Snap, Crackle…Awkward

In which the gang crosses into Archenland and Haft finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation

In the Great Woods
You find yourself in the deep, vibrant forest that makes up the Great Woods
of Narnia.  All around you, trees and vines and bushes grow in great
abundance, their leafy branches serving to block out a good deal of the
sunlight that would trickle down from above.  There are very few clear paths
here upon which to walk, but at least you sense no real danger from the trees
here.  They seem to regard you with a detached curiosity, allowing you to
pass by without impediment.

To the north, you can just make out the sparkling surface of the inlet of
Glasswater through the dense foliage.  The seawater adds a tang to the
woodland scents that hang in the air here.  To the south, the ground inclines
sharply toward the mountains beyond, and a stone building sits nestled
between two foothills.  The sign above the door reads: The Splintered Axe Inn
and Tavern.

Peridan nods, “Yes, very much so.” He looks out towards the woods, “Ready to be on our way.”

Bracken says, “Sounds like a plan. Lichen’s eager to see this castle of yours.”

Peridan snorts, “Lichen has seen /my/ castle. He is thinking about my Uncle’s castle.” The Lord is standing by the horses, speaking with Bracken.

Bracken says, “Well, it’s the oats he’s interested in mostly.”

Haft steps outside, overhearing the exchange. “Still disowning us, Sir?”

Peridan glances up at Haft and grins, “Who says that I disown you, Haft?”

Haft looks like he hasn’t got a good retort for this, so offers a shrug and a grin.

Avery steps out of the tavern with Haft, tying her cloak around her shoulders. “How could anyone disown Haft? They’d be quite without common sense.”

Peridan grins, “Quite. Are you two ready for our last part of the adventure?”

Haft says, “And eager to be home.”

Avery nods, moving towards Cyrian. “Indeed.” She cups his nose in her hands and gently kisses him. “No throwing me anymore or we’ll hand you over to the Wolves. Do we have an agreement?” Cyrian snorts, nosing her cloak as he looks for food.

Haft looks like he heartily approve this idea.

Peridan moves over to Lady Avery and pats Cyrian, “Listen the Lady, Cyrian, she means what she says.”Bracken mounts Lichen.

Avery laughs, pushing the horse’s head aside as she moves toward the saddle. “Let’s go home.”

Peridan gets into his mounting-aid position to help Lady Avery up.

Avery accepts Lord Peridan’s help with a grateful smile and settles into a comfortable position in her saddle.
Haft mounts the road that a dwarf is holding ready, doing it at the same time Avery is mounting so that any twinge of discomfort is covered.

Peridan moves over and mounts Adair. He takes a glance at the little party and smiles.

Bracken narrows an eye knowingly.


Grassy Hillside
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ~/^\~ -=
The slope here is gradual and easily traversable, both up and down. Grass grows
in a thick carpet, knee-high to a faun and brilliantly green, broken only by
clusters of little star-shaped flowers and the occasional towering cedar tree.
A small stream bubbles up from the ground and goes chattering downhill into the
valley. There is a bright, awake sort of smell here, like frosty air and pine
needles, and the breeze off the mountain is cool.

Up the slope to the south, a rough stone path resolves itself from the grass
and proceeds toward a treacherously narrow precipice that winds east and west
across the mountain’s north face. To the west, the mountainside descends into a
narrow valley bordered by a range of rocky hills. Beyond is the deep green of
the Great Woods and the silver glint of a river stretching up to the northwest
as far as the eye can see.
=- ./^\~ -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
.~//.`/^\~ ,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\,*,//%`,*,`%\\
You can go: Path to the Pass <U>, Down the Hill <W>

Peridan pulls up Adair, glancing up on the hill side pass, “Want to stop here for lunch?”

Avery shields her eyes, looking up as well. “I think that is a good idea. The horses could use a rest before the pass.”

Peridan dismounts, moving to tie Adair. “And I am hungry.” He grins.

Avery makes sure her skirt won’t get caught on anything and carefully dismounts, the height a bit much for her, but she manages well enough. She pulls on Cyrian’s reins and leads him toward Adair.

Aliyah scents humans, a Dwarf, and some horses while on her evening patrol. She smirks to herself and begins making as much noise as possible while moving closer. This may or may not include whacking a few bushes with her tail. Maybe the horses won’t spook this time?

Adair jerks his head towards the sound of the bushes but seems uninterested for the most part. He stamps a hoof.

