Throwing Punches

In which Haft is forced to stand between Colin and Peridan yet again

Inner Ward of Anvard
You stand in the Inner Ward of Anvard. The ground is hard-packed earth, and it
is open to the sky above. Wonderful aromas come wafting out from the Kitchen to
the south, near the well. Huge, impressive, intricately carved doors lead to
the Great Hall. Staff hurry about, in and out of their quarters, serving the
Great Hall and the Council Chamber. A quieter corridor to the northeast leads
to the library and schoolroom. Noble lords and ladies also pass through,
walking towards their quarters seeing to other business.  A guarded gatehouse
to the east stands between the inner and outer wards. Two stairways line the
curtain wall, climbing to the upper reaches of the castle.
You can go: Council Chamber <N>, Northeast Hallway <NE>, Inner
Gatehouse <E>, Kitchen <S>, Great Hall <SW>, Staff Quarters <W>,
Infirmary <NW>, Southern Stairwell <US>, Northern Stairwell <UN>

Peridan is walking towards the Nobles Quarters when a guard runs up to him. He bows, “Lord Peridan, Maire has requested this be brought to you.” Peridan lifts his brow, “Ah, thank you.” He takes the note.

Haft walks through the ward, in uniform, apparently on patrol duty.

Peridan reads the letter with a casual expression though his eyebrow raises as he continues to read. He glances up and upon seeing Haft, he calls, “Haft, are you on duty?”

Haft walks over immediately.  “I am Sir, but I can be spared if needed.”

Peridan’s face is a bit set, “Mind being my back up for an interview?”

Haft asks, “Not at all.  Who’re you interviewing?”

Peridan says, “Maire.” He sets his stride, “I do not know what is going on but I do not like it.”

Haft matches the lord’s pace.

The lowest level of the royal tower is a large, semi-circular room, dimly lit
with a slight smell of must. The ceiling is fairly low, giving it a slightly
claustrophobic feeling. Iron sconces are fixed to the walls to hold lanterns,
and a small barred window near the ceiling on the south side of the chamber
offers a warped view of the inner ward at boot-level. There is a wooden table
and two chairs for the guards on duty.

There are three heavy wooden doors on the northwest side of the room, each
iron-bound with a barred window cut at the top. Another door, just as heavily
reinforced, leads out into the corridor.
You can go: Dungeon Corridor <SW>, Cell 1 <1>, Cell 2 <2>, Cell 3 <3>

Peridan enters the Dungeon, his stride steady and his face is grim. He goes over to on of the guards, holding up the note in a silent question.

Haft enters after Peridan, waiting patiently as he holds up the paper.

The guard bows and shrugs a shoulder, “This is the first time she has made any demands, sir. She was insistant to see you, immediately. Something about her face, use discretion, sir.” he moves to open the door, waiting for the lord’s permission.

Peridan glances at both cells, running his hand through his hair once. He briefly closes his eyes before ordering the guard, “Bring her out of the cell.”

Haft watches, alert.

The guard blinks in surprise but does as the lord asks, unlocking the cell door. Another guard takes position in the room, and they scan the cell. “Miss Maire, if you please, Lord Peridan will speak to you. Follow us.” one guard says coming on one side of her, and the second guard moves to her other side. The each take a firm but not painful grip on her arms, to lead her out of the cell. Maire bites her lip, surprised, her eyes darting to find Lord Peridan’s face as she is led out of her cell.

The woman would find an expression of calmness with a bit of wariness and hard steel. He nods to her, “I trust you are well.”

Haft stands to one side of Peridan, alert to any sign of trouble.

In cell two, Darius is quiet in his cell, if one were to look in they would see him sitting on his bed.

Maire bites the edge of her lip, “That doesn’t matter.” she says, her eyes dart to the neighboring cell. She clutches a torn piece of paper from her journal in her hands and she holds it up for them to see. The note reads, “I cannot speak freely, Darius wants me to confess to Sir Colin’s poisoning. By doing so, he has offered me his trust, but he will /know/ if I decieve him. Of course I did not poison Colin. This may be a chance, I think I can find information out from him. By working together, sirs, we may convince Darius I did it, and get him to talk.” her eyes are imploring, and she tosses a knowing glance to the Darius’ cell.

