In which there is scratching and biting

Haft knocks on the door to Cassandra’s quarters and she calls, “Come on in.”

Cassandra’s Quarters [Anvard]


You stand in a cozy room. A small arched window adorns the curving outer wall. One corner of the space holds a narrow bed with warm woolen blankets. Nearby are a basin and pitcher for cleaning up. A rug covers part of the floor, adding warmth. It looks like a comfortable place for Cassandra to live.


You can go: Out <O>

Contents: A daughter of eve with cropped hair and hard eyes (Cassandra); A

Leather Satchel; Blue Linen Dress; Dagger Sheath; and Toby.

Cassandra locks the door leading out.

Haft enters the room, carrying a covered basket of warm bread and cheese and laying it on the table.

Cassandra is on the floor, doing push ups. As the door opens, she leaps up, looking down at the ground.

Haft blinks in surprise.  “I’m sorry.  I thought I heard you say I could come in.”

Cassandra says, “I did.”

Haft asks, “I…see.  Forgive my inquisitiveness, but why are you doing push ups?”

Cassandra gives him a blank look, “Should I be doing something else?” Her confinement has made her much more cold.

Haft says, “I don’t know…it just seems an odd choice.”

Cassandra shrugs a bit, not saying anything else on the matter.

Haft glances to the ribbon in her hair.  “Well, at least your hair won’t fall into your eyes while you’re at it.” He looks to the basket.  “You should start on that while it’s still hot.”

Cassandra’s eyes flick to the basket, “What is it?”

Haft says, “Fresh bread and soft cheese.  I had some before coming over.  It’s good.”

Cassandra goes over to take the basket, “Thank you.”

Haft says, “You’re welcome.”  There is a plaintive cry that seems to be coming from the satchel at Haft’s back.

Cassandra’s eyes narrow at the sound.

Haft coughs, swinging the pack off his shoulders.  “Um, I seem to have found a small someone on the hallway outside the barracks and reckoned she’d be good company for Toby for a few hours.”

Toby, himself, perks up when he hears the cry. He begins to circle the man’s legs.

Haft lowers the satchel to the floor, casting back the flap.

Cassandra watches with slight interest.

Tiny pokes her nose, rapidly followed by head, out of the opening, then darts out of the satchel and under the bed, apparently indignant at this confinement.

Toby’s ears tilt toward something only interesting to a cat.

Cassandra laughs a bit, ignoring Haft. She drops to the floor, “Hey there, pretty.” Toby jumps on Cass’ back, meowing.

Haft slings the satchel back up on his shoulder, observing the proceedings.

Cassandra gasps as Toby jumps on her, “Oy, watch it Tobs.” She stands up, holding her kitten to her chest. “Whose is it?”

Haft asks, “Megren’s.  I think it’s Toby’s sister, actually.  He’s from the stable litter, right?”

Cassandra nods, “Yeah. At least that is what Lanisen told me.” Toby goes under the bed to investigate this new cat.

Tiny mews and sniffs at Toby.

Toby pounces on Tiny, making little growling noises as he plays.

Tiny wails piteously, batting back to little effect.

Haft raises a brow.  “He damages Meg’s cat, I ain’t never gonna hear the end of it.”

Cassandra gives Haft a look, “Do you want me to collect him?” Toby begins to bite Tiny playfully.

Haft asks, “Well…they’re kittens…how much harm can he reasonably do?”

Cassandra shrugs, “Not much.” She goes over to the basket, sniffing the contents.

Haft leans against the doorframe, watching the kittens.

Cassandra eats quickly, not looking at the man. The kittens are tumbling around.

Haft says, “I’m glad to see your appetite has returned.”

Cassandra shrugs a bit, not responding.

Tiny bites Toby’s ear, getting the upper hand for a moment.

Cassandra finishes, handing the basket back to him, “Thank you.”

Haft nods his head.  “You’re welcome.  I’ll be taking the morning shift today.  Tiny can stay here till I go.  You’ll let me know if you need anything?”

Cassandra nods, not saying anything further.

Haft opens the door, mindful of the kittens, and steps into the hall, closing it behind him.

Cassandra sits on the floor and begins to play with them.


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