Wouldn’t Want Master Haft to Eat You



You stand in the heart of Andale where most of the folk who support Anvard live. Young children play here on nice days, skipping rope, or shooting marbles, and older ones can be seen reading scrolls. Adults hurry through on their way from home to where their business takes them. A well with a stone wall sits on the western edge of the road.

The road here widens and splits to run toward the shops to the east, North Andale to the north and the Crossroad to the south. Short paths lead to the two settlements here; Het Noorden to the northwest, and Zuiden to the southeast.


You can go: Het Noorden <NW>, North Andale <N>, East Andale <E>, Andale

Crossroad <W>, Zuiden <SE>


Haft walks from the direction of the castle wearing a light cloak and plum scarf. He has one large parcel and two small ones in his hands.

Deonyc comes walking from the southern group of cottages like Haft he has his wollen scarf wrapped around his neck and is wearing a warm tunic, his hands are stuffed in his pockets.

Dalia is sitting on a bench outside one of the village cottages, a shawl around her shoulders watching some of the younger village children play.

Nasrin wanders from the direction of the tavern, an apple in her hand. She’s happily munching on it as she strolls along.

Sehsis wanders in, he’s writing a little something in a notebook.

Haft notes Dalia’s presence but makes no greeting.

Deonyc notices the children play as he passes by the cottage he walks over and sits down on the bench next to dalia he smiles and greets, “Hey Dalia, how are you?”

Dalia turns as Deonyc sits beside her, “Hello Deonyc! Very well, thanks! Fine day today isn’t it?”

Sehsis snaps the little notebook shut and tucks it away into a pocket before turning to face her, “Hello Nasrin.”

Nasrin gives Sehsis a delightfully innocent smile. “Uncle, I didn’t know you were in town either.”

Deonyc nods and leans against the backrest, “Yes it is really nice out, a bit colder than id like but still.”

Haft pauses to avoid a child who has run into his path after a leather ball.

Dalia calls after one of the children, “Careful love, you’ve run into master Haft’s path.”

Deonyc smiles and watches haft’s expression, he turns to Dalia, “Are you visiting Family?”

The guard across from him snorts, but agrees, “I’ve seen him with Sir Darrin. Good form. Hard to believe a year ago he was tying fishing net.”

Nasrin exclaims, “I was wanting a breath of fresh air. It’s a lovely day, look at the children playing about!”

Haft looks at Dalia askance, then the child. “Yes, we wouldn’t want Master Haft to eat you,” he says without humor.

Sehsis casts a glance to them, “Yes well as long as they don’t cause trouble their presence is fine.”

The boy’s eyes widen. He snatches up his ball and runs back to his playmates.

Nasrin tilts her head to the side. “Have they given you cause to believe they’ll cause trouble?”

Sehsis says, “No, and I hope it stays that way”

Dalia nods to Deonyc turning a questioning look back at Haft.

Dalia raises a hand in greeting to Nasrin and Sehsis

Haft avoids her eyes.

Nasrin shakes her head disappointedly. “You assume ever so much of them.”

She spots Dalia and waves on back, before wandering on over to the rest.

Sehsis walks along with her, “I assume nothing.”

Deonyc gets up to meet nasrin and sehsis, and returns with them to the bench.

Haft’s glum look deepens at the sight of Sehsis and Nasrin.

Nasrin asks, “Hello Deonyc, hello Haft. And how are you today?”

Nasrin directs a particularly bright smile towards Haft.

Haft eyes Nasrin as though she might catch fire.

Sehsis gives a polite nod to Deonyc, he totally ignores haft.

Deonyc looks back and forth between the two groups quite unsure what to say, he nods in greeting to haft.

Haft takes a breath. “Deonyc.”

Sehsis remains quiet, expression unreadable.

Deonyc quite neutrally answers, “Good day haft.”

Haft nods back. “Right.”

Deonyc moves to stand somewhere between haft and nasrin and Sehsis, “How are you all?”

Nasrin looks between the three, before speaking up. “Good afternoon everyone! I’m doing splendid today, how are you all on this fine and marvellous day?”

Haft edges away from Deonyc. “Fine. Was just heading to the courier. You’ll excuse me.”

Deonyc backs of a bit as well as he notices haft edging off, he turns to Nasrin, “Im doing well myself, you?”

Nasrin nods along to Deonyc and Haft alike. “I’m happy to hear. I’m doing excellent myself, thank you very much!”

Deonyc nods and smiles, “Thats good, have you figured out when about you’ll be leaving to Carlomene?”

Sehsis says, “Not yet.”

Nasrin translates for Deonyc. “Sadly not, but we’ll be sure to let you know the moment we’ve got an answer!”


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