Peridan remarks, “Silence, please.” He turns on his heel, “Time for a bit of fresh air.”

In cell two, Darius finally stands at the sound of voices outside, his eyes narrow thoughtfully. Moving towards the door, he peers out of the door, eyes training the group.

Maire carefully folds her hands, the note disappearing from sight. She looks between Peridan and the guards, awaiting instruction, she says, “I am glad you took my summons seriously, sir.” her voice is direct.

Peridan nods to the guards to  bring Maire along. He remains silent.

Reservoir Chamber
]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]     (( {   {  { {{  }} }  }   } ))     []-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[
The lowest level of the noble’s tower is a broad, round chamber, fairly dark,
but lit by sconces on the walls and a row of small, arching windows high near
the ceiling. To the north, three windows look out onto the pastures at ground
level, though it is difficult to see much in detail; to the east, a single
wider window offers a glimpse of the comings and goings in the inner ward.
Wide steps curve up around a pillar in the center of the room, leading up to
the servants’ floor, and an archway to the southwest leads down a long, dim
corridor toward the kitchen.

Sunk into the ground around the chamber’s central pillar is an enormous
reservoir, filled with enough clean, clear water to fill all the bath-tubs in
the castle, and then some. In the morning, the sunlight from the east window
reflects off the surface of the water and fills the chamber with dancing
]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]     (( {   {  { {{  }} }  }   } ))     []-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[
You can go: Dungeon Corridor <NE>, Servants’ Passage <SE>, Servants’ Quarters

Peridan walks into the chamber, ordering a few guard to post along the door to prevent servants from getting into the chamber. There is a slight breeze as an upper window has not been fixed yet.

Haft takes up his position beside Peridan again.

Maire follows betweent the guards on either side of her, her steps shuffle a bit as she is more being lead by their grip on her arms. She eyes the window for a moment, then turns wary eyes on Peridan.

Peridan turns to face her with a stern face. He simply holds out his hand for the note.

Maire hands him the note in her hands. She studies him, while she waits for him to speak.

Peridan wordlessly reads the letter. After scanning it, he still stands there, watching her.

Maire shifts her weight from one foot to the other, “I know, it is not my place, sir, to do speak with /him./ But…I want to be direct and upfront with you about this. I think it a chance, an oppurtunity. And I thought it wise to discuss it before…” she bites her lip, unsure of what to say, allowing the thought to trail off.

Haft watches curiously, uncertain as to what’s been said previously, if anything.

Peridan is tone is calm though direct and heading an edge. He holds up the note, “Miss Maire, what is your long term goal for life?”

Maire looks at the note in his hand and presses her lips together. “Sir?” she looks puzzled.

Peridan repeats the question, “What is your long term goal for your life?”

Maire’s brows furrow, “I…I have dreamed of traveling, raising a family, sir. But I also want to live my life doing the right thing by others.” she raises a skeptical brow, “I.. I am not afraid to do this, sir, if that is what you mean. If…if it means no one else gets hurt…I just want to help.” her voice is steady, but there is a slight catch at her last sentence.

Peridan remains expressionless, “So you are willing to throw all those dreams away for the rest of your life?”

Peridan adds, “For a situation that is already being handled?”

Maire’s gaze remains steady, “How certain are you that he will speak to you? That he is not playing you? In this way, you continue to handle it the way you are, and I can gather what I can from him. It may prove to be more than what has been gathered so far.” she looks down at her feet when she says, “I am willing to do what needs to be done, though, I admit I do no wish to throw away those dreams. I am already involved in this, why not use it to our advantage?”

Peridan says, “There is no advantage to this, Maire. None.”

Maire frowns, “How is there not?”

Haft keeps his expression carefully neutral.

Peridan says, “By saying you are the poisoner, even though you do not claim that you are, the really culprit will get away. Allowing them to strike again. Do you not think of your family? If I were to accept your confession, you would spend the rest of your days in this cell, alienating your family. How will they feel, knowing their daughter is a criminal? You can be sure that your family will be scorned from this town. Darius is /my/ problem, not /yours./”

There is a slight furrowing of Haft’s brow.

Maire lowers her gaze and blows out a breath. “Of course I am thinking of my family, but I can help bring answers to light. All we have to do is make Darius believe I confessed, that I did it.” she then lifts her head and looks at Peridan directly, “Darius is a problem that has affected us all.” she does not elaborate.