Cyrian shudders, stamping his hooves. Avery rubs his neck. “Shh, Cyrian. It’s alright.” She glances at Peridan.

Peridan is at Cyrian’s side in a moment. He speaks softly to him, “Hey, it is okay. You are fine.” Peridan rubs his nose.The dappled gray pulls his nose free, ears flat. He flicks his tail, snorting.Aliyah finally comes into view, some thorns caught in her fur. Wagging her tail, she sits far away enough from the horses for them to be comfortable but close enough for conversation. “”Hello. I take it all of you are on the way back to Archenland?”

Peridan continues to murmer softly to the horse before saying, “Hello Aliyah. Yes, we are taking luncheon right now before we cross.”

Avery pulls on his bridle as Aliyah comes into view. “Easy, boy.” She sighs with relief as Cyrian gives one final stamp and snort before distracting himself with a patch of grass.

Aliyah visibly relaxes as avery’s horse does. “Good, seems that method worked better than barking. I won’t keep you but thought I would stop by while I was out this way. I can go to the pass with you just to have an extra set of eyes if needed?” Her head tilts as she asks.

Peridan smiles, “That is very kind of you, Aliyah. I do not want to take you away from your patrol though.”

Avery pats Cyrian one more time before moving closer to Aliyah. She smiles lightly at the offer.

Aliyah shakes her head. “I do not believe it would be that big of a problem. I am not due back to report for some time. I always start my patrols heading towards the beach and managed to get sidetracked when I picked up your scents. Perhaps that pattern of patrol is too predictable, but I love watching the water.” She smiles.

Peridan picks up a blanket and spreads it out for everyone to sit on, “Then we will enjoy your company.”

Avery settles down on the blanket, arranging her skirt modestly. “Do you mean there’s a beach in the Great Woods?”

Haft clears his throat slightly.

Aliyah laughs lightly. “There is, but I am sure it is not like the pretty sandy beaches you are used to seeing. Stormness is very rocky and at the edge of a cliff. You won’t be swimming there for certain.” She glances in Haft’s direction.

Haft looks to Aliyah. “I trust you won’t be accompanying us into the pass itself?

Avery laughs. “I don’t plan to do /any/ more swimming for some time. But perhaps it would be nice to see anyway.”

Peridan glances at Aliyah for the answer to that question. He does grin faintly at Avery.

Aliyah’s ears flick momentarily before she responds. “I was considering going to the border between our countries, but…” She eyes Cyrian. “If my purposeful noise-making spooked him… which was meant to do the opposite…” She frowns. “No, I will not risk Lady Avery’s life. A fall from that height would be much worse than a swim.”

Avery’s eyes widen a bit. “Let’s not think about that…”

Peridan clears his throat as he looks at the Wolf a bit pointedly, “Nothing like that will happen.””

Haft says, “As the one responsible for Lady Avery’s wellbeing, I’m afraid I must insist, my lord.”

Aliyah remains silent for now, looking between the men.

Peridan nods, “I am afraid I agree with Haft. You may accompany us until we hit the pass then I ask that you remain behind.”

Aliyah nods. “That is fine, and my apologies for the… bluntness.” She frowns.

Avery glances between the two men. She folds her hands in her lap. “The offer was very kind, Aliyah. Thank you.”

Haft nods to Aliyah.

Peridan smiles and looks towards the pass. He eats in silence.

Aliyah nods, tail twitching a bit uncomfortably.

Avery picks a few grapes off of a bunch and pops one in her mouth. “How do the patrols work, Aliyah? Do you all have a specific routes? Do only some of you patrol while the others tend to different responsibilities?”

Aliyah nods. “We take turns patrolling. Sometimes we go in pairs as well. While some of us patrol, the others may hunt, guard the den, or rest.”

Peridan asks, “Anything interesting to report?”

Bracken takes a bite of a sandwich he must have prevailed upon Hannum to pack for him.

Aliyah says, “Not always. Sometimes patrols can be boring. Well, I would have called them boring before. Now I consider those to be times to think and just listen to the sounds of the Woods.”

Peridan hehs, “Those are the best kind of patrols.”

Avery hmms. “Winterden seems to serve Narnia well by being so vigilant.” She glances at Peridan. “Do you often go on patrol, too, Milord?”Bracken makes a face.

Aliyah smiles. “Ulfden is the same with the Northern border. It is imperative to be on alert for sure.” She stops speaking, also curious for the answer to Avery’s question.

Peridan chuckles, “Not recently. I did patrol when I was younger but now, I more stick to my office.”

