Holes in the Library

In which information and inqueries are incomplete

The Library of Anvard rises around you. Reddish wooden pillars like twisted
tree-trunks support the roof at even intervals, long bookcases in rows between
them. The room is warmly lit by a multitude of round hung lamps, like globular
fruit. The air is heavy with the sweet and musty smell of books, old and new.
Hundreds of volumes line the shelves, and a few spaces between trunks have
been left open for tables at which to reading and write. Thick pillar candles
can be used to bring a little more yellow light to late-night researchers in
these places.

The room appears to be well-dusted and well-kept, its contents carefully
maintained and repaired throughout the years.
You can go: Hallway <W>

Haft stands in the library, examining a row of books.

Dalia enters the library quietly, looking around but apparently not seeing who she was looking for.

Haft takes one volume from the shelf, opens it and examines the first few pages.

Dalia makes her way towards the bookshelf, “Finding anything of interest, Haft?”

Haft looks up. “No. Finding holes, actually.”

Dalia says, “”Oh?” She glances his way.

Haft nods. “Books I found in the library at Cair Paravel that ought to be duplicated here, but aren’t.”

Dalia “ahs” seeming vastly relieved. “I should have been worried if there were in fact holes in the text of these books.”

You say, “Well, sometimes there’s that too. Incomplete information, or a missing page. Lady Avery said she’d see about hiring a scribe to do a full comparison.”

Dalia nods.

Dalia takes a books down from a nearby shelf and pages through it.

You ask, “What sort of reading do you enjoy?”

Dalia says, “Oh tales of far off places, tales of Narnia,  tales of fantasy. Father would tell us the best ones as children. I sometimes like to look at the books of music, though I am not very skilled at it.”

You say, “Seems like everyone wants to hear about Narnia. It’s not so very far.

Dalia gives Haft a puzzled look. Dalia says, “I can’t abandon Milady to go adventuring. ”

Haft reshelves the book. “I guess distance isn’t what makes a place exotic, just that it be unfamiliar.”

Dalia says, “Perhaps. Though, I have found some unfamiliar places to be less full of wonder than others might be.”

You say, “Makes sense.”

Dalia reshelves her book as well. “I was wondering perhaps if you might help me-” she begins to speak but pauses upon seeing a page at the door. “Please excuse me, Milady calls.”

Haft raises a brow at the beginning of her inquiry, but just shrugs as she has to leave. “Good day.”

Dalia nods, “Good day.”

Dalia turns follow the page


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