Peridan turns from her, pinching the bridge of his nose. He mumbling under his breath.

Peridan mumbles “Oh … … me.”, to Peridan.

Maire watches him, her expression stays the same and she remains silent.

Peridan breaths through his nose before ordering a guard, “Send for Sir Colin immediately.” The guard bows and darts off.

Maire’s eyes widen ever slightly, but she nods thinking it a good idea. She presses her lips together and stays quiet.
Haft stands silently by, observing the proceedings.

Peridan stands to his full height and looms over Maire. His tone is a bit clipped, “The only reason why I am including Sir Colin is that he is in charge of this investigation and I want him to weight before I make a decision.”

Maire looks up at him, tipping her head back ever slightly to meet his gaze. “It is a good idea, sir.” is all she says.

Peridan lets out a breath, “You have placed me in a very difficult spot, Maire.”

Colin comes walking down the wide stone steps from the servants’ quarters above.

Maire lowers her gaze, and just squeezes her eyes shut.

Colin makes his way down the stairs, limping. The guard leads him and they pass through those barring the way.

Peridan continues, “To ask me to give up my honor and imprison a girl, regardless how reckless she is, that is ultimately innocent.” He glances up and nods to Colin, “Sir Colin, I apologize for interrupting.”

Colin runs a hand through his hair, eying each one of them in turn quite skeptically. “Quite all right. What seems to be the problem, Lord Peridan?” He bows to his cousin, nods to Haft, and blinks at Maire with a slightly disdainful raised eyebrow.
Haft bows swiftly back, mindful that his duty to guard supersedes etiquettePeridan hands him a crumbled note, “Please, read this.”

Maire looks up when she hears Colin speak, she returns his look with a wary one of her own. She stands silent for now, watching the men.

Colin reads the note, looks at Peridan, then reads it again. Then he looks at Haft. After that, he takes a moment to reread the note. Then his gaze finally settles onto the kitchen maid. “You disobeyed a direct order?”

Maire flinches, “Yes.” she says, her voice small.

Peridan glances at Colin, his tone direct and too the point, “Sir, my recommendation is to remove her from her cell and place her under house arrest until further notice.”

Colin crumples said note tightly in his fist. “Were you not still the center of an investigation with innocence to be verified I would banish you from this castle right now on the spot!” He looks to Lord Peridan and gives one short nod of consent. “Do it.”

Maire frowns, “You won’t even consider it? Why? You have little else to go on, sirs!” her eyes travel all their faces.

Colin’s voice booms in the chamber. “SILENCE!”

Peridan does not flinch from the voice. He simply turns to the guards, “You heard the Lord. Make sure she is comfortable but do remove all items that may be used nefariously.”

Maire scowls a little and makes a frustrated noise. “You think Darius will talk to you now? He expects this!”

Colin points at the girl, his expression dangerous. “You, have nothing further to say on this matter. Darius is not your concern. He is ours. You disobeyed a direct order. You will be placed back under house arrest and will not be allowed visitors unless I authorize them. Tread very carefully, Maire. Lord Dar is carefully considering the wisdom of allowing you to remain in the employ of the castle. Do not anger us further. I wash my hands of you and your utter /foolishness/!”

Colin adds, “To be clear, I will /not/ speak on your behalf to Lord Dar as he makes this decision.”

Peridan turns his steely blue eyes on her, “Then if the trust that we have established with the prisoner is ruined, blame is not on us.”

Haft watches the interplay, trying to keep his expression placid despite his confusion.

Maire winces at Colin’s words, she tries to take a step back, but doesn’t make it far with the guards present. Her mouth opens and closes but no words come. There is still fire in her expression, though her shoulders begin to shake. “Fine. Let it be so, Sir Colin.” she frowns deeply, and then looks to Peridan “No, you are right, the blame will be mine, for that I am sorry. But try telling that to Darius, I doubt he will be forgiving.”

Colin looks at Lord Peridan. “I do believe my heart might break if Darius is not forgiving.” his gaze refocuses on Maire. “Something else for you to think on, miss. I have yet to be able to question anyone else because I’ve been repeatedly down here chasing my tail because of your goose chases. If this poisoner gets away, I do believe I shall place some of the blame on you.” With that, he takes a step back. “Guards, take her to her room.”