Avery arches a brow, fighting the urge to grin. She rips some crust off a piece of bread and munches on it. “What else did you enjoy when you were /younger?/”

Bracken says, “Too much paperwork to do.” His brows rise at the question.

Aliyah looks away, suppressing a grin.

Peridan hehs, “Well, Riding but I suppose I do that still. Perhaps, sparring. I was a bit /hot headed/.”

Avery laughs, shaking her head. “Oh, I don’t believe that for a second.”

Peridan raises an eyebrow, “Which part, milady?”

Avery says, “You being hot-headed.”

Bracken chuckles. “We all had our turn at being rash.”

Aliyah’s ears twitch at the word ‘sparring’. “Hotheaded or not, sparring can still be fun… Admittedly the matches may be moreso.”

Peridan leans back, “I agree with Bracken. Everyone can be rash. It is up to the person to learn how to control it.”

Haft nods.

Aliyah nods in agreement. “I learned that the hard way…”

Haft looks as though he’s stifling himself.

Avery shrugs one shoulder, biting into a grape. “I suppose I can remember a few times where I was hot-headed myself…”

Peridan finishes up his food and looks up at the sky, “Not to cut this conversation short, but we best be getting on our way.”

Haft nods, rising and dusting himself off.Aliyah stands, stretching and shaking out her coat.

Bracken stands, brushing crumbs from his beard.

Avery leans forward and puts a few things away into a pack. She hands it to Haft before standing up herself, pulling the blanket with her and shaking it off.

Peridan adjusts the saddle of Adair, making sure everything is secure. He glances up at the pass, frowning slightly before scanning his group.

Haft ties the pack up behind his own saddle.

Avery folds the blanket and ties it to Cyrian’s saddle. She catches Peridan’s frown and leans toward him, speaking quietly.

Avery mumbles “… not worry … … Peridan. … … be well.”, to Peridan.

Peridan turns and mutters back to her.

Peridan mumbles “… … is … … … job … … worry. But thank … for … … Everything will … well because the Lion … …”, to Avery.Aliyah notices Peridan’s gaze and takes this as her cue to vanish before they mount. “It was good seeing you all again. Lady avery, I hope you will be back soon so that we can catch up. We didn’t have much time to do that this round.” She dips her head to all of them.

Bracken dips his head to Aliyah before mounting Lichen.

Avery looks to Aliyah and bows her head. “It was good seeing you again, Aliyah. Be well.”

Haft nods as well.

Peridan calls out to her, “Thank you, Aliyah. May the Lion be with you.”

Aliyah beams, tail wagging lazily behind her. “You as well!” she responds and then disappears into the Woods without a sound… unlike when she first appeared.

Haft looks to Peridan and Avery. “Well, if you two will mount up, I think I’d better lead.”

Peridan nods, “Yes, and Bracken will follow behind. We will have to go one at a time.” He moves over to help Lady Avery.

Haft mounts carefully.

Avery nods, accepting Peridan’s assitance. Her grip tightens on the reins as she guides Cyrian.

Peridan makes sure Cyrian is calm before mounting Adair. He glances over at the group again and gives a smile, “As we say, for Narnia and the North.”

Lichen stamps the ground.

Haft exclaims, “For Anvard and Archenland!”

Avery laughs, urging Cyrian forward to follow Haft.

Haft leads the way up into the pass.

Peridan laughs as well. He positions Adair behind Cyrian.

Bracken brings up the rear.

Lower Slopes of Stormness Head
||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||
This is a wide meadow on the southern slopes of Stormness Head, littered with
gray boulders that glitter with mica. It is open and grassy, shaped like a
bowl, with small white mountain flowers sprinkled indiscriminately throughout.
The dense pine forest that covers the mountainside higher up shelters the area
from the worst of the north wind. The path passes through to the west, climbing
into the trees, and descends to the east.

From this height most of Archenland can be seen. The town of Andale is a little
distance to the east, and rich green forest extends for miles to the south,
with the thin grey-gold line of the Calormene desert beyond. To the west are
lower fields, golden with wheat, then forests again, very far away. The view of
the base of the mountain is blocked by a low ridge that rises on the southwest
side of the bowl.
||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*#.:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||#*# .:. #*#||
You can go: Over the Ridge <SW>, Andale Road <E>, Follow the Mountain Path <W>

As the group makes it safely through the pass and towards the Castle, Peridan looks relieved.

Haft looks as though tension is draining from him as well, and he turns back to watch as the others progress safely after.

