In which there is an escape attempt

Cassandra’s Quarters [Anvard]


You stand in a cozy room. A small arched window adorns the curving outer wall. One corner of the space holds a narrow bed with warm woolen blankets. Nearby are a basin and pitcher for cleaning up. A rug covers part of the floor, adding warmth. It looks like a comfortable place for Cassandra to live.


You can go: Out <O>

Contents: A daughter of eve with cropped hair and hard eyes (Cassandra).

There is a rap at the door.

Cassandra calls, “Come in.” She is sitting on the floor, her back to the wall. Toby is running around the room, chasing invisible foe.

Haft enters with a tray and two bowls. “Good morning,” he says.

Cassandra stands to her feet, giving him a curtsy. Toby pauses his running before mewing and darting for the door. Cass’ eyes widen and she takes a step forward, “TOBY!”

Haft’s boot flies out, on an intercept course to block the kitten.

The kitten is stopped by the boot with enough time for Cass to swoop and pick him up. She lets out a sigh, “Silly, you can’t go out yet.” The kitten protests this by biting Cass’ finger.

Haft says, “You seem to have acquired a small tiger.”

Cassandra winces but seems to be use to it. “He’ll be a good mouser.” She places him on her shoulder before turning to face the man with her eyes slightly downcasted.

Haft says, “Yes, I expect so.” He sets the tray down.  “You didn’t eat breakfast yesterday.””

Cassandra nods slightly.

Haft studies her.  “Why?”

Cassandra’s eyes narrow a bit, “Wasn’t hungry.”

Haft answers mildly, “I suppose that’s a good reason. I’ll be on duty again this morning.  Probably elsewhere tomorrow.  The schedule’s been shifting around a lot.”

Cassandra nods again, eyes still downcast.

Haft says, “If there’s anything you need, just knock on the door.  I’ll be here until after the lunch hour.”  He turns toward the door, then back toward her.  “I almost forgot…” he opens the pouch at his hip and extracts a plain blue ribbon, which he lays beside her bowl before taking his own bowl and turning back to the door.

Cassandra’s eyes widen a bit at the ribbon. She doesn’t say anything.

Haft stops at the threshold.  “For your hair.  Reckoned it was getting a bit in your eyes.” He continues out into the hall and closes the door behind him.


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