Pumpkin, Squash, and Sweeter Spiced Cider




The stables of Anvard are not large, but they are well-ordered and tidy. The wide alley runs parallel to the outside wall, with generously sized box stalls on either side. Many hold permanent residents, with the horse’s name on a wooden sign above the stall door, but several stand empty to receive visitors. The hard-packed dirt floor is kept well swept, and the stalls are clean, but there is a pervading smell of horse and hay that is not entirely unpleasant.

There is a small paddock in the east corner of the stable, and the far west end is devoted to tack storage and maintenance. A door in the west wall, kept closed most of the time, leads to the smithy.



You can go: Out to the Pastures <N>, Outer Ward <S>, Blacksmith <W>

Megren comes walking through the stable door from the Outer Ward.

Haft leans on the pasture fence, watching the horses.

Megren leads Swiftly out of the stable on a lead. She is a bit muddy, but he is practically shining.

Haft turns at the sound of hooves. “You’re not riding him, I hope?”

Megren says, “Just finished.”

Haft says, “He looks rather handsome.”

Megren takes Swiftly in through the gate of the first fence and unties his lead. The horse butts her in the shoulder with his nose. “Thanks.”

Haft eyes Megren. “You fall off?”

Megren says, “No, just a hard ride.”

Haft looks back out toward the pasture. “Autumn’s finally come.”

Megren gives Swiftly a pat and he plays at her another moment before trotting off. “Mm, harvest food.”

Haft says, “Pumpkin, squash, sweeter spiced cider.”

Megren says, “Chestnuts and new grain and apples and grapes.”


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