The Grassy Knoll

Pijlan’s Range

You stand in a clearing amongst the trees, a fairly level place with the grass kept trimmed back. There are bales of straw and benches scatted about for weary archers to rest upon. Pijlan himself sits in a lean-to, constructing targets to replace those too broken apart to be of further use. The archery range is looking particularly festive today. It has been festooned with colorful banners announcing the identities of the various competitors. The ground is still frozen, but braziers set strategically near the stands provide enough warmth that the audience can comfortably sit and watch the competition. Already, townspeople are heading towards the stands, dressed in their warmest (and best) clothing, and they exchange cheerful greetings with one another. Though the temperatures are cold, the sun shinesbrightly overhead. There are three grouping of targets in the distance, to the north, northeast, and to the east. A path to the southwest leads to the Range Road.

You can go: Pijlan’s Range: North <N>, Pijlan’s Range: Northeast <NE>, Pijlan’s Range: East <E>, Range Road <SW>

Cay asks, “Any ideas ?”

Cay asks, “So how shoot at me ????”

Deonyc looks at the arrow and shrugs, “I honestly have no idea who goes through the pain of making their fletchings that colourfull.”

Abrielle looks at the arrow. “Couldn’t it have been an accident?”

Eston says, “I reckon it’d be an accident. Don’t seem like a kind of fellow someone’d want to kill. No offence.”

Cay says, “They definately were trying to kill me if I hadn’t’ run away, I’d probably be dead.”

Nasrin says, “Personally, I’m inclined to believe it wasn’t a mere accident.”

Eston gives a lopsided grimace, as though biting the inside of his cheek, “Yeh, well. you’d say that and all wouldn’t ya” he folds his armsCay looks around and notices a red hair ring in the grass “Mabey this has somthing to do with it?”

Deonyc says, “I hope it wasn’t on purpose then again why would anyone shoot towards the field, there are no targets in that direction.”

Haft walks toward the range, a quiver slung over his back.

Cay says, “You know someone would probably need to have a lot of time on their hands to dye an arrow’s fletching like this ”

Deonyc waves in greeting to haft as he comes up the path.

Haft walks over to the group.

Eston says, “Wotcher Haft.”

Nasrin says, “Which is one reason why I suspect it wasn’t a simple accident. I’m not so sure how casually someone might be willing to waste a beautifully crafted arrow like that unless they meant it…”

Nasrin gives a wave on over to Haft, suddenly giving a bright smile to him.

Haft says, “Crowded today…”

Eston asks, “Ain’t it?”

Dalia nods to Haft, “And for such a cold day.”

Cay examines both the arrow and the red hair ringAbrielle shrugs, eyeing the arrow. “Those are good reasons.”

She looks up when Nasrin waves and she grins and waves over to Haft as well.”

Deonyc goes to haft, and simply tells him what has been going on ,”

Apparently someone shot an arrow at cay as he was down at the preactice field.”

Eston says, “Was probably an accident”

Abrielle nods to Eston.

Cay asks, “I’m not to sure about that ?”

Haft stiffens. “Who was it?”

Deonyc says, “Most facts tend towards it being on purpose, but there is no suspect or know perpetrator.”

Cay says, “That’s what we are trying to figure out”

Deonyc ads, “Well maybe a stable hand was it.”

Eston shrugs helplessly, “Some rich sod prolly, what with being all fancy and all. But I reckon it’d be an accident. Whatshisface over there isn’t the kinda person who’d be shot at I reckon”

Cay says, “I guest,it’s just the arow shot realy close ”

Abrielle nods. “I can’t imagine anyone wanting to hurt him. Someone just wanted to test how their prize arrow would fly…and it just went farther than expecyed.”

Haft shakes his head. “If it were an accident someone should have come over to apologize and retrieve their arrow.

Deonyc says, “The question is why they were shooting away from the target then.”

Eston says, “‘Cause they’re wrong in the head? ”

Haft asks, “I assume you searched for the shooter, Deonyc?”

Abrielle shrugs. “Maybe they weren’t thinking.”

Deonyc shakes his head, “I was at the range and we weren’t sure who it would have been I didn’t see anyone around either, if it was on purpose I doubt they would be in the range itself, only makes things more difficult.”

Haft snaps, “Are you a guard? Why didn’t you go look?”

Cay says, ” They may have already left the rang?