Bracken, on his sure-footed little pony, looks oddly untroubled by the whole experience.

Cyrian whinnies excitedly when they leave the pass behind, his trot picking up a bit. Avery laughs, releasing the reins some. “Cyrian is most definitely a horse of Archenland.”

Haft grins. “The very air smells different.”

Peridan raises in his saddle a bit, “We are almost home-” He is cut off for even the best trained horse can spook. Adair rears a bit at the memory of the battle that happened along this pass. Peridan loses his balance and falls. He spreads out his arms to catch himself but as he lands, there is a loud SNAP!

Haft is off his horse in a trice, face twisting slightly as he neglects to be careful of his shoulder in favor of speed.

Bracken turns Lichen around. “Commander!”

Avery’s face turns white as she yells, “Peridan!” She struggles down from her saddle, having to catch herself with her hands when she hits the ground. Lifting her skirt, she runs toward him, kneeling beside him. Her breathing is panicked, eyes wide in concern. “Peridan?”

Peridan grunts in pain as he tries to right himself. He tries to wave her away but as he raises his left hand, he stifles a another grunt, trying to breath through his nose. His left wrist is a bit crooked and already swelling.

Haft is kneeling too. “Let’s have a look at that, Sir.”

Avery only comes closer when he waves her away. She sucks in a breath when she sees his wrist.

Bracken, upon seeing that Peridan is able to wave–sort of, remains on horseback.

Peridan obliges and shows the man his wrist, “Just a bruise, I am quite alright.” His face is starting to pale a bit. “I am quite alright.”

Bracken frowns. “How bad, Guardsman?”

Haft takes the wrist gingerly, prodding carefully.

Peridan lets out a cry of pain at that, though he quickly tried to suppress it.

Haft shakes his head. “I’m no healer, but that’s a break or I’ve never seen one.”

Avery shakes her head as she looks at the injury. She says, “Kairyn! We need Kairyn.”

Peridan mutters to Haft.

Bracken says, “Need to get the swelling down.” At Avery’s cry he says, “I can ride for the castle. That your healer?””

Peridan mumbles “Please, help me up.”, to Haft.

Peridan mumbles “Please, help … …”, to Haft.

Peridan says, “I can ride. Please, don’t trouble yourself. ”

Avery doesn’t take her eyes off of Peridan as she answers Bracken. “Yes, she’s sure to be in Anvard. Please go ahead and fetch her.”

Haft puts his good shoulder under Peridan’s good arm, a slightly awkward proposition as they’ve both injured themselves on the same side. He manages to heft Peridan to his feet.

Peridan grunts a bit as he is helped. “Lieutenant, Tell the healer I will meet her there in the Castle.” His tone indicated no argument.

Avery stands up, her hands shaking a bit. “You cannot ride like that, Peridan…”

Bracken says, “Maybe you can ride, but you’d have to get up first, and that ain’t so easy with a broken risk. I’ll fetch her–and a cart, too.”
Haft says, “That’s sense, Commander.”

Peridan looks betweens all of them before sighing, “I’m not going to win this argument, am I?”Bracken snorts, taking this as assent, and turns Lichen, galloping off.
Haft says, “Doesn’t look it, Sir.”Bracken walks up the road toward the Gatehouse of Anvard.

Peridan attempts a weak joke, “I guess starting an adventure with a fall should end with a fall.”

Avery watches Bracken gallop off. When Peridan speaks, she turns to face him, her face still pale. She says nothing.

Haft shakes his head. “You two have a terrible idea of what constitutes a good time.”

Peridan hehs, “We should work on that.” He clenches his teeth, breathing through some pain as he reaches out his good hand towards Lady Avery, “It is okay, Milady.”

Avery looks at Peridan’s outstretched hand and then at him. Her next steps are quick, closing the distance between them as her hands reach for either side of his face. She stands on her tip-toes and kisses him.

Haft’s eyes widen and he quickly averts them, still supporting Peridan.

Peridan blinks at this sudden turn events. Forgetting his broken wrist for a moment, he places his good arm around her and kisses her back.

Haft shifts awkwardly.

Kairyn shows up at the most convenient time, or inconvenient depending on your perspective. Her blue eyes blink a few times at the scene before her. Somewhere back in the dust is the dwarf on the pony whom she’s managed to outrun.

Peridan pulls back quickly, his face red and eyes wide, “Forgive me, Milady. I, um, that was….” He trails off.

Haft coughs upon seeing Kairyn. Loudly.