Peridan stiffens sharply. He watches the girl as the guards lead her away, “Your fire does not do you credit.”

Maire says nothing more, her face finally crumbles, and she barely moves as the guards take her away.

Haft watches her go with something like concern in his expression.

Colin doesn’t watch her go. His hand goes to his head and he looks at the two men. “I swear, her interference with this investigation will be the death of me.”

Once it is clear, Peridan looks towards the dungeon, “I fear that my work has also increased.”

Haft looks back. “I don’t think I understand what she’s done, my lords, if it’s not too much trouble to ask.

Peridan takes a breath and heads to the dungeons.

Colin watches his cousin leave before turning to Haft. “Sorry, Haft. I imagine that was confusing.”

Haft nods. “It was. Am I to take it that she’s no longer suspected of poisoning you?”

Colin groans, raking a hand through his hair. “There’s another suspect. Maire’s finally defended herself and now her story just needs verified. But, as you heard, that has been a bit /difficult/.”

Haft asks, “Why is that?”

Colin says, “Because I’ve been down here the past two nights chasing this down…three nights ago she finally talked. Two nights ago, Darius implicated her as his accomplice and turned everything upside down. It appears he has lied, considering his track record, and Cook and the other kitchen maids have verified her whereabouts during the times of kidnapping and afterwards. However, it was revealed that Maire has been investigating on her own trying to find out information and has subsequently repeatedly interfered with the investigation. Her antics led to her being a scapegoat from my reckoning, and that is why she was implicated in the poisoning in the first place. It’s been nothing but trouble.”

Colin says, “She’s hidden information, withheld information that could prove her innocence, and has been less than helpful. She defied direct orders to not speak with Darius again and has caused more trouble, all in the name of trying to be helpful. She deems us incompetent.”

Haft’s eyes widen as he processes this, then quite calmly, he asks, “So…she’s just a busybody?”

Colin blinks a few times. “Well when you put it that way it makes it sound like I completely overreacted. Haft, she told Darius she poisoned me when she really didn’t, trying to get him to trust her! Only crazy people do things like that.”

Haft puts a hand over his mouth, but it’s unclear whether he’s tugging on his beard or trying to hide a smile. Finally he lowers it, and with a straight face says, “I tried something like that, months ago, before the fire.”

Colin blinks a few times. “What?”

Haft coughs. “I didn’t trust him. I knew he’d given you and Lord Peridan cause for suspicion already, so when I happened to encounter him I told a number of partial truths and made it seem I was dissatisfied with the king–I informed both Lord Peridan and later Captain Garian of this,” he adds hastily. “We knew he was showing undue interest in the castle and I wanted to see if he would try to bribe a guard.”

Colin huhs a little. “Did it work?”

A guard comes to you, “Lord Peridan requests your presence sir.”

Colin looks at Haft, then the other guard. He rubs his face and nods. “Haft, stay within earshot please.”

The lowest level of the royal tower is a large, semi-circular room, dimly lit
with a slight smell of must. The ceiling is fairly low, giving it a slightly
claustrophobic feeling. Iron sconces are fixed to the walls to hold lanterns,
and a small barred window near the ceiling on the south side of the chamber
offers a warped view of the inner ward at boot-level. There is a wooden table
and two chairs for the guards on duty.

There are three heavy wooden doors on the northwest side of the room, each
iron-bound with a barred window cut at the top. Another door, just as heavily
reinforced, leads out into the corridor.
You can go: Dungeon Corridor <SW>, Cell 1 <1>, Cell 2 <2>, Cell 3 <3>

In cell two, Peridan opens his mouth to speak but as Colin enters, “Here is your proof, Darius. My /cousin/ was poisoned.”

In cell two, Colin enters after the guard who came to fetch him. He’s still got his limp and he doesn’t look too worse for wear, but his skin is a bit pale and eyes shadowed so he’s clearly not at his peak. He glances around the cell and looks between the men.

Haft follows Colin but waits outside the cells.

