyah moves to stand behind Tempest since doing so will mean she won’t be behind crazy horses.

Bracken remounts Lichen.

Peridan frowns and walks over to Haft.

Peridan mumbles “Need help, friend?”, to Haft.

Peridan mumbles “Need … friend?”, to Haft.

Avery shakes her head as she unties Cyrian from the branch. She tugs on the reins and leads him away from the tree. He follows obediently, watching the Wolves.

Haft shakes his head. “Don’t think so.” He gains the saddle on the second attempt, then turns to address the lord. “Kicked me harder than I thought. Ain’t broke, but might have a nice bruise in a couple hours.”

Peridan frowns, sucking air through his teeth. He nods once before going over to Adair and bringing him over to Lady Avery.

Avery frowns at Haft’s words. “Oh, Haft…I’m so sorry…”

Haft shakes his head. “It’s fine my lady. Truly. I’ve had worse injuries in the practice yard.  But thank you.”

Tempest hms as she watches them prepare. She looks at Aliyah, then to the High Curiate. ”

Lord Peridan? Aliyah can lead your party to the inn. I shall run ahead to alert Hergel so there isn’t a delay in your rooms. Night is coming and if I let any of you catch cold my healer will have my head.”

Aliyah snorts. “That she will. Can’t have any of us sick EVER.”

Bracken nods. “She has the right of it. You’re all three wet and it’s folly to stand around when that’s easily mended.

Aliyah offers to lead Avery.Aliyah offers to lead Haft.

Avery leads Cyrian towards a boulder by the river. She steps up, holding the reins carefully as she speaks calming words to him. Using the rock as a mounting block, she gets herself into the saddle after a few failed attempts. “Aliyah, don’t look at Cyrian and I think we’ll all be fine.”

Peridan moves over to help her mount before mounting himself. “Thank you, Alpha. Again, we are indebted to your pack.”

Tempest smiles before loping into the trees.

Avery smiles towards the Alpha, bowing her head. “Thank you.”

Aliyah takes a much slower pace towards the inn, not looking at the horses and trying to avoid overly bumpy terrain so as to keep Haft from injuring himself further.

Peridan moves Adair close to Cyrian and he is ready to catch the reins if anything should happen.

The Splintered Axe Tavern
You find yourself standing in a rustic tavern nestled deep in the Great Woods
of Narnia.  It appears to be much what you’d expect of such a tavern.  It is
not large, but there are several tables scattered about.  They are rough-
hewn, but clean.  A beardless, young-looking dwarf can be seen behind the bar
along the south wall, washing out mugs and taking orders from the patrons.
The tavern appears to have a small but loyal clientele, made up mostly of
talking woodland beasts.

There is a door behind the bar, but that appears to lead to private quarters.

A door to the west leads to the Inn, where travellers can stay for brief
periods as they make their way from Archenland into Narnia or vice versa.
The door leading out is north.
You can go: Inn <W>, Out <N>

Aliyah nudges the door open and enters to an expectant tavern keeper.

Having dismounted, Peridan turns to Haft, “Haft, can you take care of the rooms? Bracken and I will take care of the horses.”

Haft nods and enters the inn to speak to the keeper.


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