Tyren finishes the statement, having arrived just to catch the tail end of it. “…Impropritous?”

Avery whirls around, her cheeks flaming. “Tyren…” she says, her brown eyes wide.

Bracken trots up behind Kairyn and Tyren, also having glimpsed the end of the kiss.

Kairyn puts her hand to her mouth and coughs delicately. “So….who’s the patient?” She asks, her voice soft but rather direct. She eyes the blond man she assumes to be Lord Peridan.

Peridan jerks his head at Tyren, cheeks aflame, “Lord Tyren.” He takes a step back and stumbles a bit. He disengages himself form Haft and sinks back down to the ground, “That would be me, ma’am.”

Tyren replies to Kairyn, “The one whose face matches my tunic,” before nodding once to his sister and to Lord Peridan, his mouth a thin line.

Haft winces at Peridan’s predicament, but kneels to aid the healer if necessary.

Kairyn makes an exhasperated noise and shoos everyone away from Peridan. “Move!” she orders before kneeling beside the lord. “Sir…where are you hurt?”

Bracken pulls a face. “His hand. I told her that. She don’t listen.”

Peridan lifts his left wrist. It is very swollen and a bit crooked.

Avery quickly steps away from Peridan as Kairyn takes over. She looks down as she walks toward Tyren.

Tyren remarks, “I don’t recall you specifying /which/ hand.” He glances sideways at his sister as she nears, his brow lifted just slightly.

Bracken looks to Tyren, sticks out his lower lip pugnaciously, then nods an acknowledgement of the fact.

Avery stands beside him, lifting her head a bit. She crosses her arms as she speaks in a low voice.

Avery mumbles “… … planning … … … … … … … … … him.”, to Tyren.

Tyren answers the Dwarf’s expression with one of his own, which manages to convey a very strong sense of ‘Don’t test me’ without the knight uttering a single word. He responds in just as low a tone to his sister, beginning to move away a bit to give Kairyn the space she needs to do her work.

Tyren mumbles “… at … gates. I can … … … many of … … Mother’s … … … if … of … gets … …”, to Avery.

Bracken raises a brow at Tyren in amusement.

Kairyn takes one look at the wrist and she nods curtly. “Are your legs or back injured? Can you walk? I can set that in the infirmary.”

Avery glances at her brother, giving the faintest shrug as she replies.

Haft says, “Cart’s on its way.” He looks to Tyren for confirmation.

Bracken nods. “Should be.”

Avery mumbles “What’s … … done. … don’t … … … … it.”, to Tyren.

Tyren nods once to Haft, completely ignoring the Dwarf now.

Tyren mumbles “So … just … me to regret it … … … … … … … and … … … … kind … …”, to Avery.

Peridan grunts as he struggles to his feet, clenching his teeth in pain. “I am quite fine, Miss. I can walk to the infirmary. I really do not wish to put anyone out.” He speaks to Bracken, his tone has reverted back to his commander tone, “Lieutenant, can you go catch Adair and make sure he is stabled?” He then begins to walk towards the castle.

Kairyn stays by Lord Peridan’s side, looking him over as he moves with her trained eye.

Avery watches Peridan go, but she reaches for Tyren’s wrist.

Bracken nods, “Aye, Sir,” and trots off.

Haft stays next to Peridan, as the man still looks pale, though he glances sympathetically back at Avery.

Avery mumbles “If it becomes … mess, let … be my mess.”, to Tyren.

Peridan does give a nod to the siblings, shame crossing his eyes a bit.

Kairyn is too focused on her task for bowing and scraping.

Tyren casts Peridan a ‘we’ll talk later’ sort of glance – which may not be quite as harsh a one as may be expected under the circumstances – then gestures Avery inside with another word.

The infirmary of Anvard is a long, bright room, a little over half the length
of the Great Hall. It is shaped oddly, the northeast and southwest walls
curving inward to accommodate the towers on either side. A partition that faces
the door out to the inner ward bisects the room, separating the front area
where the castle healers work from the back.

Three windows on either side of the door in the southeast wall let in a good
amount of sunlight, especially in the late morning, and their sills are
cluttered with the pots of several frequently used plants. To the left of the
door stands a large cabinet, and bundles of herbs in various stages of drying
hang from the ceiling. There is a long oak worktable to the right of the door,
and a desk in the east corner is piled high with half-completed notes and books
and other useful documents.
You can go: Inner Ward <SE>, Past the Partition <NE>
Contents: A daughter of eve with fair hair (Kairyn); A son of adam with blue
eyes (Peridan); OOC Sign; Small Storage Chest; and Storage Trunk.