In cell two, Darius smirks as he sees Colin before looking back to Peridan. “I have seen the lengths this man will go to get information out of me. I also know a fair bit about poison… ” he eyes Colin without much interest. “And it isn’t entirely difficult to give or /take/ some and know it isn’t lethal or permanent. ”

In cell two, Colin scowls a little. “Sure, mock my pain. I’m not sensitive at all.”

In cell two, Peridan glances at Colin, considering. He turns to Darius, “If we were trying to deceive you, Darius. Why go to these great lengths of poisoning the king’s nephew? Why not just deliver the horse you were promised and capture you on the road?”

In cell two, Darius snorts, rolling his eyes. “Oh, grow up you little lass. ” Then to Peridan. “Respectfully, Commander, I am finished for the evening. Should you want to speak with me on the matter further… another day.” he glances at Colin with disgust.

In cell two, Colin returns Darius’s look with contempt.

In cell two, Peridan nods, “I would.” He turns to make his way out.

In cell two, Darius shoots Colin a quick smirk before he leaves, eyes glinting.In cell two, Colin’s eyes follow Peridan and when he is almost to the door he takes a couple limping strides towards Darius, lifting his fist and bring it DOWN on his head/face/wherever it happens to land.

In cell two, >>> Colin smacks Darius hard with his fist!  Darius is bruised!

In cell two, Peridan whirls around, shock in his eyes. He leaps forward and tries to get in between them. “ENOUGH!!”

In cell two, >>> Peridan swings his fist at Colin, grazing him.  Colin doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.In cell two,

Haft rushes into the room, hand on his sword hilt.

Cell 2
This cell is small, but not unreasonably so, wedge-shaped with a curving outer
wall. It is livable but spare, a bed and a small table the only furnishings.
These are both sturdily built of thick oak, too heavy to easily move, and
fixed to the stone walls and floor with iron bolts.

The door is iron-bound oak with a small barred opening at the top to let in
noise and air from the outside. Across the cell from the door is a very small
window, fitted with glass so thick and warped and wavy that it is impossible
to see anything clearly out-of-doors except for a general impression of
‘green’. On either side of the pane are iron bars the width of a child’s
wrist, spaced regularly a few inches apart.
You can go: Dungeon <O>

Darius blinks and attempts to block the attack but is far too late and takes it full in the right cheek. He stumbles back, placing a hand on the bruising area. Once he steadies himself, his eyes flash and his free hand balls up into a fist. He makes no move at the moment though, sucking in a /deep/ breath.

Colin is knocked to the side by Peridan as he pulls him away from Darius and stumbles out of the way, shaking out his stinging hand. He looks at the swelling knuckles with some satisfaction, then at Darius, Peridan, and Haft. He appears to be considering the wisdom of this or considering /something/, then he sidesteps Peridan to try to get one more shot in before they stop him. He goes for Darius with a right hook this time.

>>> Colin smacks Darius with his fist!  Darius is bruised!

Peridan reacts immediately, letting out a grunt of pain as his healing wrist is being jostled. He knocks Colin on the shoulder to unbalance him, “Get him out of here.”

>>> Peridan swings his fist at Colin, grazing him.  Colin doesn’t appear to be too hurt by the blow.

Seeing no weapons drawn, Haft releases his sword, trying to pull Colin back by one arm. “Sir! Sir Colin! This is not meet!”

Darius takes another to the head, his neck snapping back hard. Though this time he barely attempts to block, an odd glint flickering through his eyes. He works his jaw around and stretches his neck in an attempt to crack it, both of his fists are now balled up but he still does… nothing.

Colin is taken off balance by Peridan’s rescue attempt and Haft’s interferance and he allows Haft to drag him out of the cell.

The lowest level of the royal tower is a large, semi-circular room, dimly lit
with a slight smell of must. The ceiling is fairly low, giving it a slightly
claustrophobic feeling. Iron sconces are fixed to the walls to hold lanterns,
and a small barred window near the ceiling on the south side of the chamber
offers a warped view of the inner ward at boot-level. There is a wooden table
and two chairs for the guards on duty.

There are three heavy wooden doors on the northwest side of the room, each
iron-bound with a barred window cut at the top. Another door, just as heavily
reinforced, leads out into the corridor.
You can go: Dungeon Corridor <SW>, Cell 1 <1>, Cell 2 <2>, Cell 3 <3>

Once outside, Colin straightens and gives the guard a warning look, holding a finger to his lips to indicate silence.

