Anybody Need a Page?

Before the Gates of Anvard

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A flat green space at the foot of the mountains opens here, sheltered by the slopes of the northern mountains. Stormness Head looms high to the northeast, its peak nearly always in clouds, and the double-headed peak of Mount Pire rises over the trees to the northwest. A steep ridge like the side of a bowl curves around from the northwest to the east, and the ground descends into dense forest to the south.

At the center of the clear area is a small turreted castle, facing east. Its weathered walls are built of large blocks of red granite that glitter faintly in the sunlight, and elegantly functional ironwork graces the front gates and portcullis. A stone cobbled road wide enough to easily facilitate the passage of carts and carriages crosses over the broad green lawns from the castle gates, disappearing into the trees to the east.


]-[]- ,%~ -[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[]-[

You can go: Into the Castle <W>, Down the Castle Road <E>

Haft walks up from the direction of the town. He wears a warm purple scarf and looks preoccupied.

Deonyc comes jogging from the direcction of the forest, his cheeks are flushed and he wears a light tunic and scarf. Noticing cay he walks over towards him.

Cay looks up as Deonyc joggs up the hill towards him “Hello,Deonyc enjoying a nice jog I see.

Haft arrives at nearly the same time, noting Deonyc’s approach.

Cay continouse “…any news yet on joining the guard ? “Deonyc tries to catch his breath and nods to haft as he arrives as well, “He shakes his head, no nothing yet, how are you doing otherwise?”

Deonyc tries to catch his breath and nods to haft as he arrives as well, “He shakes his head, no nothing yet, how are you doing otherwise?”


Deonyc says, “Not very sure though”

Cay looks slitly disapoited “Good I guest, still doing odd jobs for the stable and what not.”

Deonyc nods and straightens up ,”

Well you’re also well prepared for winter I hope?”

Haft frowns. “Why are you shaking your head about joining the guard? We’ve had to put up with you for weeks now.”

Cay turns noticing the stranger with the scarf “That’s not what he meant. He is shaking his head because he still hasn’t got any news back from one of the head guards about seeing if they need any pages.”


Cay turns to answers Deonyc’s questoin about winter “I guess. All the work is finshed on the house and I have one or two pennies set aside for food

Deonyc says, ” Good, I was a bit worried you came here quite near to winter to get set up and do work to earn money, I’m glad your doing alright, if you need help you can still send a note to the castle.”

Cay says, “I am here to set up and do work to earn money, the few pennies I have are from doing odd jobs in the stable. ”

Haft crosses his arms and looks Cay over, sizing him up. “You got any weapons experience?”

Cay looks a bit startled a the question.  “No, not really did a bit of practice with my father, but that’s all.

Deonyc turns to haft, “I have sparred with him a few times with staffs and that sort of thing but not alot, he’s alright, but not much more, same as me given the circumstance.”

Haft asks, “The circumstances?”

Deonyc says, “I wouldn’t consider my self great at swordsmanship, better than a farmer sure but I’m also only what I would consider alright for a guardsman.”

Haft asks, “What circumstances?”

Deonyc shrugs “Just in general. Nothing in specific.” He starts walking in the direction of the castle.

Haft looks skyward, exasperated.

Deonyc turns to Haft, “Im going to finish my run back to the castle you can come along or go where you were planning on going.”

Haft says, “Go ahead.”

Deonyc waves to Haft before continuing his jog towards the castle.

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