A Letter from Megren from Narnia

To Haft, of the Royal Guard at Anvard, from Megren, Esquire to Sir Darrin (of Coghill), at Cair Paravel,


Hello! Narnia is very fine, though not so Gloomy as your tales might have made it sometimes sound. We are staying at the Castle now, by the invitation of Queen Susan! Dalia may have told you, as I have already written her to say. Still, I am very excited about it, and I am sure Sir Darrin and Lanisen will both report me Very annoying and too interested in the walls and the manner of guard organization when the Guards are so very many sizes and shapes, however it is very interesting! Surely you would agree, and have probably walked these very walls with the same excitement, only Veiled under a Stern and Somber demeenor, whereas I am all Eagerness and lack Dignity.

I think we will go North soon, toward the Stone Table or toward Lantern Waste. I have not quite got the maps memorized, and cannot remember which is best to get to first. I am also hoping we may see Beruna, where the great Battle was fought. In the Meantime I have met Bears, and Wolves, and Badgers, and have seen the prints of a very Large Vole. And I have seen Centaurs, which Lanisen and I wonder, how do they keep their human parts up? They must be incredibly strong.

I hope you are well, and that the mess is a Shambles without me. Please write to me soon. If you address to the castle, they shall know my next address.

Your friend,



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