Just Passing By

In which Haft has patrol duty

Outer Ward


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= You stand in the busy outer ward of Castle Anvard, full of people seeing to the needs of king and kingdom. There are market stalls along the outer wall, bustling with merchants and shoppers. Grooms work in the stables, tending to the horses there, and you hear the occasional bark of a dog from the kennels. The sounds of hammer hitting iron rings out from the blacksmith shop. There are stairs leading to the gate towers on the northern and southern corners of the outer curtain. To the east is the outer gatehouse, and the road leading into the realm of Archenland, and to the west another gate, leading to the inner gatehouse, the inner ward, and the main keep of Anvard. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=


You can go: Stables <N>, Northern Market <NE>, Outer Gatehouse <E>, Southern Market <SE>, Kennels <S>, Inner Gatehouse <W>, Blacksmith <NW>, South Stair <US>, North Stair <UN>

Lanisen says, “I’m goin’ to see her soon as I’ve finished here, I can take it to her, if– if that’s all right with you.”

Dalia nods, “Yeah, yes. That’d be great. It’s from Megren and me…” she adds again, a bit unsure

Lanisen says, “I’ll tell Cass.” He is standing with Dalia about halfway between the inner gate and the kennels, holding a bucket of meat scraps.

Haft enters the ward in uniform, apparently on patrol duty.  He glances around and begins to make a circuit of the area.

Dalia carefully folds the edge of the paper paper back over the package to protect it and offers it to Lanisen.

Haft rings the kitchen.  Moments later, a page arrives and bows respectfully, presenting Haft with a list.

Lanisen takes it respectfully, tucking it under his arm, far away from the meat bucket. “Thank you,” he says again. “She’ll– I know she’ll like it.”

Haft notes the exchange as his steps lead him toward Dalia and Lanisen.  He inclines his head.

Dalia nods and smiles to Lanisen, “I hope so. Thanks.”

Lanisen seems to be trying to find words, but he is distracted by Haft’s approach. He shifts a little, going briefly tense and watchful before he remembers himself. He dips his head to Haft after a small pause.

Haft continues on past, observing a trio of boys squabbling over sweets.

Dalia nods to Haft

Lanisen, once Haft has gone by, lifts the bucket slightly and says, “I’ll– I’d better be gettin’.”

Dalia nods, “Yeah… Um…. Good Evening.”

Haft steps in and has a few words with the boys until the older two look down at their toes and abashedly hand the last of the sweets over to the smallest.

Lanisen says, “I’m– thank you, again.”

Dalia nods, ” You’reWelcome. Take care.” she says before stepping back to let Lanisen pass.”

Haft says one thing further to the boys which elicits a general laugh from the older two–the younger having his mouth occupied–before continuing on.

Lanisen says, “Yeah– you too.” He pauses as if to say something else, then ducks his head and makes his way to the kennels.


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