In which there is unpleasant company




The lowest level of the royal tower is a large, semi-circular room, dimly lit with a slight smell of must. The ceiling is fairly low, giving it a slightly claustrophobic feeling. Iron sconces are fixed to the walls to hold lanterns, and a small barred window near the ceiling on the south side of the chamber offers a warped view of the inner ward at boot-level. There is a wooden table and two chairs for the guards on duty.

There are three heavy wooden doors on the northwest side of the room, each iron-bound with a barred window cut at the top. Another door, just as heavily reinforced, leads out into the corridor. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


You can go: Dungeon Corridor <SW>, Cell 1 <1>, Cell 2 <2>, Cell 3 <3>

In cell two, Darius is, once again, doing /rapid/ pushups in his cell. His forehead is beaded with sweat.

Outside, there is the sound of voices as the guard changes over.  Gearn speaks up.  “I don’t know that you’ll have much to do down here lads, barring crazy kitchen maids, but it’s good to see you.”

In cell two, Darius continues his pushups without faltering. For now at least, he pays no mind to the voices.

Another voice replies.  “You’re not actually funny, Gearn.  You know that, yes?”

Gearn replies.  “So solemn, Haft. I’m just sayin’ what happened.”

Haft grunts, “Yes, wonderful, thank you.”

In cell two, Darius finally halts his pushing, holding himself in a plank position. Upon hearing Haft’s name mentioned, he looks up and grins. Dipping into one more pushups, he shoves off the ground as hard as he can. Coming to stand, he rolls his shoulders and moves to the door. “Well if it isn’t my old friend. ” he says once he reaches the opening near the tops of his cell door.

The other guards look between themselves in confusion at Darius’ comment.

Haft glares.  “We’re not friends, Darius.”

In cell two, Darius chuckles, tilting his head. “Aren’t we? I mean… you were such a /great/ help in acclimating me to Andale life!” He smirks. “I mean Lion, you even delivered a message for me to one of the Lords! How many of your other friends can say that you’ve done that for /them/?”

Haft shrugs.  “Why would they need to?  Most guards can address a lord themselves.”

In cell two, Darius ahs. “That so? Well! Regardless, you have my most sincere thanks. ”

Haft ignores him.

“What message was this, then?” asks Gearn.

Haft lets out a breath.  “Doesn’t matter.”

In cell two, Darius’s eyes twinkle with delight. “It doesn’t?! ” his voice is light. “Oh I beg to differ! ” his eyes narrow in thought. “I believe it said something along the lines of… Are these smoke signals big enough for you?” he chuckles.

“I wouldn’t know,” Haft snaps.  “I don’t read other people’s mail.”

The youngest guardsman shifts uncomfortably.

In cell two, Darius chuckles. ” Well, perhaps you could have stopped all of this from happening had you read that letter. ”

Gearn mutters, “Now he ain’t even making sense.”

In cell two, Darius smirks. “No?”

The fourth man, lanky, with pale hair and skin, says, “Should probably just ignore him.  Word is he knows how to get under people’s skin.”

Gearn sighs.  “I think we can handle ourselves, Owin.”

In cell two, Darius chuckles. “Isn’t too hard. Especially when you send down children to deliver my food and then guards whom are silenced by a few coins and a swift hit over the head with a tray.

Haft frowns.  “Coins?”

In cell two, Darius simply grins in response.

Haft shakes his head.  “Something to report, though I put little stock in it.”

The youngest guard, a fresh recruit, speaks up.  “He’s saying the guard took a bribe?”

Haft shrugs.  “He’s a known liar.”

In cell two, Darius’s brow quirks. “Lying eh? Well then, your guards enjoy getting hit over the head with trays or was he faking it? Either way it doesn’t look too good for you.

Haft says, “Being hit over the head by a kitchen maid isn’t the same as taking a bribe.”

In cell two, Darius grins. “You’ll learn in time Haft. ” he turns away from the door. “I am actually quite honest with my words. ” he chuckles, laying down in his bed before calling out “/Trust me/”

Haft scowls after the man.  “And you might want to consider that if I’m going to have all that /time/ to get to know you, it’s only because you’re going to be locked in that cell for far longer than you’d like.”

In cell two, Darius chuckles, his tone low and dark as he mutters something to himself before going silent.

In cell two, Darius mumbles “… … … … Haft, … see”, to Darius.

Haft says, “You got something to say, speak up.”

Gearn grins.  “Maybe we should feed him mush like an elderly man who’s lost his teeth.”

In cell two, Darius simply laughs in response to their chatter, letting silence take over after that and leaving the guards to themselves for the evening.

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