Kairyn leads Lord Peridan to the infirmary and to a comfortable looking cot that sits up a bit higher off the ground than a normal cot. “Sir, if you’ll have a seat I’ll take a look at that wrist.” She peers at him as she gathers her things. “Do you remember if you hit your head?”

Haft stands to one side, out of the way.

Peridan sits down, muttering to himself. He then shakes his head, “No, just the wrist.”

Peridan mumbles “… wish I /had/.”, to Peridan.

Haft presses his lips together very hard at this.

Kairyn puts a finger on his chin to make him meet her eyes and she stares into them, then moves a finger back and forth for his eyes to follow. “Right…no concussion, you definitely didn’t hit your head. Now, let’s set and bind that wrist, shall we?” At his comment, she peers at him and for a brief moment her healer facade drops away. “No you don’t, sir.” She says very softly before she finishes gathering her items.

Peridan holds out his wrist for her to do so. He covers his eyes with his good hand, apparently not realizing that Haft is there. He has kept the grunting of pain down to a minimum.

Kairyn’s touch is gentle and she looks at the lord. “Sir…you are going to hate me very much when I set this. Do you want something to bite down on?”

Haft asks, “Do you need me to hold him, Kairyn?”

Peridan nods, “Yes, Please. Miss, This is not my first broken bone.” He lays down on the cot and clenches his good hand on the bed frame. He smiles a bit at Haft.

Haft offers a wan smile in return.

Kairyn notices Haft for the first time and peers at him a moment in confusion before she pulls a stick out of the supplies likely kept for such things. It has been whittled and peeled clean of bark and dirt. She holds it for the Lord to bite down on. “Stand and hold his shoulders in case he comes off the bed…shouldn’t be too bad.”

Peridan takes the stick and places in his mouth. He takes a deep breath.

Haft nods and moves into position.

Kairyn places one hand on Peridan’s forearm and takes hold of his hand just above the wrist. “On the count of three, sir.” She informs him.

Peridan nods once and tightens his grip on the bed frame.

Kairyn takes a breath, glancing at Haft. “One…two…” Before three she pops the wrist bone back into place.

Peridan lets out a muffed oath and his knuckles are white with holding onto the bed frame. He shoots forward a bit off the bed.

Haft keeps Peridan in place–mostly, grimacing at the unexpected pain shooting through his own shoulder at the pressure.

Kairyn holds his hand and arm til he stops flopping around, then gives the Lord a sympathetic pat on the shoulder before she carefully begins to bind his wrist. Another attendant comes by to see if she needs help and she directs him to the kitchens to prepare a special tea.

Peridan breaths through his nose as he removes the stick. He releases the bed frame.Kairyn finishes binding the wrist, then she prepares a sling. “This makes it look worse than it actually is…but I don’t want you trying to use that arm for a time. It has to heal properly or it will always give you trouble.”

Haft watches.

Peridan nods, “Thank you, Miss Kairyn, was it?”

Kairyn smiles a little. “Yes, sir. I am Kairyn.” she pauses, then glances around the infimary with that little smile. “I’m one of the healer apprentices.” She takes a step back. “Now, you rest there and I’ll go make sure that tea is made properly. It will make you a bit sleepy, but it will help with the swelling and the pain.”

Peridan faintly smiles, “Thank you.” He lays back on his cot.

Kairyn points at Haft, then Lord Peridan. “He stays. Right. There.” She says firmly before heading out the door. A brief second later she pops her head back in. “Welcome home Haft, lovely to see you.” then she disappears again.

Haft looks after Kairyn. “Uhhh…” He glances back at Peridan. “Wasn’t under the impression you were planning to flee.”

Peridan looks up at the ceiling, “I am a bad patient but not that bad.”

Haft chuckles. “I vaguely recall something like that. Oh well.” He settles himself down on a nearby unoccupied chair to wait for the healer to return.

Peridan doesn’t take his eyes off the ceiling.

Haft leans forward, resting his chin on his right hand. “I suppose this is going to require a long and awkward conversation with Lady Paige.

Peridan groans and covers his face with his good hand, “I am an idiot.”

Haft says, “Who’s talking about you? I meant me.”

Peridan removes his hand and looks at Haft with his head tipped slightly.

Haft smiles wryly. “I was charged with keeping Avery safe. Keeping her from impropriety…was implied.”

Peridan groans and drops his head back on his pillow.

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