Apology Accepted

Servant’s Hall



You stand in the warm and busy servants’ hall. Most of the floor is taken up by long trestle tables and benches. Candles in sconces on the wall light the room with a friendly glow. At the back of the hall, a staircase leads down into the storeroom. The only other object of note is a large wood and leather chair, where the head cook often rests between meals.



You can go: Kitchen <W>, Storeroom <D>

Dalia is sitting at a table, her dishes pushed a little to the side and a letter held before her. There is a smile on her face and she looks like she might like to laugh.

Haft carries a large bag of flour over his shoulder, trailed by two children. He heads toward the storeroom.

Dalia looks up from her letter as she notices movement out of the corner of her eye and nods to Haft as he passes by.

Haft doesn’t notice her, depositing the flour down in the storeroom and shooing the children, who grin their thanks and run off.

Dalia turns back to the letter she’s reading, laughing a little at one part.

Haft glances at Dalia, but starts to head past, apparently unwilling to intrude.


Haft glances at Dalia, but starts to head past, apparently unwilling to intrude.

Dalia looks up as Haft seems to head past. “Haft?” she calls softly.

Haft pauses and pivots. “Yes?”

Dalia says, “Are you angry with me?”

Dalia says, “The other day in the square, while I was minding the little ones. You seemed quite cross.”

Haft frowns, trying to recall the moment. “Oh, that.”

He colors a little. “That weren’t nothing to do with you. I was just–” He catches himself. “I owe you an apology.”

Dalia smiles, “Apology accepted.”

She waves the letter in her hand, “Megren wrote me. She says to tell you they’ve been invited to Cair Paravel.”

Her whole face lights up with excitement.

Haft smiles faintly. “Yes, she’s quite enthusiastic.”

Dalia says, “Looks down at the letter in her hand that she’s been waving. “Oh. I suppose… would you like a look?”

Haft says, “If you like.”

Deonyc comes into the servants hall with a piece of bread and a bowl of stew, seeing the two others he walks over to the table, “Hello Haft, Dalia. Mind i f i join you?”

Dalia says, “Hello Deonyc, not at all. Haft and I were disucssing Megren’s letter from Narnia.”

Deonyc sits down, placing his food near the corner away from the writing, “Oh how are they doing?” he inquires.

Dalia offers the letter to Haft if he would like a look.

Haft takes the letter to look over.

Dalia turns to Deonyc, “Well I think. Enjoying Narnia.”

Deonyc eats some of his stew, “Well I would hope they are, its a pretty country right haft?”


Deonyc asks, “Aren’t they staying at what was it Cair Paravel, their castle?”

Haft says, “That’s right.”

Deonyc says, “Anything else they talked about, the Wolves maybe?”

Haft asks, “Why would they talk about Wolves?”

Deonyc asks, “Well the talking Wolves are interesting are they not?”

Haft says, “How many do you think I’ve conversed with at length? There aren’t any dens in Barfield.”

Deonyc shrugs, “Well I met one or two after the battle, they were nice enough.”

Haft snorts. “I was preoccupied.”


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