If it was on purpose they wouln’t want to stick around.”

Deonyc concedes, “Ill go track out the area between the range and see if there’s anything to find.”

Dalia looks to Abrielle and Nasrin, “Did you see anything?” she asks quietly, while Haft is speaking with Deonyc.

Nasrin says, “I didn’t /see/ anything, no. I wasn’t even aware until he came running over to tell me.”

Haft asks, “So where’s the arrow?”

Abrielle looks to Dalia, hoping that the arrow conversation is over. “How is your holiday season going?”

Deonyc hands the arrow to haft, it has overly colourful fletching.

Dalia seems rather releaved to change discussion, “Very well thank you! My Cousin visited not too long ago. That was pleasant. And you?”

Haft says, “Someone wanted to be noticed…”

Deonyc shrugs, “Thats all we have figured out so far.”

Haft asks, “How long ago?”

Deonyc says, “Maybe half an hour.”

Dalia looks to Nasrin, “I hope it’s not been too cold of late?”

Nasrin resumes the eating of her sandwhich, happy to gaze down upon the folks from her bale of straw.

Nasrin says, “Mmm? Mmm, mhrim mrom mmeem mhoo mhood… “Nasrin quickly finishes her bite! “Oh, well, I’m coping anyway…”

She chuckles softly.

Haft asks, “It took you half an hour to think to check for the origin of the shooter?”

Deonyc says, “No it just seemed more like an accident at first.”


Haft shakes his head incredulously.

Dalia smiles to Nasrin, “I’m glad.”

Deonyc says, “The situation wasn’t clear, it isn’t now either.”

Haft exclaims, “What if it were the king, or one of the princes? You’d have let their attacker escape!”

Eston says, “Like that’d ever happen, why’d they be out here with no guards.”

Deonyc says, “And I think we can all agree that if an arrow is shot near the king or prince we can’t assume an accident at all.”

Eston says, “Yeah, that’s just screams assassin” for some reason he glances at Nasrin on the word ‘assassin’.

Haft asks, “So you’re saying Cay isn’t ‘important enough’ to be afforded the same courtesy?”

Nasrin is innocently eating the last remnants of her sandwhich, before scooting on over to the edge of her straw bale nearby the curly haired man. “A high status in society can make it all the more likely, but that doesn’t mean murders don’t happen to anyone else.”

Dalia looks over with a bit of a frown, upon overhearing Haft’s exclaimation and chews the edge of her lip.

Deonyc says, “Well I think it far more likely that it could be an accident in Cay’s case and that people might be less careful around him, I do not think he is less important to protect than the prince or king.”

Haft says, “The captain should make you Cay’s personal bodyguard till the owner of those arrows can be found. But then if he is a target that would probably ensure his death.”

Dalia says, “There’s always general chatter in the servants hall. Perhaps someone will slip up and say something.”

Haft rubs his forehead and holds his tongue.

Deonyc says, “If Garian assigns me that duty I will do my best to ensure that doesn’t happen, though if someone really tries to kill someone and is an adequate archer there’s not much we can do other than avoid going outside isn’t there?”

Eston sideeyes Nasrin as she scoots next to him, he takes a step away.

Haft says, “I expect you to make a full report on the incident to the captain.”

Dalia turns her attention back to Eston and Nasrin, seeing she’s not benifiting the conversation and sees the interaction between Eston and Nasrin. She offers him a questioning look.

Haft says, “That’s up to him.”

Nasrin is busy staring intently into Eston’s eyes as he sidesteps.

Deonyc nods, he glances and smiles at the interaction between nas and eston.

Nasrin asks, “Would you like a sandwich?”

Eston seems to have to take a moment to process this, he splutters, “Wha wuh- what? No? No I don’t want a sandwich?”

Nasrin looks rather disappointed. “Oh… But I made it myself. Are you certain?”, she asks, as she pulls out the offered sandwich. It does look very nice.

Eston looks around to the others as if asking for help!

Dalia says, “Nasrin, Have you been introduced? This is Eston. He lives in the village where my family lives. Eston, this is Nasrin. She’s Sehsis’s Niece.”

Nasrin says, “It’s a pleasure to be your acquaintance, Eston.”

Eston makes a noncommittal sort of noise.

Dalia says, “Lecie’s been well, I hope?”

Haft sighs and glances at the range, then turns and heads back toward the town.


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