Southern Market


The southeastern corner of the outer ward is a tangled, busy maze of merchants’ booths and stalls. A few permanent structures are built up against the outer wall itself: sturdy wooden frames with slanted roofs, more protected from capricious weather than the smaller carts and stands that are set up here and imported fruits and vegetables front and center on display. Sandwiched between the grocer and the carpenter is a tiny booth advertising a scribe’s services.



You can go: Outer Ward <NW>, Grocer’s Booth <1>, Scribe’s Booth <2>,

Carpenter’s Stall <3>, Weaver <4>

Dalia comes walking in from the Outer Ward.

Haft walks through the market. He stops in front of a booth that sells a variety of inexpensive novelty items.

Dalia makes her way into the market heading in the direction of the weavers stand.


Haft makes an inquiry and the vendor nods and turns toward her goods as Haft fishes out some coins.

Haft hands the money to the vendor, who proceeds to wrap a parcel for him containing what appear to be paper flowers. Haft glances up at Dalia’s wave.


Dalia says, “Good Morning, Haft.”

Haft nods. “Morning.”

Dalia says, “Pleasant morning today” she says looking up at the sky. Getting colder too. I’m off to by some warm things from the weaver.”

Haft takes up the package. “Right. Enjoy that.”

Dalia turns to go glancing at Haft’s package, she turns back as if thinking of something, “Your sister well? I remember you took her some bulbs something from the garden when you went to visit her.”

Haft says, “Brigid? Yeah, she’s fine so far as I know.”

Dalia nods, “Good. Good. Lovely flowers there. She fond of purple?”


Haft says, “Brigid? I wouldn’t know.”

Dalia ohs and nods. “Mother and I are fixing to make some cobbler and I wondered. well if you’d or the guardsmen would like them. I’m on my way to the village now.”

Haft looks impatient but softens a little at the offer. “Don’t you have anyone better to make it for?”

Dalia shakes her head offering a smile. “I can’t think of anyone better than to make something for others or for one’s friends. ”

Haft says, “Well, I’m sure some of us don’t deserve it, but it’d be welcome.”

Dalia nods, “If you’ve a moment you could stop in the village, but I don’t want to keep you if you’ve an errand.”

Haft asks, “Oh, you mean to pick them up when they’re done cooking?”

Dalia nods, “Today’s baking day, there ought to be some ready to come out about a short time from now. I’ve got to get back to help. That’s why I’m heading back to Village.”






Haft says, “Right. I’ll try to head by later.”


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