Crossing Paths in the Infirmary

Wherein we observe three people who really have no business being cooped up together

The infirmary of Anvard is a long, bright room, a little over half the length
of the Great Hall. It is shaped oddly, the northeast and southwest walls
curving inward to accommodate the towers on either side. A partition that faces
the door out to the inner ward bisects the room, separating the front area
where the castle healers work from the back.

Three windows on either side of the door in the southeast wall let in a good
amount of sunlight, especially in the late morning, and their sills are
cluttered with the pots of several frequently used plants. To the left of the
door stands a large cabinet, and bundles of herbs in various stages of drying
hang from the ceiling. There is a long oak worktable to the right of the door,
and a desk in the east corner is piled high with half-completed notes and books
and other useful documents.
You can go: Inner Ward <SE>, Past the Partition <NE>

Maire is busying herself gathering some dishes at Reina’s bedside, carefully arranging the plethora of bowls and cups to better transport them.

Haft steps into the infirmary, glances around. “Ah, Maire, I was looking for your cousin.”

Maire jumps at the voice, her hands causing some cups to clank on the tray. She turns around, “Hello,” she pushes hair away from her eyes. “I haven’t seen Kairyn yet today, she’s been busy gathering herbs this week.” she says. “Is there something I can help you with?”

Haft sticks out his lower lip and shakes his head. “I don’t think so. I’m about due to have this sling off so I came down to let her have a look at it.

Lanisen slips into the infirmary, shutting the door behind him. He casts a quick glance around, taking stock of those on shift and present, and tenses slightly, seeing Maire and Haft. He hesitates and looks about to duck back out again, but one of the attendants calls to him from across the room, and he quickly lowers his head and makes his way over.

Maire hms, “She should be back later this evening, I believe. If I see her I will let her know you were looking for her.” she says to Haft. Her eyes drift to the door when it opens and she bites her lip.

Haft turns as the attendant calls Lanisen’s name. He frowns slightly at the other man’s back, looking distracted.

Lanisen hands over an empty bottle to the attendant, and is given another, full of some dark amber liquid, in return. He glances over his shoulder anxiously toward Haft and Maire, and the attendant has to say his name to get his attention.

Maire moves to pick up her tray and balances it on her hip. She takes a step toward the door, she catches Hafts frown and her eyes dart back and forth between Lanisen and him.  She raises a brow almost imperceptibly at the two of them. “Were you in need of more tea, sir? I know where Kairyn keeps it…” her voice trails off.

Haft looks back to her. “What? No. I still have plenty, thank you. I’ll try back later.” With that he heads toward the door.

Lanisen turns his back to Haft and Maire, submitting to what looks like a familiar ritual. He raises his right arm as high as it will go, which is not very, and allows the attendant to lift it another few degrees, until some invisible line is crossed and he says, wincing, “There, there, stop.” The attendant looks unsatisfied, but he presses his lips together and writes something down in a book on the table.

Maire also takes a few more steps toward the door, but her eyes are on Lanisen, and she nearly bumps into Haft, the dishes on her tray teeter and clank as she steadies it.

Haft turns back to her. “You got that?”

Lanisen lowers his arm again, rubbing his shoulder. He shakes his head in answer to a question from the attendant, then reconsiders.

Maire blinks up at Haft, “Pardon me,” her cheeks turn bright red, and her eyes widen at that particular word choice. “I mean– Yes, I am fine.” she stammers out, gripping the tray tighter in her hands.

Lanisen mumbles “Well– … morning, my … I threw … … … … … room … that … it’s … twingin’ a … …”, to Lanisen.

Haft nods once. “Right, excuse me.” With that he turns and heads out the door.


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