In cell two, Peridan is fuming and he glances back at Darius before snapping to a guard, “Make sure he receives medical attention.”

Peridan comes walking into the cell, closing the door behind himself.

Outside the cell, Haft releases Colin.

Haft’s eyebrows shoot up, and he nods once.

Colin stumbles a little, turning to face Peridan as he comes out of the cell. The look he gives him is rather calculating.

Peridan storms out of the cell. He walks up to Colin, his eyes ablaze. There is no lordship or noble about him now, he is just a simple angry soldier,  “What the /ruddy/ were you thinking?”

Colin stays silent, and he points down the hallway where they can speak with more privacy.

Peridan stalks towards the passageway.

Colin beckons for Haft to follow.

Dungeon Corridor
A long, reasonably wide corridor stretches here between the nobles’ tower and
the royal tower. The ceiling forms a slight arch, and there are iron sconces
fixed regularly along the walls to hold lanterns. There are no windows, and
there is a faint, underground smell of must.

At the far northeast end of the corridor, a heavy, iron-bound wooden door
fitted with a lock leads to the castle’s dungeon. Another heavy door at the
southwest end of the corridor leads out to the lowest level of the nobles’
You can go: Into the Dungeon <NE>, Reservoir Chamber <SW>

Colin glances over his shoulder, watching the door close behind them. He turns the face the two men, a slight smirk on his face. “Good job, Peridan. You played your part very well.”

Peridan enters and throws a punch at Colin’s face.

>>> Peridan smacks Colin hard with his fist!  Colin is bruised!

Haft exclaims, “My lords!”

Haft steps in to try to get between them.

Colin staggers backwards with the force. His left knee gives out and he stumbles, losing his balance and dropping to his knees on the ground. His hand goes to his stinging cheek, which also has a bit of a cut on it too. He blinks his tearing up eyes rapidly. “What, were you holding back in there?” He groans, touching the stinging area and wincing.

Peridan still fumes, “You…are…” He turns from him, raking his hand through his hair  “You are a ruddy imbecile, Colin. Kick me out of this court if I speak too frankly.”

Haft turns with a grimace to offer Colin his hand.

Colin struggles to his feet, the words clearly wounding him and he responds sharply. “Do I need to spell it out for you? You rescued /Darius/ from /me/. Maybe I’ve repaired some of the damage that wench caused. You’re /welcome/.”

Peridan whips on his heel, his voice sharp, “How many battles have you won? Do you have any clue on how to get in the mind of your enemy? How many men have died on your account due to rash decisions?”

Haft remains in a position where it would be easy to step in should the two come to blows again.

Something happens in Colin’s face and he completely shuts down, effectively hiding how deeply he is wounded. His features go slack, showing absolutely no emotion.

If Peridan recognizes this, he does not comment. “Do you know what Darius believes now? He believe that Maire was just a plant by our /COURT/ to get information out of him. He was /shutting down/. I called you in to show that you /had/ been poisoned.  Do you know think that now, he believes that this too was a ploy? Which apparently he would be correct.”

Colin snaps. “Then /run/ /him/ /through/ and be /done/ with it.” He hisses.

Haft presses his lips into a thin line.

Something physically snaps in Peridan’s eyes. “I have run plenty of evil things through….” He takes a breath, trying to regain his composure, “The damage is already done. Let us pray to the Lion that it can be fixed.”

Colin retorts, “Yes, pray to /your/ Lion, since he’s so intent on fixing things.” He turns on his heel and begins limping away.

Haft frowns after Colin.

Peridan’s face pales considerably and his fist clenches. He simply turns and leans his good arm against the wall.

Colin shoves through the door and disappears.

Haft opens his mouth as if to speak, then merely shakes his head.

Peridan does not look at Haft, all emotion gone from his voice “I guess I should not be the commander you respect, Haft.”

Haft looks at him, letting out a long, frustrated sigh. “I spent years snapping at everything that drew breath. If you regret your behavior now then you’re further along than I was, in record time.”

Peridan leans his forehead against the wall, his eyes closed.

Haft doesn’t seem to have anything to add to that. “Will there be anything else, Sir?”

Peridan shakes his head, “No, thank you, Haft.”

Haft bows, then departs.

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