Sparring Deonyc

Army Barracks(#12898R/AHJKM)



You stand in the barracks belonging to the Army of Archenland. Here is where the men reside when not on campaign. There are many bunks along the walls and at the foot of each bunk is a foot locker. The barracks is neat and tidy. Arrow slot windows facing out allow for defense and provide light.



You can go: Knights’ and Officers’ Barracks <S>, North Gate Tower <E>,

Northern Stairwell <W>

Haft sits on his bunk, whittling, slivers falling to the floor.

Deonyc comes walking into the baracks , he has his drenched cloak hung over hius arm and his hose is covered in small speckles of mud, and he carries his boots tied together by their laces in his other free hand, he drops the shoes at the end of his bunk and hangs the cloak up to dry, he nods in greeting to Haft as he passes his bunk.

Haft glances up at Deonyc, looking unusually delighted. “Overcast?”

Deonyc continues packing away his gear, back towards haft, “Yes it was raining early this day.”

Haft asks, “Wall duty?”

Deonyc turns and sits on the backboard of the matress, and begins cleaning off his boots with the back of his knife, “No I have started taking runs in the morning as exercise, either to the woods or the town depending where i feel like running, it started raining when i reached the woods.”

Haft nods his approval. “Got dry clothes?”

Deonyc nods and sets down his boots, “I have a few good changes of clothes.”

Haft chuckles ruefully. “Then you’re better off than I was when I first rejoined.”

Deonyc nods taking out a clean wollen hose as well as a thick cotton tunic, wich he lays out on the bed.

Haft asks, “When’s yer next shift?”

Deonyc looks out one of the windows to see where the sun stands, “Evening the same shift as Gearn.”

Haft says, “Give you a chance to dry before evening showers then.”

Deonyc nods, and looks top the whitteling, “What have you been u p to so far?”

Haft says, “Third try on this chess knight. I never could carve horses.”

Deonyc nods, “Do you play chess alot?”

Haft says, “Try to.”

Deonyc says, “I think i played a few times at the tavern buit im not all to good at it.”

Haft grins wolfishly. “So much the better.”

Deonyc shrugs, “I don’t have much time for it at the moment either so.”

Haft says, “Fair enough.”

Deonyc changes his trousers and shirt for the warmer padded tunic, and wollen hose and turns to his sword getting out a whetstone and oilcloth, “You know we haven’t sparred much Haft, at all.” he notes.

Haft raises a brow. “Nope.”

Deonyc shrougs, “I think that might be the type of challenge id be more inclined to.”

Haft asks, “Yer askin’?”

Deonyc says, “If you would be up for it sure, doesn’t have to be now but i would be glad to practice some.”

Haft shrugs. “I’m fresh. Are you recovered?”

Deonyc nods, “Im not all too tired good for some easy parctice enough.”

Haft sets aside his carving and kneels to brush up the shavings and dispose of them. “Who says I’ll go easy?”

Deonyc takes out an extra padded wool tunic, and gets out his practice blade, “Im not asking you to go easy on me, but lets keep it a bit slower.”

Deonyc unfastens his purse from its place at his waist.

Deonyc pulls Tiny Woven Pouch of Figs from his purse.

Deonyc pulls a candied fig from his pouch and eats it.

Haft rises. “I’ll meet you there.”


Knights’ Practice Room



You stand on the chamber which serves the Knights’ Practice Room. One part is dedicated to hand to hand combat, and the rest of the area has stands for straw dummies. You can also see much of the countryside from here. On a chair near the door sits the old sergeant, Doel, who maintains the equipment.



You can go: Equipment Room <E>


Haft is warming up at a target.

Deonyc comes jogging into the practice room with his kit, he nods to haft and starts with some stretching, warming up with easy exercises.”

Haft finishes his warm-up. “What kind of sparring did you want to try?”

Deonyc points to a small painted area, “On the line so more back and forth than circling like on a wall and swords only.”

Haft nods. “All right.”

Haft and Deonyc exchange blows until Haft scores a winning touch. They step back. “Who’ve you been practicing with?” Haft asks.

Deonyc carefully tuches off some fresh bruises to see how bad they are, and winces slightly at one on his shoulder, “Uh some of the squires and Gearn a bit, sometimes in the village.”

Haft nods. “Most of the squires have better technique than the guards.”

Deonyc shrugs, “I mostly practice form and positioning at the moment, in the village we also did some group fighting, 4 against 4.”

Haft chuckles. “That’s always…surprising.”

Deonyc smiles, “That was with quarterstaffs though, but still very eye opening, made me realise why polearms are so popular group weapons.”

Haft seats himself on a bench. “Quarterstaffs. I ain’t done that in forever. Miss it.”

Deonyc nods, “Well if you would like to im sure you could come to the village for a group sparr, and theres quarterstaffs and normal staffs in the armoury.”

Haft says, “I might just take you up on that.”

Deonyc nods, “Well you can just come along, usually they practice around noon i think.”

Haft says, “I’ll keep it in mind.”

Deonyc nods, “Well you beat me fair and square, i think im going to go and lay down for a bit before my shift begins.”

Haft says, “See you round.”

Deonyc nods his head and then heads out towards the equipment room.


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