What Befits a Lady’s Maid

Inner Ward of Anvard



You stand in the Inner Ward of Anvard. The ground is hard-packed earth, and it is open to the sky above. Wonderful aromas come wafting out from the Kitchen to the south, near the well. Huge, impressive, intricately carved doors lead to the Great Hall. Staff hurry about, in and out of their quarters, serving the Great Hall and the Council Chamber. A quieter corridor to the northeast leads walking towards their quarters seeing to other business. A guarded gatehouse curtain wall, climbing to the upper reaches of the castle.



You can go: Council Chamber <N>, Northeast Hallway <NE>, Inner Gatehouse <E>, Kitchen <S>, Great Hall <SW>, Staff Quarters <W>, Infirmary <NW>, Southern Stairwell <US>, Northern Stairwell <UN>

Haft strolls through the ward. He doesn’t seem to be in any particular hurry.

Dalia comes out from the kitchen and looks about, spotting Haft she heads his way.

As you pass through the forest, something white catches the corner of your eye. <Saving>

Haft notices her and slows down. “Mornin’, Dalia. You need somethin’?”

Dalia says, “Good Morning, Haft. I Looing for Guardsman Owin.”

Haft says, “Owin? He’s still up at breakfast in the mess. I’ve never seen a man pick at a meal slow as he does. You might be good few hours waiting.”

Dalia quirks a small smile. “Would you mind giving this to him?”

She hands parcel to Haft, “It’s the shirt wanted mended.”

Haft takes the package. “You hiring out as a seamstress now?”

Dalia laughs. “No, I’ve plenty of work as it is for milady.”

She smiles. But I don’t mind offering a hand here and there.”

Haft says, “I’ll remember that next time I can’t afford Adeliha.”

He looks down at the package. “You’re allowed in the mess, you know. Not that I mind taking it, but I’m headed toward the library just now.”

Dalia says, “If it’s any trouble I can just give it to him when he’s on duty”

Haft says, “It’s no trouble. Besides, the lads’ll rib him through his shift if you walk up to him and then he has to tuck it under his arm for three hours.”

Dalia shakes her head. “I wouldn’t like that. He seemed a kindly soul. Quiet though, and I’d not like a bit of help to be turned against him.”

Haft says, “Yeah, he’s a good lad. Man, I should say. Now if you want to embarrass Gearn I’m sure I’d be happy to come up with ideas.”

Dalia laughs, her eyes twinkling with some mischief behind them.

Haft raises a brow. “Or perhaps you have ideas of your own.”

Dalia says, “I am afraid regretfully decline. My Mother would say it does not befit a lady to be involved in a despute.”

She says with good humor. “But perhaps Master Haft,” lowering her voice “you should put the garland on his head next spring fest.”

Haft says, “Ah, but nobody said anything about the lady’s maid. Besides, that would require me weaving the garland. I nominate you.”

Dalia smiles, eyes twinkling, yet not saying anything in reply “I must see to Milady. Good day to you.”

Haft says, “Hmm. Good day then.”

He tucks the parcel under one arm and resumes crossing the ward.


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