Advice on Poisoning

Knights’ Practice Room



You stand on the chamber which serves the Knights’ Practice Room. One part is dedicated to hand to hand combat, and the rest of the area has stands for straw dummies. You can also see much of the countryside from here. On a chair near the door sits the old sergeant, Doel, who maintains the equipment.



You can go: Equipment Room <E>
Haft enters the practice room and looks around.

Nathen dabs at the pearls of sweat rolling off him.

Haft doesn’t see whoever he was looking for, but takes notice of Nathen. “Has the target offended you?”

Nathen turns around still dabbing himself with his hankerchief. “Often. I find it satisfying.”

Haft asks, “Did it return one of your books creased?”

Nathen says, “don’t be silly my good man. I would never allow them to borrow one.”

Haft asks, “What did it do then?”

Nathen rests his hand on the pommel of his wooden sword, it’s pooint on the floor as his free hand tucks his hankerchief away. “Actually. It has been rather cooperative today. It was fencing with me.”

Haft asks, “Did it get many good blows in?”

Nathen smirks smugly “Nary a one.”

Haft says, “Not what I would call a particularly good partner.”

Nathen bobs his eyebrows dismissively. “It is after all just a manequin made of straw. Are you here to chastise a few yourself?”

Haft says, “Actually I was looking for Gearn. The Captain needed to change his schedule. Owin’s sick.”

Nathen says, “I’m afraid I have not seen anyone else here except the trainer.”

Haft says, “Yeah, I can see that. More hunting for me, I guess.”

Nathen tucks his sword under his arm and goes to retrieve his sack of groceries. “I suppose I should take this to the kitchen as well. If I see him I’ll let him know you are inquiring after him.”

Haft frowns. “Why are you taking food to the kitchen?”

Nathen tilts his head a puzzled look on his face. “Where else should it go?”

Haft says, “Well, only mostly the kitchen places its own orders and has things delivered, unless you’ve got a favorite tea or something you’ve ask ’em to make up special.”

Haft shrugs.

Nathen blinks. “Very astute Haft. I’m impressed. yes these were ordered by them and since I just came from the Village was asked to deliver them.”

Haft frowns slightly. “Who asked you?”

Nathen says, “The delivery boy. I ran into him while taking my shirt to be cleaned.”

Haft asks, “And why didn’t he make the delivery himself?”

Nathen frowns in distaste. “He didn’t really say. We ran into each other as I was heading back and he asked if I could take the delivery since I was going that way.”

Nathen says, “This has been fascinating Haft, but I should get this to Ren.”

Haft says, “Advise him to check it over carefully. We don’t need any surprises.”

Nathen lifts his eyebrows curiously. “Like what?”

Haft presses his lips together. “Like anything.”

Nathen nods sharply once. “I shall. You suspect foul play?”

Haft says, “I always suspect foul play. It’s part of the job. When I’m wrong it’s a nice surprise.”

Nathen says, “Commendable, in it’s way. Well I’ll stop by the kennels first before delivering up to Ren.”

Haft asks, “The kennels?”

Nathen nods firmly once. “Indeed.”

As he passes haft and steps through the door.

Haft asks, “I see. Why?”

Nathen still moving purposefully through the room as he asks absently. “Why what?”

Haft asks, “Why would you go to the kennels?”

Nathen pulls up short in front of a rack of weapons. “Why to test the groceries of course.”

Haft’s brow furrows. “You’re going to drag food through the houndquarters which might be served to the king?

Nathen levels a look at Haft “O do give me some credit. I will not drag it along the floor. I will merely add a small sample of everything to one of the dogs bowls.”

Haft’s face clears in understanding. “Run it by Lanisen or Kirby first. It’s probably fine but it wouldn’t do to poison Pire or Sorrel…or the king’s or nobles’ dogs.

Nathen considers the suggestion then nods in agreement. “That does seem prudent. I shall.”

Haft starts to move away, then stops. “Please tread lightly with Lanisen. I think you gave him a turn the other day.

Nathen lifts his chin and eyes Haft curiously around his nose. “I did apologize to him. I was most sincere.”

Haft says, “Ah. Well, I’ll leave you to it then.”

Nathen bobs his head to Haft in thanks and farewell.


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